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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bed Bath and Beyond Face Values Foaming Hand Soap

Harmon Face Values
Foaming Hand Wash

Available at Bed, Bath and Beyond

This might seem like a silly post because it is on a hand wash and by no means is the packaging glamorous or even unique, but it is by far the best foaming hand wash I have ever used. I used to use liquid hand soap years ago, but than I switched to foaming hand wash and never looked back. The only thing about liquid hand wash that I did miss, was the feeling that you got after using it. That it really cleansed your hands because of a more direct contact with your hands and the liquid soap. Unlike liquid soap, foaming hand soap is more of a different feeling, it is very foamy and airy. You just pump the foam, rub it on you hands and rinse. I was at Bed Bath and Beyond a few weeks ago and I picked up some "Face Values" Foaming Hand Wash in the Harmon Beauty/Health Section. There was really no reason for the purchase besides the fact that I was almost out of hand soap and knew it was on my list.

Much more Creamier than your usual Foaming Soap!

I purchased the Qt size so that I could refill all my bathrooms soap dispensers. I got home and refilled my master bathroom first and had to pull it back out from under the sink to make sure I had bought the correct soap. I knew I had bought hand soap, but I could not believe how creamy yet still foaming the hand soap was. It had a much thicker, creamier and luxurious feeling to it. It left my hands feeling much cleaner after. I will never go back to buying any other brand of foaming hand soap. I love it so much that I am hoarding it in my master bathroom (where I wash my hands most) until I buy more.

Final Thoughts:

I know this post is just on hand soap, but we have to remember to take care of our hands for many reasons. The more I wash my hands, the more I put hand cream on. It's kind of a ritual that I do together. The more moisturized you keep your hands, the younger looking they are going to look. It is especially important to get into the habit of frequently washing your hands this time of year, the flu season. It is not only important to wash your hands frequently to keep yourself from getting sick, but also to stop the spread of germs. I hope this post helped if you are looking for a new hand soap to try out that is of great quality at a great price. Most of all, I hope it reminds you to wash you hands this flu season so you and others don't get sick.


Sik Glam