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Monday, July 1, 2013

NYX Illuminator


Welcome to the 2nd Post of "Glamness in July" where Sik's keeping you Glam. Today I am going to Post on NYX Illuminators. I probably have have too many illuminators to admit without being embarrassed! The truth is, if you know how to properly use a illuminator, than there can never be too many.

The NYX Illuminators

I have had some horror stories with illuminators along my journey with makeup. I will give you one short story with out saying the brand name. I was at the shops, browsing, carousing (just kidding) and popped up to a high end makeup counter where the nice saleslady asked me if I would like to try on their new illuminator. Well of course I did, illuminators are a must to me in my makeup regimen. Even if I am not wearing makeup, popping some on my cheekbones makes me feel and look better! Well I look in the mirror and I look like a disco ball! The problem was, that the illuminator had a sparkly glitter to it. I do not like illuminators with too much sparkly glitter in them. Illuminators are suppose to enhance your features and make you look radiant. Not like it's Halloween and your going as a Disco Ball. The worst part was, I had to walk around like that after, and I got some shocking looks!

Now I have tried and have most of the best illumintors out there. From powder forms to liquids to creams and I absolutely adore so many of them. So when I was browsing the NYX section and saw they had an illuminator, I got it because I am a big fan of NYX and I expected it to be good! Little did I know that it would soon replace my Chanel. So of course, I went back and got the other two shades.

So here is the Skinny on them from NYX:

Brighten up your skin with any of these Illuminators. The radiant shimmer diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding a subtle glow. Gleam through the day wearing any of the three Illuminators for a natural touch of radiance! Complements the structure of the face with a touch of luminosity.

Using a brush, swipe against areas of the face you'd like to highlight.

Here are the three Shades:

"Narcissistic" This of the three I think is the most Subtle.
I use this one as an everyday highlighter over any makeup look!

"Chaotic" This one has a Beautiful Blush Tone to it.
It's like a blush and an illuminator in one.
I love this for when I am in a hurry and it can do both jobs!

This is what the "Chaotic" Blush Tone Looks Like. I wish I had saved
my other boxes because it really shows the color well!

"Magnetic" This one is a Bronzing Illuminator. Which also makes
it fantastic for when you are in a hurry. It's also fabulous for using on
your decollete for warming up that area to match your face in the Summer!

I can't say enough of how much I love these. Not only do they leave the most beautiful radiant finish, but they last throughout the day. I love applying them right on my cheekbones. If I am using "Chaotic", I might apply it a tad more like a blush since it has a blush tone to it. If I am using "Magnetic", I will apply it more like a bronzer and add a little to the areas where the sun would hit!

Final Thoughts:
These illuminators are amazing for the price. They are the best that I have seen in their price range. I know that I will be buying them again. I actually picked up another one of them the other day since it was on sale. I absolutely love it when I find a product that works well and has a great price. I love it even more when it can compete with the high end ones. I hope you enjoyed the Second Post.

Merry Glamness,


Monday, June 3, 2013

NYX Parallel Worlds Collection City of Bones

NYX Parallel Worlds Makeup Collection 
Inspired by 
The  Mortal Instruments 
"City of Bones™"

***UpDateThere are Still NYX "City Of Bones™" Collections available. I just saw them Yesterday 8/3/13 at Ulta Cosmetics Store. Get it before the Movie Drops Soon, so you can wear it to the Movie. How Cool!!!!!!

First of all you might be wondering what is "The City of Bones™" that NYX did a collection around. It is is an highly anticipated movie that is coming out this August 2013, based on a Series of Books. Basically in this book "City of Bones™" which the movie is based on, the character Clary Fray's mother is attacked and taken from their home in New York City by a demon. Clary, a seemingly ordinary teenage girl, finds out truths about her past and her bloodline on her quest to get her mother back! This ultimately changes her entire life. I would encourage you to watch the Movie Trailer. It looks pretty intense, just like the Collection!

More Packaging Pictures:

Now on to the Makeup Collection:

I could not control myself from buying this collection! Not only from the sheer fact that it is based on a World Wide Best Selling Book, but from the how cool the packaging was. In fact, it has just came into Ulta that day and there were no signs or display up yet. I just was browsing the NYX section as I usually do and and saw it sitting there on an end cap. I was like what is this beautiful creature??!!

Now here is the Skinny on what is in it:

1. Look Book

There is a Detailed Day &
Night Look Book

2. Smokey Shadow Palette

Smokey Palette

Colors Swatched in Order in Palette
Note: The Brown Tone (2nd From Right) is More Brown in
Person. I am just Tan!
Colors Smoked out on My Arm!
Blend Well but stay Put!

3. Soft Matte Lip Cream

Lip Cream in Instanbul!

The Lip Cream is Definitely Matte! Its a Nice change from a Lip Gloss.
It is like Lip Gloss Meets Matte Lipstick! Very Pigmented
(True to Color) Love..:)

4, Boudoir Mascara

Le Frou Frou Mascara is for Volume and Length

Nice Brush Wand Head and the formula seems Non-Clumping!

5. Powder Blush

NYX  in Pinched! They Make the Best Blushes!

The Color Pinched is the Most Beautiful
All Year Round Pink! 

6. Studio Liquid Liner

The Color is Extreme Black

It has a Nice thin Brush for Precision!
The Formula Dries Fast so be Prepared to Work Fast
or Use Cotton Q-Tips Soaked in Eye Makeup Remover for
Touch Ups!

7. Jumbo Eye Pencil

The Color is Cashmere! Its the Best!

If you Love Cashmere, Light Golden Tones, Nudes.
This IS for You!

Final Thoughts:

I was immediately drawn to this Collection by the Packaging and than upon reading it, the Movie. It only got better when I got home and discovered that the Blush that it came with was my Most Favorite Blush by NYX and I had been wanting to get another one in case they stopped making it. Than I discovered that the Lip Cream that it came with, I had it another color "London" and loved it so much. I am pretty sure that I had "Istanbul" (that the collection came with) but never got around to trying it and gave to a friend. So how happy was I to get it back in a way! It was like "what goes around, comes back around"!! I also had been wanting to buy the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere and that was in there too! This Collection was Too Perfect! I am going to do a Day Face Look this week and Instagram it!