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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Covergirl and Olay Concealer Balm - Makeup Meet Skincare

COVERGIRL & OLAY Concealer Balm

Makeup Meet Skincare

I just could not help myself when I was in the store the other day and I saw the advertising for the new COVERGIRL & OLAY Concealer Balm. What got my attention was that it would not tug at the skin as it glided on. Now knowing how fragile and delicate the skin under the eye is, I was buying this for sure!
Color Light/Medium

Love the Lipstick Like Stick Applicator

This New Concealer Balm seemed to me to be genious! The idea that makeup meets skincare. I know this is not a new idea, but one that needs to be advanced. A market that is far from saturated! The balm claims to have a moisture locking formula that leave flawless looking coverage as it glides on. Covering and reducing the look of dark circles, age spots, and redness.

I got the concealer in the color Light Medium 340.  It was a perfect match for my skin.

I used the concealer the following morning and it exceeded my expectations for a drug store concealer that comes in a stick like applicator. It was very smooth and it did glide on my skin. It felt very moisturising underneath the eyes. Even though I still used my eye cream before hand and would recommend always doing so. All I had to do after applying it was gently press the balm with my ring finger (the finger tip with the least pressure) to set it in.

My Final Thoughts:
I love the fact that this concealer has skincare benefits rolled into it. I love the way it applied as the stick's smooth texture glided on. Making it very easy to use and portable. You could easily carry it in your handbag for touch ups during the day. And you would not need any additional brushes to apply. Finally I love the fact that you can get it at your local drugstore up the street at a great price!

Now am I going to replace my beloved Amazing Cosmetics or my Diorskin Nude Hydrating Concealer for this. Of course not! But it is nice to have it on hand for days I am in a hurry and want something fast that is going to work great!


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