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Friday, March 22, 2013

New Spring Louis Vuitton ALMA PM


New Spring Handbag

Every turn of the Season I like to get myself a new Handbag. This time, I really wanted to get something that said Spring! Especially since this Winter has been such a long and gloomy one. I really wanted the bag  to say Spring not only in its design, shape and size but also in it's color. Now I know Spring Fashion is usually filled with Bright Colors or Pretty Pastels, but I did not go this route. There was just something about this light creamy opal like color with the Gold Hardware that screamed Spring to me. I think it was because the color was so pure, fresh and innocent that it just reminded me of Spring. The awakening of the best part of the year that is about to come. When the flowers begin to bloom, the birds chirp, and the warm sun shines down on you!

I had a hard time picking my new season bag. Usually I have one picked out months ahead and I don't even have have a backup. You couldn't change my mind if you offered to buy the bag for me! This season for some reason it seemed harder. Maybe it was because I was spending more money than usual and wanted to really know for sure, I just don't know. I was down to three choices. It was ether going to be the one I ended up buying, the Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 30, or the Classic Original Chanel Flap Bag.

Now I wanted the Bandouliere 30 because I have the basic Speedy 30 from years ago and absolutely love it. I want to retire my speedy while it is still in good condition for the daughter I hope to have one day. The Bandouliere is like the Speedy but with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. They have it now in such fabulous prints that I am just craving a new one. And the strap just makes it even more tempting. I would have bought it in the Damier Azur Canvas.

My third choice, I have wanted since I think I was 15 and would see older woman with one and just dream of having one. If I were to have got one, I would definitely have bought it in black and that just does not scream Spring to me! So I think I will save that option for another time.

Now SikGlam & Louis Vuitton are Proud to Present to you My New Spring Bag:


It is in the Monogram Vernis Leather
in the Color Blanc Corail

Here is the skinny on the bag from the LV site:

Effortlessly stylish, the Alma PM is one of our most iconic designs. Looking marvellously elegant in shiny Monogram Vernis Leather, it is still an ideal size for everyday use.

Side View

The Bag comes with Pockets on the inside and a little LV Cloth.
I will use the cloth when I set it down underneath the bag
or if I need to wipe it.

Final Thoughts:

I love this bag so much, even though I have not used it yet. I am so glad I made this choice and that it is an iconic bag that will never go out of style. For I would never spend that much money on a bag that was not iconic and timeless. The very nice lady that helped me in Louis Vuitton told me that the Bag had been around for over 60 years and that it was named after the Alma in France. I plan on using it for the first time on Easter Sunday. I have the most perfect matching cream peplum top I am going to wear with with it. Than I am going to accessorize with Gold Jewelery to make the hardware pop. I get chills just thinking about the outfit. I will have to put up a picture on my Instagram!