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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser - Gentle for Face and Eyes

I fell in love with a face cleanser! I have to say that I have tried many face cleansers (too many to count), mostly because I test out a lot to blog on and I have really never found one that I was like "ok this is it"! The closest I ever came to finding "the one" was Philosophy's Purity Face Wash. Which don't get me wrong, I still love, but I love this one more! I had sampled it months back for a couple of weeks and had it on my "to buy" list when my Philosophy ran out. I knew it was going to cost me more, but I look at my skin care as an investment and I am willing to pay extra, if I truly think it is worth it.

So here is the Skinny on Fresh Soy Face Wash from Sephora:

What it is:
A multitasking gel that gently removes impurities and makeup.
What it is formulated to do:
The Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh instantly whisks away everyday impurities and makeup—even mascara—without stripping the skin of essential moisture. Rich in amino acids, soy proteins support moisture retention, giving skin the appearance of elasticity and firmness. Rosewater balances and tones the skin. Calming cucumber extract and nourishing borage seed oil enrich the formula, which is Fragrance-free and soap-free.
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Sulfates
- Phthalates
What else you need to know:
This product is extra gentle and ideal for all skin types. "In the early nineties, there was a buzz about the health benefits of soy, but no one was exploring its effects on the skin. We found that it is highly rich in amino acids, which help with cell turnover and introduced soy to the beauty market in 1999." —Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, Fresh Founders.

So I have become hooked on this face wash, I use it everyday! Before when I was using Purity, I would still find myself grabbing for my other face washes because I just wanted to use them up. I can't go a day without using my Fresh! It leaves my face not only completely clean but very soft and fresh feeling. Usually after I wash my face, I can't wait to put on my serums and moisturizers to get back that soft and supple feeling. With this cleanser, I noticed I didn't grab for for my products right away to get back that feeling. I think the reason has to be that it doesn't strip my skin of it's own moisture and just leaves it feeling Baby Soft. I love how well it cleans my face and that it is compatible with my Clarisonic. My most favorite fact about it has to be that it cleans both your face and your eyes.

This Cleanser works so well with a Clarisonic!

Once again, I will say that this cleanser is on the pricey side ($15.00 for 1.7oz) but I believe that it worth it. You also do not need much at all, so it will last a long time! I use about a large pea size, and it does my entire face and neck. It comes out it a clear gel like form but once you start to massage it in, it starts to turn white and a bit frothy. I just ordered more (because my tube is getting low) in a larger size, since it was more economical because you got more bang for your buck! It also came with a free small Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant, so I can't wait to try that out! I know that some people might read this and think I would never pay that for a face wash, but I look at my skincare products as investments! Your makeup is only going to look as good on, as your skin is looking. Sure there are tips and tricks to make your makeup look better, but I want it to be my skin that makes my face and makeup look so good! I take such good care of my face, that I can honestly say it is one of the reasons that I can wear so many different brands of makeup without any problems. It is like painting on a canvas, if you buy the cheap rough canvas to paint on, the painting is not going to turn out so good. It might look ok from a far, but if you pay a little more for the nicer smooth canvas, the painting is going to be so much prettier! As I always say, "Invest in Skincare, Color you can get Anywhere" SG.

This is about all you need for an Entire Face!

Final Thoughts:

I love this face cleanser and I really can't get enough of it. My most favorite part about it, is that you can use it both on your face and eyes. I can't tell you how many face washes that I have tried out that claimed to be for both, that just either left me still scrubbing my eyes after to get the eye makeup off or left my eyes so badly irritated that I never used it again. I have sensitive eyes for many reasons (allergies, sinus issues, sensitivity to certain ingredients, etc.) and I am so happy to have finally found a two in one (face and eyes) face wash that really does what it says and DOES NOT leave me irritated! So really Thank You Fresh! I am going to leave it at that!


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