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Monday, April 28, 2014

Proenza Schouler MAC Collaborate

Proenza Schouler and MAC Collaborate and it's one to Celebrate!!

Proenza Schouler MAC Attack!!!!
I had been eagerly awaiting this collaboration for many months. I remember the very day that I heard about it and though to myself "Nooo, that can't be"! I have been a Huge Fan of MAC for almost a decade and a Huge Fan of Proenza Schouler for almost three years. I first learned of the brand when I was gifted a fabulous bag and I was like "who is this Proenza Schouler" and "why don't I know of them" as my friends looked at me in shock and pity! It was an instant love that goes on well to this day! Now on to the Collaboration: I am going to share with you what I chose from the collection and why.

Here is what I purchased from the Collection:

Nail Laquer in Thimbleweed
I chose Thimbleweed out of the four shades to pick from because it is a classic pinkish nude. It is right on trend with the hint of pink hue in it for Spring and it will be wearable all year round! The other colors are beautiful and believe me I would get them all if I could. I wanted to add that I have had the polish on for three full days now in the picture and have had not one chip. I am very impressed and I know this is quickly going to become my favorite!

Satin Lipstick in Pink Fringe, Blush Ombre in Sunset Beach, Brush 129 
I picked Pinkfringe as my lip shade because once again Pink is so on Trend for the Spring and Summer. I was so tempted to get the lighter nude beige shade, but I am so happy with this color that I picked. It just makes me think and feel Happy when I put it on. The packaging of the Lipstick is different than MAC's normal Lipstick packaging in not only the design but the shape. The Lipstick is a square shape and it makes it look and feel so much more glamorous than a regular MAC lipstick.

I picked the Blush Ombre in Sunset Beach over the more Orange Tone one because I plan to wear it with the lipstick and it such a beautiful pink tone to brighten up your face. The blush has a lighter and darker side, so you can pick which side you feel like wearing or swirl them together. It is so fun to play with and has excellent staying power!

Sunset Beach Ombre Blush Swirled Together and Pinkfringe Satin Lipstick
One Coat of PinkFringe taken on my Camera Phone

There was only one Brush in the Collection and it is a 129. It is like a shorter more glamorous version of the 129 and it is great for applying blush and powder. I have even contoured with it and it worked great!

The last thing that I purchase was the Limited Edition Tote Bag. The bag measure 14x14x7 and it seems a lot bigger in person. I had to get this bag not only because it will come in handy, but it is Fabulous and well made. I love using bags like this when I am out shopping to carry my smaller bags or when grocery shopping to help save on waste. I also had to get this bag because this was how I was first introduced to Proenza Schouler, by a simple gorgeous fabulous bag that I will always remember!

Final Thoughts:

This Collection was everything I thought it was going to be and more. I am so happy that I was lucky enough to get a little a bit of it. Even the Boxes that the Products came in were Amazing.  They have the same matching M∙A∙C Proenza Schouler's signature colour gradient design as the packaging on the products.
Usually I toss my MAC boxes as soon as I open my Product
but I am keeping these for inspiration.
The collection also has some lip pencils and eye pencils to choose from. There is even a fabulous T-Shirt to buy!! I hope you enjoyed this post and have a wonderful day! Please share with me if you have or do end up buying any of the collection. I did not go into too much detail on the Products and Collaboration because they can all be found here on the MAC site:


Sik Glam