Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask


Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

This mask is superb at exfoliating and leaving an immediate glow that you can see! It has powerful ingredients in it such as lactic, Citric, and Glycolic Acids to immediately remove dead skin cells and leave a youthful radiant glow.  I am amazed at how well this mask works compared to similar treatments I have received at spas.

Here's the Skinny on the Mask from the company:

A potent bioactive complex that reduces fine lines and dramatically improves tone, firmness, and radiance.

This treatment safely and effectively resurfaces the skin, without causing irritation. It's four-fruit-acid-complex (lactic, glycolic, tartaric and citric) and papain enzyme create a gentle yet potent exfoliating action that leaves skin glowing and healthy.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals

What else you need to know:

This mask is particularly recommended for congested and mature skin; it works well on post-acne scarring, blemishes, blackheads and sun-damaged skin. It is not suitable for sensitive skin types. This skincare essential does not contain T.E.A, D.E.A, glycols, silicones, or PEGs.

I believe the best of this mask is that it is Dermatologist Tested and Approved. Do you ever notice that most products say "Dermatologist Tested" but not "Approved"??!! REN is also against Animal Testing!

The directions on my bottle say to apply a generous amount onto clean skin over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for ten minutes. Dampened Enclosed Cloth and gently wipe off mask. Rinse skin with warm water. Slight tingling may be experienced during application. Use weekly.

What the Formula Looks Like

I use this mask once a week and it leaves my face with the most amazing glow. I usually leave it on for around 10-15 minutes and than remove it gently with the cloth that it came with. The cloth reminds me of a thicker muslin cloth. To remove the mask, I get the cloth wet and gently remove the mask (you should see the mask coming off on the cloth), than rinse my face to make sure I got it all off. I finish by patting dry my face and following with my skincare regimen. I sometime feel a slight tingly sensation on my face when I use the mask, but it is never uncomfortable. It makes me feel that it is working. The one thing that I would say that I learned never to do, is use the mask in the shower. I tried to save time once by applying it to my face and than jumping into the shower to take a body shower. I think the steam from the hot shower was not a good mix and I got a tiny bit of redness (that I had never got from the mask before) on my forehead. It went away within hours but I would never do that again. Not one of my finer beauty time-saver ideas! I am always looking for ways to save time and energy and that was not a winner!

Final Thoughts:

I have now been using this mask for almost six months and I absolutely love it. I love products that leave immediate and long term results. I love the fact that it immediately leaves my skin with an amazing glow (who doesn't want to glow), and adore the fact that in the long run it is working to reduces fine lines and too improve tone, firmness, and radiance. I am definitely hooked on this mask! I can't wait to try more from this brand!



Monday, March 25, 2013

Suave Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoos

I know that Dry Shampoos have been around for a long time time now. But I just wanted to express my love for my favorite, Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo. It works so well! It works just as good as the high end brands and it is so inexpensive. I got on this topic, because I picked up a tiny dry shampoo the other day to keep in my hand bag or my car, for days when I am out and about and what to refresh my hair. I literally spent more on this tiny bottle than I did on my Full Size Suave bottle and got about roughly a third of the product and it was not any better. What drew me to do it was that it smelt like Cherries. Now I will say it has a nice smell of cherries, not overbearing, but really it wore away quite fast. Now I am not going to put them on blast, cause that's not me. And it did work fine. Its just that when I find something that works like the Suave Dry Shampoo, I like to let people know about it. It actually works better than some high-end versions that some I have tried.

Smells So Good! Like Fresh Hair!

Now here is the Skinny of the Suave Dry Shampoo, Just in Case You are New to Dry Shampoos:

Shake Well Before and During Application. Hold 8-10 inches from hair. Spray Directly on oily roots.  Use heat from the palm of your hands to rub in excess powder. For oil prone hair, apply on first day hair is washed to give extra volume and texture as well as to absorb oil throughout the day.

I do not have oily hair, I have normal to dry hair. I mainly use dry shampoos because my hair will get somewhat oily because I only wash my hair every 2-3 days. I do this to save energy, preserve my color and to minimize exposure to heat styling tools. So hopefully, my hair stays in decent condition. I also use dry shampoo throughout my hair to give it a boost of volume.

Final Thoughts:

Dry Shampoos are just one of those wondrous beauty products that you think to yourself, what did something so simple take so long to come to the market. I mean I am literally looking at the ingredients on the back of my Suave and on the back of another bottle of a high end brand (sold only at Department Stores and Salons) and the MAIN ingredients are almost EXACTLY the same. I mean come on! If you are going to charge a premium, than do something like make the bottle so beautiful that I want to display in on my vanity. That's all I ask......



Sunday, March 24, 2013

MAC VIVA GLAM NICKI 2 Amplified Lipstick


Nicki 2 Amplified Lipstick

I just picked up the MAC VIVI Glam Nicki 2 Lipstick and I love it. I know once again, I am probably late to the party on this one, since the MAC store told me it has been out since January. But I don't care, because I love it!! I could not help but blog on it!

It is like the perfect spring pink. It is very pigmented and true to color. I can't stand when I buy a lipstick and you cannot swatch it (usually at the drug store) and you get home and its pretty much sheer or no where near the color that it looks like. This lipstick is spot on and ready for Spring!

The Color is Exactly as it appear on your lips..:)

Oh and Check out how tan my arm is in the picture (much tanner in real life)! I will be posting on my New Beautisol Self Tanner soon! I have self tanned for over 10 years so I know a good one, when I come across one. You can also check out this lipstick on me on my twitter page or my instagram under my "Glossy Box January Cover Look Recreated".

Final Thoughts:

I adore this Lipstick! I even got the matching LIPGLASS that I have not tried, but will be posting on soon! And to even make my purchase even better, the entire proceeds went to charity! I literally can't say anymore! It doesn't get any better!



Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maybelline Flash Clean Clean Express Makeup Removing Lotion

Maybelline The Flash Clean

Clean Express! Makeup Removing Lotion

I last blogged about an amazing skin cleanser! So I thought while I am on that topic, I will let you know about the other latest skin cleanser that I have bought and have been using. It is the Maybelline New York, The Flash Clean - Clean Express Makeup Removing Lotion. Now I bought this one because it is a two in one. No Excuse me, a Three in One! It can remove both eye and face makeup, deeply cleanse the skin, and moisturize. I usually use my Philosophy Purity for when I want to remove both eye and face makeup at the same time, but I am always on the hunt for something new that will work just as good and will cost less.

Here is the Skinny on it straight from the Bottle:

1. Instantly removes:
Unique lotion instantly transforms into an ultra-rich liquid, due to exclusive Quick-Break Technology (Gosh I love Technology). It releases powerful cleansing agents to quickly break up the most stubborn makeup, even waterproof mascara.

The Formula is Creamy and does turn to
Liquid once rubbed into the skin!

2. Deeply Cleanses:
Infused with Moringa Seed extract, nature's purifier, formula goes beyond makeup removal to purify and clean everyday impurities.

3. Moisturizes:
Soothing lotion deposits lightweight moisture as it cleans.

It is dermatology tested, allergy tested, and suitable for sensitive skin.

It states that you can apply this to your face with your fingers or with a cotton pad and than gently massage all over and that no rinsing is necessary.

I have tried this cleanser a good ten times now and I like it. I like that it removes both my eye and face makeup. I use it with a cotton ball to remove my eye makeup and use my hands to massage it into my face. I always no matter what, rinse after I wash my face. Even if it states that you don't have to! Only because I have very sensitive eyes, and I just feel cleaner when I do!

Final Thoughts:

I think this cleanser it a bargain for what it does and it's price. I think it is too soon for me to know if I would switch from my Philosophy, but I am liking it so far. I think that it is a great drug store alternative. I will keep you posted!



Olay Fresh Effects

Olay Fresh Effects

It's so Fresh and so Clean....

The Three Wonder I Got!

I could not resist the ads for the Olay Fresh Effects Products when I saw them. I loved the notion of a product line that would leave you skin feeling deeply clean, hydrated and beautifully Fresh 24/7. I mean who doesn't want that??!!  I bought three items from the line which were the Shine Minimizing Cleanser, the Satin Finish Lotion and the Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer.

Here is the Skinny on All Three of Them from Olay and what I thought:

Shine Shine Go Away
Shine Minimizing Cleanser:

Nothing says refreshment like a deep down to the pores clean. This cleanser has the purifying power of a mask, but lathers like a daily cleanser to remover twice the dirt, oil and makeup than basic cleansing.

Add this cleanser to your morning regimen for a fresh and deep clean:

Removes 2x more dirt, oil and makeup vs. basic cleansing.
Kaolin clay lifts away impurities and helps minimize shine.
Deep cleansing action for a fresher feel.

Such a nice texture and smooth on the face!

It literally feels somewhat like a clay mask at first (not at all like those ones that are gritty and than stiffen on your face), but than it works into this wonderful soft lather! Your face really does feel clean and refreshed after. I really think it is the clay that is in this cleanser that leaves your skin feeling so clean and refreshed! The way that is formulated, is just outstanding.

Long Live Moisture
Satin Finish Lotion

It is a lotion? Is it a Gel? It is the best of both, so just smooth onto your face and neck every day for softer smoother skin.

Add this fresh and feather-light moisturizer to your daily regimen:

Provides the rich hydration of a lotion but with the lightweight feel of a gel.
Active moisturizers give your face a satiny finish, minus the shine.
Keeps your skin soft and smooth for up to 24 hours. 

It is just as described!
Not Quite a Lotion! Not Quite a Gel!

This lotion goes on just as described, lightweight and very satiny. I have tried it several times under the BB Cream and other foundations and it works well under both. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized.

Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen
BB Cream

This multi-tasking beauty balm works to moisturize, brighten, and help protect your skin from harmful UV rays. This silky tinted lotion blends effortlessly with your natural skin tone, helping hide imperfections and minimizing the need for for concealer and foundation. With just one use, your skin will be left glowing and naturally even.

Finish your daily beauty regimen with the all-in-one solution with 6 skin perfecting benefits:

• Refreshes skin instantly.
• Brightens for a radiant glow.
• Evens tone with a splash of sheer color.
• Hydrates for 24 hours.
• Smoothes for softer feeling skin.
• Protects against UV damage with SPF 15.

Shade Light to Medium

This BB Cream is very nice. I found it a tad too light for me, so I gave it my mom who is fairer than me. I liked it so much though that I kept some for when I want to do a makeup look that require a more fair complexion than I have. I know in the picture it looks like a good match, but I am usually darker because I fake tan. It has a wonderful creamy hydrating texture and feel to it.

Final Thoughts:

I love when I buy makeup or skincare and it lives up to what it promises! I truly feel that Olay Fresh Effects does. I have always been a huge fan of Olay and used to be obsessed with their Total Effects Line. Especially their daily moisturizer that I still use. I need to post on that one! I would have to say that I probably won't be using the Fresh Effects line on a day to day basis ONLY because I am over thirty now and need anti-aging products. I think it would be a fantastic line for someone in their teens and twenties. But I WILL be using this product a lot this summer, when the weather start to heat up and I get way more shiny. You can count on that! It will be perfect for days when I will be outside in the heat and want to keep away the shine and keep looking and feeling FRESH!!!



Friday, March 22, 2013

Chanel Le Volume Mascara

Friday Night Beauty Night

Chanel Le Volume Mascara

This week is something new that I have been using a lot. It is not only new to me but pretty new to the beauty world. I believe its launch date was around mid February. Tonight I am going to talk about Chanel Le Volume Mascara. I purchased this recently after going on a Chanel Beauty Bender and rediscovering my love for the brand. I had not bought any of their products in a while and I am loving them.

So here is the Skinny of the the Mascara:

The high-precision mascara achieves instant volume and intensely lush color in a single stroke. Its innovative formula expands, plumping lashes to their fullest. The exclusive new Snowflakes brush combines long and short bristles to deliver an extreme, eye-opening effect.

This mascara is intensively black and definitely thickens your eyelashes. It also comes in a blue and a purple color. It seems to coat each individual lash with a very intense amount of mascara, which it what I think delivers the promised effect. The best part is that it does not clump. Most mascara that I have used that leave a thick amount of product on the lash seem to clump, because than the lashes stick together before it has time to dry. But with this mascara, the amount does not seem to be too thick, it just seems perfect! Maybe that it why it states to use a single stroke.

However they formulated this mascara, we will never know because it is amazing! It is intense, but not in a bad way. It does leave your lashes feeling heaving or sticky and it is not a pain to take off. It was not any harder to remove than any other mascara that I have come across. The Chanel counter rep also told me that it does comes in a waterproof form. Although, I have not come across it?? I tend to stay away from waterproof mascara unless I am going to an event or out for the evening. I think it is better for the lashes not to wear waterproof mascara unless necessary. Plus look at what your lashes have to go through to get it off.

The Magic Applicator!!

Lastly, the best part about the Mascara is that it also curls the lashes. Every time I had used it I had curled my lashes prior, so I thought I had better try it without my lashes curled before I post this. I will be honest with you, I was not expecting to see a curling effect at all. So I put the mascara on (had been well over 24 hrs since I had used a lash curler) and I was amazed. The tips of the lashes seemed to curl up and leave a more open eyed effect. I even went back an hour later to check and see and they were still curled.

Final Thoughts:

Well I hope you enjoyed the post and I hope you come back for more.


Sik Glam

New Spring Louis Vuitton ALMA PM


New Spring Handbag

Every turn of the Season I like to get myself a new Handbag. This time, I really wanted to get something that said Spring! Especially since this Winter has been such a long and gloomy one. I really wanted the bag  to say Spring not only in its design, shape and size but also in it's color. Now I know Spring Fashion is usually filled with Bright Colors or Pretty Pastels, but I did not go this route. There was just something about this light creamy opal like color with the Gold Hardware that screamed Spring to me. I think it was because the color was so pure, fresh and innocent that it just reminded me of Spring. The awakening of the best part of the year that is about to come. When the flowers begin to bloom, the birds chirp, and the warm sun shines down on you!

I had a hard time picking my new season bag. Usually I have one picked out months ahead and I don't even have have a backup. You couldn't change my mind if you offered to buy the bag for me! This season for some reason it seemed harder. Maybe it was because I was spending more money than usual and wanted to really know for sure, I just don't know. I was down to three choices. It was ether going to be the one I ended up buying, the Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 30, or the Classic Original Chanel Flap Bag.

Now I wanted the Bandouliere 30 because I have the basic Speedy 30 from years ago and absolutely love it. I want to retire my speedy while it is still in good condition for the daughter I hope to have one day. The Bandouliere is like the Speedy but with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. They have it now in such fabulous prints that I am just craving a new one. And the strap just makes it even more tempting. I would have bought it in the Damier Azur Canvas.

My third choice, I have wanted since I think I was 15 and would see older woman with one and just dream of having one. If I were to have got one, I would definitely have bought it in black and that just does not scream Spring to me! So I think I will save that option for another time.

Now SikGlam & Louis Vuitton are Proud to Present to you My New Spring Bag:


It is in the Monogram Vernis Leather
in the Color Blanc Corail

Here is the skinny on the bag from the LV site:

Effortlessly stylish, the Alma PM is one of our most iconic designs. Looking marvellously elegant in shiny Monogram Vernis Leather, it is still an ideal size for everyday use.

Side View

The Bag comes with Pockets on the inside and a little LV Cloth.
I will use the cloth when I set it down underneath the bag
or if I need to wipe it.

Final Thoughts:

I love this bag so much, even though I have not used it yet. I am so glad I made this choice and that it is an iconic bag that will never go out of style. For I would never spend that much money on a bag that was not iconic and timeless. The very nice lady that helped me in Louis Vuitton told me that the Bag had been around for over 60 years and that it was named after the Alma in France. I plan on using it for the first time on Easter Sunday. I have the most perfect matching cream peplum top I am going to wear with with it. Than I am going to accessorize with Gold Jewelery to make the hardware pop. I get chills just thinking about the outfit. I will have to put up a picture on my Instagram!



Sunday, March 17, 2013

UPDATED: Elysée Two Week Update and Final One Month Update

Elysée "Fab 5" Core Essentials Kit  
Two Week Update

As Promised, I am going to update you on how I am liking my Elysée "Fab 5" Core Essentials Kit. I have now been using the kit in its entirety for 17 days. To see a complete description of the kit, see my March 4th Elysée "Fab 5" Blog Post.

I have to say that I am really liking the products. I am still using the products exactly as I described in my first post. I use them in the morning and in the evening. I plan on using the kit until the end of March. At that point, I will decide what products I will continue and integrate into my previous skin care regimen. I had always wanted to try this brand and I thought this kit was the perfect way to try it and to get to know the products. I am really liking the serums and the moisturizer. In fact, I am about out of the moisturizer, so that unfortunately won't be making it until the end of March. I am a bit heavy handed when it comes to moisturizer, especially in harsh winters.

So far, I definitely feel more firmer tighter skin. I also feel that my nasolabial folds are a bit more plumper, so they are not as visible. I am just beginning to get lines, so I do not have many lines yet. But I strongly believe in starting to use anti-aging products early to ward off lines and wrinkles. I am really hoping that these products in time will help with the few lines that I do have and the ones that will inevitably come.

My favorite standout product so far is the Firmance™ Pycnogenol®  Firming Serum.  It is an antioxidant rich firming concentrate. Pycnogenol® is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the market and research has shown it to be twenty times more powerful than Vitamin C and fifty times more powerful than Vitamin E. It was shown to be dramatically more effective than Vitamin C, E, Lipoic Acid and Grapeseed. This lightweight serum is in a Hyaluronic Acid base and is instantly absorbed into the skin. Once absorbed into the skin, it will provide an instant hydration boost to revitalize dry skin. The serum is designed to address visible sings of aging by improving the skins surface resulting in a more younger, radiant looking complexion. The complexion will appear brighter and more luminous.


Sik Glam

I will update my final review at the end of March.

Final 1 Month Review

Sorry if anyone was waiting for this Final Review and it is a bit late. I am not usually late with post reviews, so I apologize. I had finished my review of these product and used them for the entire month of March as promised and thought I had posted my final thoughts. I definitely like the Elysee brand and the products that came in the "Fab 5" Core Essentials Kit. My Favorite Serum was and still is the Firmance™ Pycnogenol®  Firming Serum. I have more detailed descriptions of this serum and the kit in my March 4th Elysée "Fab 5" Blog Post.

I still have some of the product left in my serum bottles so they would absolutely last around two months. I am currently reviewing other products but I will go back to them to finish them up. I am also excited to see if I get the same results when I go back to them..:) The one product that I plan on ordering as soon as possible that came in the kit that I ran out of around the 2 week mark is the Moisturizer. It was very moisturising and I could feel an immediate firmness when wearing it, but not an unpleasant feeling. I see that the moisturizer also comes in a night version. I might purchase that one also and let you know how I like it.

Final Thoughts:

I have to say I loved the Brand and the Science behind it. I might be a tad too young for all the serums that came in the kit to use at once, but I tried them all. But as I always say, Start Young!!!!



Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

Amazing Cosmetics

Amazing Concealer

I thought today would be an appropriate day to do a blog on the this concealer due to the fact that the full size tube is half off TODAY only at Ulta. I got myself my color, Medium Beige. I was not out of my color (you really only need a small amount), I just could not pass up on such a good deal on such an Amazing product. No pun intended..;) 

Here's the skinny on the concealer:

The celebrity makeup artist favorite. A small amount is all that is needed to erase any imperfections. Simple. Stunning. Flawless. It is a Multipurpose Full coverage concealer. It states to use it sparingly.

As you can See,
I have plenty Left in my Tubes that I have had for a While!

I was previously using the shade Light Golden for years and and I now use Medium Beige. I still use both depending on the makeup look I am going for. But I find myself wearing Medium Beige more often. I thought at first it would be way to dark for me compared to Light Golden, but it isn't. I use it to conceal underneath my eyes and to hide any imperfections that I might have. Here is a swatch of the two colors.

Medium Beige on the Left and
Light Golden On the Right

Final Thoughts:

This by far is my favorite concealer that I own. It is my go to, will never let me down, concealer. It does everything that it promises to and more. I have about 5 favorite concealers that I use depending on what makeup look I am creating, what condition my eyes are in (dry, puffy, etc.), how much time I have to get ready, and this concealer by far is used most. I would definitely recommend it! I have had many people ask me, "what kind of concealer do you have on". I tell them the what kind and than a week later, they are thanking me! 


Sik Glam

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Printemps Precieux de Chanel Collection and Other Spring Chanel Makeup Buys

Printemps Precieux de Chanel Collection


Comes in A Soft Peach Beige Color

I was a little late to the Party for this powder. Partly due to owning so many illuminating powders, creams, bases, serums, lotions, potions, galore!! Also due to the fact that it sold out for a while until I found it online at Nordstrom. So when I saw it available online, I jumped on it and bought it after I had previously tried it on in the shops. I wanted to see if it was really worth the hype before spending the energy and money tracking it down. I found out that it was so worth it and not only was I sold on the powder, but also the Chanel Powder Brush #1 that the sales lady had used to softly brush across my face.  So I added the brush to my online order. It felt so soft and heavenly, I couldn't resist. Of all the makeup brushes that I own, I have never owned a Chanel brush and I was impressed! It literally feels like it was customized for my face as it wraps around my cheek bones....

I initially went home from the shop sad (before I found it online) because the powder was sold out, but I did not go home empty handed. I purchased three Chanel Products that the lovely sales lady showed me. For I wouldn't be SikGlam, if I had went home empty handed..;)

Since the powder was sold out at the shop I was at, I bought another illuminating powder that they had. I bought their POUDRE DOUCE SOFT PRESSED POWDER in 20 Peche Tendre. It is a Luminous Compact powder for the face and the décolleté.

I Wish it Would have came with a Powder Puff Like
in the Karl Lagerfeld "Public Garden" Movie. 

I was previously using and loving my bareMinerals Ready Touch Up Veil in Tinted as a powder compact to keep in my handbag. I used it to set my makeup and in my T-zone, if I should find myself shiny. But never in areas that I want to show luminosity. I have now switched to the Chanel Soft Pressed Powder for my handbag powder compact. So far I love them equally.

This powder is definitely not as illuminating as the POUDRE SIGNÉE DE CHANEL ILLUMINATING POWDER, but that is good for the way that I am using it. I use it for for touch ups and to set my makeup. I would not want too much illumination in my T-zone. That is not a good look!

I also got a LES 4 OMBRES QUADRA EYESHADOW. It is a beautiful compact with four contrasting and complementing colors. I got mine in 36 Intuition.

This Quad offers shades from Matte to Frost to Satin!
Not too Shimmery! Just Perfect!

This quad is amazing! I had not bought a Chanel eyeshadow of any kind is a very long time and I am so happy with it. I find myself using this quite a bit. The colors are so pigmented and long lasting. There are so many different ways to use it. I find myself just using a single color across my lid if I am in a hurry.  If I have the time, I will do a smoky version with all four colors. Or my favorite way, highlight under my brow and by the inner corner of my eye with the top left color, than take the brown color across my entire bottom lid, and than pop the bottom left color right dead center of my bottom lid. It really brings out your eye color!


It also has a Built in Sharpener that pops out!

Color on the Skin!
You can really see the Rose Gold Tone!

This beautiful color Rose was featured in the Printemps Precieux de Chanel Collection. This color is great for those No Makeup/Makeup Days! To line your upper or lower lash lines, or both. It's also perfect for when you are doing a full makeup look. It adds a really beautiful pop of color. This eye color is also nice to use on your inner lower lash line to cover up the redness and to highlight.

Final Thoughts:

I am so glad that Chanel Came out with the Printemps Precieux de Chanel Collection and drew back my attention! I had probably not bought a Chanel product in years. No real reason, just the fact that there are so many new and amazing brands popping up everywhere and sometimes you forget about the Iconic Brands for a minute. The ones that you know will always be good and that you can always rely on. I love everything that I bought and have been using most of it everyday!  I cannot say that for A LOT of the makeup that I buy! I am even eying some more Chanel makeup! So stay tuned!



Sunday, March 10, 2013

GARNIER OLIA Oil Powered Permanent Hair Color


Oil Powdered Permanent Color

I recently dyed my hair using the GARNIER OLIA Oil Powered Permanent Hair Color. I had seen the ads on television and in magazines and I had been instantly intrigued. Maybe because the technology was different, maybe it was the vibrant colors, or maybe it was just the fact that it had no ammonia!

I was desperately in need of dying my roots. I was about two weeks past the point, when I should have been sitting in the chair in the salon. I was started to show those pesky little white roots! Well in my eyes anyway! I was having a family tea this past week and I (of course) did not have a hair appointment. I always wait to the last minute! Gotta work on that! I could not bear the thought of going one more day without touching up my roots. I called up my salon and my stylist had the day off. I thought to myself "What is a girl to do?".  Aha, OLIA, I will do it myself!  Yes of course I was scared of a huge disaster, but I had done it before years ago. So I ran up to the store and picked up two colors Medium Brown 5.0 and Medium Golden Brown 5.3. I got both so I would have options. Options are good! I decided on the Medium Brown since it is still winter (I like darker shades if the winter) and if I liked the product, I would have the other for the next time I found myself in a bind. The Box came with the product, easy to follow directions and gloves.

I hated when I had to start dying my hair. I actually love my natural brown hair color because it has beautiful dimension to it and its own natural highlights that I hate to color over. But, alas, on my 28th birthday, I awoke to not even grey hairs but a few white hairs popping out of my head. I thought to myself "thanks dad"! I lived with it for a couple of years because it was so suddle, but than more and more came like an army. Now I don't know if actually others can see them, but what matters is, I can!

So I started having to dye my hair whether I liked it or not! I was not thrilled because it not only covered up my natural highlights, but I had to color my hair every six to eight weeks. Now going to the salon I do not mind, because I love to get pampered, I have to get my ends trimmed anyway and I get a fantastic blowout!

So now here I am with roots, no salon appointment and a box of Olia. I opened up the box and got to work. It was easy and one, two, three! I mixed together the developer and the colorant in the provided mixing jar. Shook the Mixing jar like I was making myself a cocktail and started applying it to my roots first where I needed it most. Since I was not sure what the color was going to look like after it developed, I applied it to my whole head. Even though, I usually only do my roots at the salon. I than waited the 30 minutes it said to leave the product on before hopping in the shower to rinse it out and use the after color conditioner. There was no smell, and no burning eyes or scalp!

I would consider myself to have medium brown hair, but the color came out maybe two shades darker than my own hair. So I am glad that I did my whole head. I would not call this color dark brown. But it is definately developed on my head on the darker side of medium brown.

I would have to say the best part of the whole experience was that the product did NOT DRIP! I mean at all! I remember the few times I have dyed my own hair years ago and just having to stand there on a towel till the timer rang and I could hop in the shower to rinse it out. Fearing, if I moved just an inch that dye would go everywhere. Than having to clean up all the hair dye that had got all over the sink from the application and what had dripped onto the floor. Nope, not when this one! I was so confidant of it not dripping that I ran downstairs, grabbed my swiffer sweepers, and started swiffering. I even touched up a nail that had chipped while sitting at my vanity in my bathroom. The product also promises a pleasant fragrance. That was another horrific memory I had of dying my own hair, the awful overpowering fragrance. Nope, no fragrance at all with this one! If fact, I dont even remember one enough to describe one.

A tip I wanted to share, the little bit of color that I did get around the edges of my hair line, I just wiped away with wet wipes.

Final Thoughts:

This product so far is everything that it promises. A permanent hair color that has a pleasant fragrance, a non-drip velvet cream, and optimal comfort during application. I absolutely love the color that developed and hope that it lasts at least a month. I would have to wait a few weeks however to see how my hair is after washing it, how long the color lasts and how my hair feels to know if I would use it again. It has been about four days since I dyed my hair (I usually wait about three days to let the color really set in) and I am about to wash and style it. Last night my hair felt very dry at the ends where my hair is the most over processed from styling. So I applied my JO HANSFORD LONDON ILLUMINOIL™ to the ends and to my scalp, and left it as an over night intensive treatment. My hair instantly became less dry and my scalp felt soothed when I applied the oil. I will wash, dry and style my hair today as usual and wait to see the color after the first wash. I will let you know how I like it. I will sent out a tweet and I will update this post!


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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

EURO CENTRALE Collection by OPI Spring Summer 2013


Kocham Mi Poland OPI Collection

Euro Centrale by OPI was created to celebrate one of the world's regions with the richest sources of creative talent for centuries. One of the cultural phenomenons that is emerging from this region is fashion and this collection was created to celebrate that cultural awakening! And what better way to do it, than with Nail Polish!

The collection celebrates four different countries from this region including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania. When I came across the Euro Centrale Collection by OPI, I just could not resist the Poland Collection considering I am of fifty percent polish decent. I had to have the entire Polish Collection! It consisted of the four Colors with clever Polish names shown below:

A Beautiful Bronzed Tan Tone. This color will look so nice this Spring with a fake tan.

An Amazing Luxurious Shimmering Gold! I like to wear this shade on my ring finger to really bring out the yellow gold in my rings!

A Deep Midnight Blue. This is the perfect deep blue. Not too deep to be almost black. Just Perfect!


A Combination of Blue and Violet Glitter. I see some pink tone glitter in it also. It is lovely alone or over another polish!

Here is a picture of the first two together. Such a perfect Match!


Here is a picture of the second two polishes together that make a fabulous combination. The glitter polish also looks amazing over this blue.


Final Thoughts:

I absolutely love the new Euro Centrale OPI Collection. I wish I could have gotten the other countries too. They were all so beautiful for this spring and summer. I definitely might be going back for more!


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Monday, March 4, 2013

Elysée Cosmetics "Fab 5" Core Essentials Kit Initial Review

Elysée "Fab 5" Core Essentials Kit Initial Review

The "Fab 5"

I had wanted for quite some time to try a product from Elysée. During one of my late night HSN TV Shopping Extravaganza's, Elysée came on and I was instantly captivated! There right in front of me was all the products I had wanted to try, and oh how easy HSN makes it to buy with just the click of the remote! Now they had on the President of Elysée on and she had put together what she called the "Fab 5" Core Essentials Kit of their product line. I thought what better time to try the line, than with a kit put together by the President of their "Fab 5" products.

A Little about Elysée

Elysée believes that age is a fact of life and that truly healthy and lovely skin is a reality no matter what age you are. That you can intensify the look of youth with tomorrow's technology today. This really seems like an amazing company.  I would highly recommend checking out their website to learn more about them.

I will be using all of the products in the "Fab 5" kit for all of March. I will do an update mid march and than a final review at the end of March. I have been using the products now since March 1st, but did not want to start my initial review until I had at least four days of usage to see how my skin was going to react. There is no since on blogging on something I am not going to use or possibly recommend for someone else.

The Elysée "Fab 5" Core Essentials features five of their most technologically-advanced beauty treatment products to combat free radical damage, firm the skin, address lines and wrinkles, in addition to helping prolong the vitality of the skin and the look of youth through topical Sirtuin and Telomere technology.

Here is the Skinny on the "Fab 5" Core Essentials Kit including what it included, information from the insert that it came with, and my thoughts on the kit so far:

1.) Fountain of Youth™ - Soothing Line Diminishing Gel - Smoothes the Look of Lines & Wrinkles

Elysée developed this to counteract the appearance of expression lines. Those annoying little lines that we will all get eventually get as we age. Once our skin becomes less elastic and does not bounce back into place as it did when you were young. The key ingredients in this Gel is Argireline® and Matrixyl®.  Elysée was one of the first U.S. companies to use Argireline®, an ingredient that is a combination of six naturally occurring amino acids.

Matrixyl® was shown in a double blind study to be an effective alternative to retinol with less irritation potential. How Amazing is that?? Formulated in a hyaluronic-acid base, this lightweight gel is for those who want to have smooth younger looking skin while helping to diminish lines.

It states that this product does not deliver immediate results but is worth the wait!  I can wait!

Product goes on a bit sticky like a gel but goes away quickly!
Also, be careful not to get in your eyes!

I have been applying a light layer of this gel to my face and neck before a serum every morning and evening. Now it is specifically formulated for those concerned with deep wrinkles and lines. Now obviously being as a young as I am, I do not have deep lines and wrinkles. I have just begun to see lines these past couple of years. But as I always say, I strongly believe in starting early and being proactive.

YouthSpan™ - Facial Resurrection Serum - Features Topical Telomere & Sirtuin Technology

Elysée developed this serum to battle against aged trouble zones with a state of the art science based complex. The serum was formulated to optimize the longevity of youthful looking skin. The serum boosts moisture levels that lead to a visible improvement of the skin's surface appearance. The serum promotes facial volume through a unique lipo-filling like action, specifically for the appearance of the lip lines, nasolabial folds and the marrionette lines.

Very Fluid Like and Makeup Applies Nicely Over It!

I apply a small amount of this serum after the gel in the morning to my face and neck. I also use this serum on my decollete. Since I am still searching for something to address in that area, I am going to use this in the meantime. 

Firmance™ Pycnogenol®  Firming Serum - Antioxidant Rich Firming Concentrate

Elysée developed this Firming Serum to be a multi-action complex of antioxidants and botanicals to address the visible signs of aging. It contains the patented antioxidant Pycnogenol®, this serum helps to inhibits free radical formation helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  This benefit will lead to better elasticity and firmness.

Pycnogenol® is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the market and research has shown it to be twenty times more powerful than Vitamin C and fifty times more powerful than Vitamin E. It was shown to be dramatically more effective than Vitamin C, E, Lipoic Acid and Grapeseed.

This lightweight serum is in a Hyaluronic Acid base and is instantly absorbed into the skin. Once absorbed into the skin, it will provide an instant hydration boost to revitalize dry skin. The serum is designed to address visible sings of aging by improving the skins surface resulting in a more younger, radiant looking complexion. The complexion will appear brighter and more luminous.

With continual use of this serum, it promises to make your skin feel noticeably tighter and fine lines will be less visible.

The Serum Does Leave a Nice Radiant Glow.
I am going to switch it up one day and try it under my makeup!

Since the kit came with two serums. I have been applying this serum at night. Pycnogenol® is a pink to reddish brown very fine powder. You can see it in the serum but not at all on your face. I thought this serum might be better at night and the more fluid one during the day when I where makeup.

Fountain of Youth™ - Wrinkle Intervention Cream - Smoothes Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles.

This Creme is specifically formulated for those concerned with the appearance of fatigue, characteristic furrows, and creases by helping the skin's firmness and tone. It features an exclusive peptide complex of Matrixy®l synthe'6™ and Argireline®. This treatment creme helps the skins own natural process of optimizing collagen, hyaluronic acid, fibronectin, and laminin. This optimization will lead to facial wrinkles looking smoother and to the appearance of wrinkles improving over time.

To make this creme even more powerful, they have added Chronodyn™, Revidrate™, and cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid. Cross-linked HA is 5x more powerful than normal HA in promoting moisture balance.

This creme can be applied during the day and at night. During the day, the creme responds to external factors like environmental aggressors. While at night, this creme optimizes the skin's natural rhythms.

A Little of this Goes A Long Way!

I apply a thin layer of this creme to my face and neck in the morning and at night after letting the serum sit for about five minutes. When I first compared the little amount used of this creme to the amount I used with my usual creme I had this thought; "This is not going to be enough to moisturize my skin, ugghh I am going to have that dry uncomfortable feeling all day." Boy was I wrong and wow did it moisturize. It also works great under my makeup! Another major factor when choosing my day cream.

YouthSpan™- A.G.E Control Gel Therapy Masque

This masque brings together ingredients in an age-defying complex to help address the visible signs of aging. It provides a boost of powerful antioxidants, along with other ingredients to help revitalize the look of the skin and to help fight against the appearance of aging on the skin as a result of oxidative stress.

It is formulated with a complex of cross-linked hyaluronic acid combined with an aquatic plant blend. This masque helps to improve tired, dull, lackluster skin by rehydrating the skin. It also contains vitamins, carbohydrates, and amino acids to fight the look of premature aging. It promised to make your complexion feel more hydrated, firmed, and tones, and instantly appear more youthful and resilient!

Nice Firming Mask.
Does not Make Uncomfortable Tight Feeling!

I used the masque for the first time this morning. I applied a light layer of the masque on my face and neck and applied what was left over on my hands of my decollete. I waited 15 minutes (barely even knew the masque was on, unless I thought about it) and washed it off with a warm wet cloth. My face felt soft and a bit firmer.

Final Thoughts:

This technologically driven skincare line is my dream so far! I love technology and oh how I love skin care. Combine the two and I am in heaven! I strongly believe only those who combine the two will survive in the future. Skincare technology will one day become so advanced that your normal basic hydrating moisturizer will become obsolete.

This is only my fourth day of using the line, but I am impressed. My skin does not feel dry or irritated at all. It feels soft, toned, firm and happy. My only fear is that it will work so well, that I will not know which of the products worked the best! But that can be easily fixed later on by process of elimination. I will update once I have used the line for two weeks. I feel very promising on this line. They have a Neck and Decollete Cream that I am dying to try since I am looking for a good one. I think that the kit has since sold out on HSN but they have similar kits. The products are also all available individually and don't blame me. I tweeted about it..:)


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Saturday, March 2, 2013




As you can see, a little goes a long way!
I have had this bottle for months! Well, I am also dreading the day, its gone!

On my last trip over the Pond! I found a treasure, JO HANSFORD LONDON ILLUMINOIL™. I had read about it prior to my trip and put it on my list of "Beauty Must Haves" to purchase while I was there. Luckily for me, the Jo Hansford Salon was only a hop, skip and a jump away from where I was and I picked it up right inside the Salon. Right by the U.S. Embassy. Well being American but half British. I felt it was meant to be!!

Oh how I love it! It has now replaced the other hair oils that I had been previously using! It leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny, and smooth! Never Greasy! Exactly how I want it to feel!

Here's the skinny on it:

ILLUMINOIL™is a versatile miracle essence for all hair types.

ILLUMINOIL™ is a unique blend of rare ingredients that combine to form an exquisite oil that is one of the most luxurious and sumptuous haircare products ever formulated, 'I created ILLUMINOIL™ miracle essence for all hair types, harnessing the healing power of the world's most exotic and precious oils. Pomegranate, Argan, Karanja, Jojoba and Almond oils combine in this unique formulation to hydrate and nourish your hair, leaving it glossy and radiant'. Jo Hansford MBE


As a finishing product:
Use sparingly on dry hair to smooth the cuticles, leaving your hair soft, sleek, and shiny.

When my hair gets a bit dry, I will take a tiny amount (size of a pea) and run it through my ends and use the remainder on my hands to run through my cuticles.

Before blow drying:
Use sparingly through mid-lengths and ends to prevent frizz and aid blow drying.

This is when I use it most, I take about a pump or two at the very most and run it through my mid-lengths and than massage the bare minimum of what is left on my hands into my scalp and through the top part of my hair.

As a intensive treatment:
After shampooing, towel dry hair and apply Illuminoil to mid-lengths and ends to repair, restructure and nourish. Leave on for up to 10 minutes, rinse and condition.

I have used this in the shower or the bathtub when I am doing a hair masque and I will add a pump of this to my ends.

As an overnight scalp treatment:
To soothe and treat dry, irritated flaky scalps, gently massage Illuminoil on to scalp, combing through to distribute evenly. Leave overnight, then shampoo and condition as normal.

I have done this after coloring my hair. I don't wash my hair for at least two to three days after coloring my hair to really let it set in. So at times, that can dry out my scalp. If that should happen, I will apply this on my scalp the night before I plan on washing my hair to help any dryness.

Final Thoughts:
I love this product so much. I just wish that it was available in the U.S. If you are in London or are planning a trip there. I would definitely contact the salon to have them save you a bottle or to see where else it is stocked.


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Sigma Brush Spa Brush Cleaning Glove Review

Sigma Brush Spa 

Brush Cleaning Glove Review

I could not resist purchasing the Sigma Brush Spa, Brush Cleaning Glove after hearing about it and  reading some rave reviews. I could not wait to get my hand on it and in it.;) As much as I am obsessed with anything to do with makeup, cleaning my brushes is one of the things I dread most. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across something that not only made cleaning your brushes look fun, but also promised to make it easier and faster. At that very moment, the clouds parted and the sun began to shine down on me!

The Glove comes in the four Colors above. I chose Blue because
Blue reminds me most of a spa!

Here's the skinny on it from the box:

The Sigma Beauty Spa Glove was specifically designed as a quick, easy and effective method to deep clean you entire makeup brush collection. This revolutionary glove provides a variety of necessary textures and surfaces for removing all makeup from brushes while using only a small amount of cleaning solution. The dual-sided glove provides a complete cleaning process for both eye and face brushes. Patent pending.

The Brush has a soft insert for comfort!

If if you are right handed, and don't want to hold the brushes with your left,
I just flipped my left hand over to do my Eye Brushes and it was still so easy! 

Close up of the Face Brush 'Wash' Texture

Close up of the other side's
Eye Brush 'Wash' Texture

There are 5 Easy How-To Brush Cleaning Steps Listed right on the Box:

1.) Wash 
Add a small amount of cleaning solution & water to glove & swirl brush on the 'Wash' texture to begin deep cleaning the brush(es).

This is when you really know its working because you see the soapy water start to turn the color of makeup. I also really noticed in this first step that I used about a quarter of the amount of Brush Shampoo when I was washing than before the Glove. Fab!

2.) Rinse
Place Brush under running water & sweep brush back and forth on the 'Rinse' texture of the glove to remove makeup residue and soap.

You will see all the makeup residue and soapy water mixture rinse off as you sweep back and forth.

3.) Refine
Swirl Brush on the 'Refine' texture of the glove for added deep cleaning.

This was my favorite part. You can really get into the middle of your brushes where product can build up with theses tiny little knobs on the 'Refine'  section of the brush.

4.) Rinse
Place Brush under running water & sweep brush back and forth on the 'Rinse' texture for a final rinse.

This is where you should see the water running clear to know that you cleaned the brushes correct.

5.) Shape
Reshape brush bristles by placing brush head on the 'Shape' Section of the glove while squeezing with your hand to remove excess water.

This step was Great at getting the excess water out and reshaping my small eye brushes. I did have to do some extra reshaping of my bigger shaped brushes (angled, domed, etc,) with my hands. But this was my first time using the glove, so I am sure I will get better at it, and this extra step only took a few seconds to do.

Note: All of the Textures (Wash, Rinse, Refine, Shape) are Labeled Right on the Glove.

My Brushes Before and After:

I cleaned a variety of Face and Eye Brushes of all shapes and Sizes!

Clean as a Whistle!

Even My Sponge is Squeaky Clean!

Final Thoughts:

I think the Sigma Brush Spa Brush Cleaning Glove is pure Genius! I am always looking for makeup tools that save time and energy but still live up to what is promised. Sigma Nailed It! It is everything that it promises to be and more. I wish I would have had this years ago. To think of the time and energy it would have saved me. I cleaned 21 brushes (11 face and 10 eye) and one sponge in 15 minutes. Please remember, this was my first time and I was taking my time to really get to know the Glove and all its magic! I even thought "hmmm, maybe this little bad boy can clean my pro applicator sponge", and boy did it clean it. I would highly recommend purchasing the Sigma Spa Glove, its only going to make your life easier! And who doesn't want that!

And I saved the Best for Last! You can Save 10% on the Brush through March 31st, 2013 using the code "Save2013" and there is a Free Gift Right Now with a Purchase of over $30. So you will get a Gift and Save! So click here to buy and/or to watch a tutorial on the Glove!


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