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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sik's View on Positive AND Negative Beauty Blogs

Why I Only Post on What I Post

Always Leave Room for Error

I have seen a few twitter posts about why beauty bloggers don't do Negative Reviews and I have pondered the same question myself since I started blogging. I had wondered why there were so many positive posts out there and not so many negative. Now maybe I wasn't looking hard enough, but I kept seeing this question pop up. Now there are the obvious reasons, but I will go into why my posts are mainly positive. I wanted to do this post for a while, because I didn't want someone to come across my blog, read it and think "she can't possibly like everything she blogs on!!".

Here is why I only post on what I choose to on:

- I am not going to waste my time posting on something I wouldn't recommend. (I get into this more later)
- I am not going to waste your time reading about something that I don't like, that may deter you from buying something that may work for you. (I get into this later)
- Why give a brand a negative review just because my nail polish chipped. I could have chipped in accidentally myself. (I have better examples later)
- But mostly here is my main and ultimate reason why...

Throughout my experience with playing with makeup and skin care, finding out what works and doesn't work for ME was Trial and Error! What really taught me the most was not a blog about what stinks and what doesn't, but it was experimentation!! Let me give you a couple of examples;

Example #1: I have tried a very popular Skin Care brand many times in all of their skincare ranges, and each and every time I would get these tiny white bumps on my face. They were not pimples, just tiny little weird white bumps. I thought about it and was stumped, but knew it was the brand because 95% of the time this happened to me when I had been using this brand. So I headed straight to the source, "The Brand", and they advised me that it must be the retinol in it. Now it turned out after experimenting with other brands containing retinol and just straight Rx'd retinol that it was Not retinol. It ended up being another ingredient that was in most of their products, that for some reason my skin does not like. Now I could have used that product for the first time for several weeks (I always give something a fair try) blast it and say it's No Good, it made my entire face break out in little white bumps and don't Buy This. That would be very irresponsible and possibly deter someone from buying it who would not have the same rare reaction, thinking this brand was going to give their face tiny white bumps. I would instead rather do a post on me being allergic to that ingredient and if you ever come across these tiny little white bumps, that could possible be the reason. That would be a good post worthy of my time and providing valuable knowledge to my readers as well.

Example #2: Several weeks ago, I bought a very hyped up brand new drugstore foundation and it was amazing. I would honestly compare the finish to my Touche Eclat Foundation. Unfortunately it broke my face out after several repeated tries (I even had it in two shades) and I was so sad. So I shelved it and moved on, only to try it again weeks later (because I am not one to break out) and it did Not break me out this time. I thought to myself, "why did it not break me out this time?". I am doing nothing different at all to my skin. In fact this would have been even more of a perfect time for a break out. It was the Perfect Storm, as it was in the 90's outside, going through PMS, not taking care of my face well as I more intrigued with Potato Chips. All of which would have made it a prime time for such a breakout! I thought and I thought, and I had to figure it out... I thought back to when I used it the first time and broke out, I was on an antibiotic because I had an upper respiratory infection and that antibiotic is known to break out your skin. Some are known to clear up your skin, but not that one. That was why it broke me out the first time! So I could have tried it for those two weeks that I was on the antibiotic and wrote up a fair but negative review saying it leaves a great finish, lasts a long time, but I am not ever prone to breaking out and it gave me acne!! Now if anyone would read that who was prone to breakouts, that could possibly be missing out on an amazing drug store foundation. I know a good one when I use one!!

I could go on for hours with examples, but I guess the point that I am trying to get at is that I APPLAUD the people that review honestly and hope that everyone does that. The point of my blog is to blog on products that not only I would use, but products that I think a lot of people could benefit from. I most certainly call out flaws in what I post on, even if I like it. I most certainly would write a negative review if I tried out something that claimed to make me look ten years younger after application and it didn't! The reason you won't see those reviews on here is because I don't waste my time or money with those products, because if they worked they wouldn't be 5-50 dollars. They would be Hundreds if not THOUSANDS!!!!!! I will be the first person to declare that I can't stand false claims and believe that it is false advertisement! I would absolutely post on something that made complete false claims. Even if I had trust in the brand to begin with, had I had given them a fair and serious among of time for trial and error.

Final Thoughts:

I want to end so you know where I am coming from. I have studied economics for over ten years with the posh degrees to sit here and boast about, but I won't. I am just going to try to make this as simple as possible. In economics, nothing is ever true! You can take an equation and ether make it true or false depending on how you manipulate the numbers. You are taught through mathematics and theory that you must always leave room for error!!  Nothing is ever going to be perfect and until that one "Holy Grail" skin cream, lip stick, illuminator hits the market there is always going to be error. You can take a product and make it into what ever you want it to be as long as it works for you.

Very Truly Yours,

Sik Glam M.S.