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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

I wanted to let You know about an Outstanding Drug Store Foundation that has come into my life! It is the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. I had come across this foundation well over a month ago and have been loving it. I have been wearing it a lot and it has not let me down! It is described as Nearly Naked, but don't let the name fool you, it still has a good amount of coverage. If you are in to foundations that leave a radiant finish, than this is one for you to try.
Here is the Skinny on the Foundation from Revlon:
Makeup so refreshingly light, it melts right in, creating a fresh even look. So the only one that knows you are wearing makeup is you. Blends seamlessly, buildable coverage.
Revlon’s breakthrough nearly naked makeup balances skin and makeup so they work in perfect harmony. With buildable coverage and seamless blending, you are sure to cover flaws and perfect your skin’s tone and texture. No heavy cakey or greasy mess.
Available in 16 true to tone shades.
I can honestly say that it can compete with some of my high end foundations. Now I am going to be perfectly honest with you and tell you that probably 80% of my foundation collection is on the high end side, but that fact is changing. Now there are a couple of reasons for the change, so let me explain:

1.)  The Quality of Drugstore Foundations. They are kind of hit and miss. This is also true in the high end world, but not nearly as often. I have noticed a huge change in the quality of drug store foundations in the last couple of years. The reasons for this are obvious; technology is getting better, the consumer is demanding better products, more competition, etc. If I had to pick the best reason for this rise in quality, I would have to say it is due to technological advances in the cosmetic industry. You can take a high end advanced foundation, strip out some of the ingredients that make it more expensive to produce, dummy down the packaging to reduce cost and Boom, you have a Fabulous Foundation. I love it!

 2.) The inability to swatch and color match foundations in the drugstore. My ability to pick out the best of the best in drug store foundations has improved due to research and I have gotten better at color matching myself through experience. I'm pretty good at color matching myself by just looking at a bottle of foundation and knowing if it is going to work or not. My drug store collection is growing and I like it. Brands have also made it so much easier for the consumer who may not have the ability to color match themselves by looking at the bottle by using the displays for the product. They have begun to sort and display the foundations by cool, warm and neutral tones and even show the color on the display. I love that they are beginning to make it easier for the consumer. If they make it easier for the consumer, they are going to buy it!

*Tip - Bring a bottle of foundation with you (that matches you best) to the store to try to match it to a bottle.

These are the two shades that I got. Since I was very tan at the time of purchase, I bought two. So I could wear one right away and than have one for the fall. Although, I can still wear both depending on what look I am going for, etc.

200 Warm Beige

170 Natural Beige

Colors Swatched.
200 Warm Bige, 170 Natural Beige
You can see the Radiance!
I buffed out the right one a bit more so you could see that it still
covered my tiny freckles, so it has buildable coverage.

Final Thoughts:

I know I have said this many times, but I get so happy when I find a product that works great, can compete with the big leagues, and is affordable. Mostly, I love that I can share it with you. With so many advances in technology in the cosmetics industry, drug store makeup is only getting more Fabulous. I also wanted to leave you with a bit of technology that ties in with the foundation, you can click on this Revlon link to help you find your shade for this foundation


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