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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask


Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

This mask is superb at exfoliating and leaving an immediate glow that you can see! It has powerful ingredients in it such as lactic, Citric, and Glycolic Acids to immediately remove dead skin cells and leave a youthful radiant glow.  I am amazed at how well this mask works compared to similar treatments I have received at spas.

Here's the Skinny on the Mask from the company:

A potent bioactive complex that reduces fine lines and dramatically improves tone, firmness, and radiance.

This treatment safely and effectively resurfaces the skin, without causing irritation. It's four-fruit-acid-complex (lactic, glycolic, tartaric and citric) and papain enzyme create a gentle yet potent exfoliating action that leaves skin glowing and healthy.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals

What else you need to know:

This mask is particularly recommended for congested and mature skin; it works well on post-acne scarring, blemishes, blackheads and sun-damaged skin. It is not suitable for sensitive skin types. This skincare essential does not contain T.E.A, D.E.A, glycols, silicones, or PEGs.

I believe the best of this mask is that it is Dermatologist Tested and Approved. Do you ever notice that most products say "Dermatologist Tested" but not "Approved"??!! REN is also against Animal Testing!

The directions on my bottle say to apply a generous amount onto clean skin over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for ten minutes. Dampened Enclosed Cloth and gently wipe off mask. Rinse skin with warm water. Slight tingling may be experienced during application. Use weekly.

What the Formula Looks Like

I use this mask once a week and it leaves my face with the most amazing glow. I usually leave it on for around 10-15 minutes and than remove it gently with the cloth that it came with. The cloth reminds me of a thicker muslin cloth. To remove the mask, I get the cloth wet and gently remove the mask (you should see the mask coming off on the cloth), than rinse my face to make sure I got it all off. I finish by patting dry my face and following with my skincare regimen. I sometime feel a slight tingly sensation on my face when I use the mask, but it is never uncomfortable. It makes me feel that it is working. The one thing that I would say that I learned never to do, is use the mask in the shower. I tried to save time once by applying it to my face and than jumping into the shower to take a body shower. I think the steam from the hot shower was not a good mix and I got a tiny bit of redness (that I had never got from the mask before) on my forehead. It went away within hours but I would never do that again. Not one of my finer beauty time-saver ideas! I am always looking for ways to save time and energy and that was not a winner!

Final Thoughts:

I have now been using this mask for almost six months and I absolutely love it. I love products that leave immediate and long term results. I love the fact that it immediately leaves my skin with an amazing glow (who doesn't want to glow), and adore the fact that in the long run it is working to reduces fine lines and too improve tone, firmness, and radiance. I am definitely hooked on this mask! I can't wait to try more from this brand!