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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Taking An Outfit From Day to Night, Is it That Easy?!

Taking Your Look From Day to Night, Is it That Easy?!

I Pondered This and Let Me Answer It for You...
When I was asked by AUrate to do a Look Book on "How To Take an Outfit from Day to Night", I am going to be honest with you, I thought this is the easiest thing in the world to achieve. I would simply add a cool blazer with what I already had on, throw on some heals and go! But then I began to think deeper and think "Life is Not Always that Easy". I had to think about when this Scenario had actually occurred in my life and what I did to be able to pull it off. Of course the easiest scenario I thought of was when I am at home and my sister or cousin will phone to go to dinner. The problem with that Scenario is that it is just too easy, because you have your entire wardrobe in front of you! You could easily change your entire outfit and be out the door. That Scenario only solely exists in a Perfect World, that we oh so dream of. I had to think deeper of the times that I was not at home and I was at work or out running errands. The times I was simply thinking I was just going home after work or when I was done with my errands. I think what I have found difficult behind the Concept of taking a Look from Day to Night, is not what it takes to do this but the logistics behind it.

Have no fear, I am here to walk you through a few Scenarios I have actually encountered and what I did to take my look from Day to Night with just a few key pieces. I am going to Visually walk you through these scenarios and show you how easy it can be to go from Chill to Chic in literally minutes. The only tricky part is that you are going to have to keep a few things handy. Now I am not talking about keeping a backup wardrobe on you. Just a few key pieces that could easily fit in a drawer at work or easily in a small bag in the backseat of a car. It doesn't take up much room and the next time you get caught off guard with that all to tempting text or phone call, you will be ready to go!!

The Scenarios

Scenario 1:

Your at work and Uh-Ohh you get that call from your crush to meet for dinner at 7pm. You look at the time and see it's almost Five! You think by the time you get out of here, drive home in Rush Hour, it will be Seven! You don't want to say "No", because after all, it's a date with your crush! Your sitting there thinking, I don't have time to go home and change but I don't wanna say No! For all you know, he may never ask again and there is no way you are admitting to looking anything less than perfect! Perfectly Ready to Go! Let me guide you through some simple tips and it's Game On!

Just Working for The Weekend!
Uh-Ohh He Calls! What to Do?!
Don't Fret! You Are Prepared!
A Few Key Pieces Tucked Away, To Save the Day!!
(Clutch, Blazer, Killer Heals and Some Bling)
Add Some Bling!
Check Your Makeup!
Grab Your Clutch, Throw on Your Blazer and Heals!
Your Ready to Go and Have Fun!!
Scenario 2:

It's Finally The Weekend and you are out and about running errands. If you are more like me, then you are probably having a lazy relaxing day in the Park to de-stress. You've got on your favorite comfy jeans, a summery top and sandals. You suddenly get a Text and it's your Girls and they wanna meet for a drink! You know you wanna go but you think "like this?". You can't deny the call from your crew and you write back "heck yeah, I'll be there!". You look down and think "Crap, I've got Jeans and Sandals on" and you know your friends are going to be styled from head to toe. But Ahh Ha!! You have already read this Blog, so you are prepared! So off to your car you go! You grab your Go-To Night Bag, add a bit of bling to elevate your outfit and your ready to Go!

Ahhh Relaxing!
The Call From the Wild!
Off to the Car!
Ah-Ha!! Your Trusty Bag with The Goods!
Inside is Your Favorite Night Bag and Some Bling Bling!
In Mere Seconds, You Add Your Bling and Grab Your Bag!
Your Ready! You Got This!
See You Soon Ladies..;)
Final Thoughts: 

Wait a minute, you have already read this blog and well you know what to do!! If you are still at a loss and are thinking "I will never be that Prepared!!". Just know that by even simply adding some Jewelry on, it will take your Outfit to a Whole New Level. I am going to leave with a site called AUrate that is full of Beautiful Jewelry that is perfect for day and night. I highly recommend them due to what I hope you will read here Our Story about them. You will see how they are doing things Differently and Changing the Game for Good! I am Very Impressed on how they operate and with the Program  "A Book For Your Look" where for each piece of jewelry you purchase at AUrate, an economically underprivileged child will receive a book!! A Company that Gives Back, I will Leave You with That!!

Thank You,

Sik Glam