Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Beauty Hangover Cure

Oh My! Is that what you are saying as you look in the mirror after a late night? Or after a bad nights sleep? Well here are a few tips and tricks to help you look and feel more refreshed!

-Wash your face thoroughly and remove any makeup, surface oil or dirt that you might have left on your face from the night before or that has accumulated during sleep.

-Heavily Moisturize your face by softly patting it into your face, using the warmth of your hands to help it absorb into the skin and to create a shield from any other further elements that can dehydrate your skin during the day. Try to use a moisturizer that has some brightening properties in it to give you a glow. I like Vital Boost by Goldfaden MD. It not only moisturizes well but it delivers a glow to all skin types.

-Lips feeling dry. This usually is a sign of dehydration. After you help yourself to some water. Apply some Vaseline to your lips to help heal your chapped lips.

-Now on to the Tell Tale sign of a long night or sleep deprivation. Your eyes! Use your best depuffing eye cream. I would suggest Origins Ginzing eye cream not only to depuff your eyes but because it also brightens the eye area to make you look more awake. And it works fast. Clinique All About Eyes also works quick to depuff. Here's a tip: Keep your favorite depuffing eye cream in the Fridge for a nice cool eye treatment. I keep my Origins "No Puffery" in the Fridge for those extra under eye puffy days!

-Perhaps you have found yourself in a stage that is beyond what any eye cream might be able to help do. Your not out of luck! Put two spoons in the refrigerator to get cold and than place them over your eyes to depuff. Or use Green, Black, or Chamomile tea bags on your eyes. Steep them in hot water for five minutes. Than cool them in the refrigerator until they are cool. And than place them over your eyelids for fifteen minutes. The tannins and caffeine in the tea bags will help to depuff.

I hope these tips help and leave your looking and feeling the Best that you can!!