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Monday, February 25, 2013

Outlet Mall Haul Challenge

I had not been outlet Shopping in Years. I think that I could also count on one hand how many times I had been to an outlet mall. I guess the reason being that the past experiences had not been pleasant. Overcrowded, messy merchandising, damaged goods, miss sized items, etc. I thought to myself, "I rather go and spend my money at a Target or Kohl's to save some money than buy something Name Brand that is marked down because it was miss-sized, damaged, or overstocked".

Well I decided to Challenge myself and hit up an Outlet Mall (I was passing one on a day trip) and go to just Five Smaller Stores and spend under $50 at each and try to find the best buy. Here's how it went.

1.) Bath and Body Works.
This was like any normal Bath and Body Works except maybe with a constant Sale going on. It seemed to have all the normal items that the store carries at regular price but with many sales counters. Kind of like what Bath and Body Works is like during a Holiday Sale. Here is a picture of what I bought coming in at just $28.

My favorite items from Bath and Body Works were the Warm Vanilla Sugar Items that I got because that is my All Time Favorite Scent there. I also loved the Paris Nights Themed Body Lotion and Shimmer Mist. Its a light scent. I have to buy light scents since perfumes give me migraines. Oh and LOVE the Rhinestone Pumper that I am going to put in the Body Lotion. So Fab! And its reusable!

2.) American Eagle
Now I am pretty sure this was not an outlet store. Sometimes there are regular stores in outlet malls?? Confuses me... But I have noticed this before. I went in AE anyway because I was on a mission. To get plain white T-Shirts to make the Pretty Little Liars (February 19th, 2013) Aria Inspired White T-Shirt look. The amazing one she wore under the leather jacket with the leggings and Fringe Scarf. I love recreating looks. Look for a Blog on this T-Shirt and look coming soon. Here is a link to the PPL site about the look and how to recreate it. Spent $25 on Both Tee's!

"Yep in My White Tee"

I got two T-Shirts, one with the Cute Heart on it and one just Plain White to Make the Look. I had to get them in XL and L because the Look of the T-Shirt on Aria in PLL is Long and on the Bigger Side. The T-Shirts at American Eagle come very fitted, so I had to get them big to do the look. I thought the Heart would add an extra something when I wear the shirt with some Jeggings this Spring and a pair of hidden wedge Sneakers. Can't Wait!

3.) Skechers Outlet
This is where I hit the mother load. They had buy one get one half off any shoe. And all the shoes were significantly marked down. I know this for a fact because I buy a lot of Skechers from the real store at my local mall. Like a lot!!! Since I came in significantly under my $50 budget at the last two stores. I spent a little more here. Around $75.00 

I have the brown pair already in Black so I knew I'd love them. I love wearing them with the Leg Warmers that the come with or other colors I have Peaking out with leggings. It looks so cool. Trust me! I get stopped every time! I have a couple pairs of Wedge Sneaker shoes already (way before they blew up) and I could not help myself with this Navy Blue Pair.I definitely though had to do my work with this two pair of shoes with sizing. I had to try about three pairs of my size in each pair to get my correct size. That's why I didn't like outlet shopping! You kinda have to work for it sometimes!

4.) Lancome Fragrance and Cosmetic Co.
Now this was News to me! I had no idea that Makeup Brands had outlets. I was very excited! I did not want to go overboard though and buy a lot, (plus I had to stick to my challenge) in fear that these might be damaged or old goods. I spend $40 on this set.

First of all, love the Bag! Most higher end Beauty Bags will say Dior Beauty or Chanel Beauty when you get them. Not this one, Just YSL..:) It came with a Full Size Touch Eclat Radiant Touche Pen in Number 1 (the Classic Color), a  Full Size Volume Effet Mascara, and a Mini Instant Eye Remover. I tried out the Touche Eclat Pen today and compared in to my others and it worked like a charm!! It never lets me down. Boy did I score there! The Pen is like $40 by itself!

5.) The Makeup Store 
This store had numerous different makeup brands from Clinique to Bobby Brown to Mac! I had to get the skinny on this store from the Saleswoman. She informed me that had been in business for 13 years. She said that they get in items that are about 6 months old. I again wanted to err on the side of caution and only buy 2 items. 

I did my research on first item and it is from the MAC A Tartan Tale Holiday Collection From 2010. I got the Thrill Seekers Pigments in Warm. The saleslady had the gall to say to me that she thought the Pigments were from this Past Holiday Collection. I wanted to say "Mam is Stupid Stamped on My Forehead'! But the Pigment colors were beautiful, seemed in good condition and something I definitely needed. Love me a Pigment! But I am not to keen on being lied too. So I will not be returning to this store. So there loss, they lose my business.

Now at least they did not lie to me on my second item, I also got an Estee Lauder Art of Eyes in Dramatic Smokey! Now this is from the Holiday 2012 Collection and is still for sale on Estee Lauder's Website. And all seems to be in working order..:)

Since this was my last stop and I still had a few bucks left over and had conquered my Challenge in three of the five Stores. I spent $53. Three Dollars Over! 

Well if was definitely a fun challenge and a success! But I am definitely not waiting in anticipation to go back. I scored some cool stuff for a good price, but I think I will stick to my local shops!


Sik Glam