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Too Faced Pretty Rebel Collection

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Collection Fall 2013

I have been wanting to post on this Collection since the day I ordered it online almost two months ago. For some reason, I knew it was going to be Epic! I was not sure if the reason was going to be because of my love for the Brand, the fact that Francesca Eastwood was the Face of the Collection, or the clever name that somehow I could relate too. I have been a Fan of Too Faced Cosmetics for years now, I can't even remember how long. One of the many things that I love about them, is that that do everything so right. I can't even begin to tell you how much Too Faced goes on my face every day. One of my most favorite products by them are the eyeshadow collections. I can't find many brands that can do already made eye shadow collections as well as they can. Somehow, someway, they manage to do it so well and not at just an amazing price, but also for the amount of shadows that you get, and the quality. They are also always so uniquely named and packaged which makes it so much more fun to buy and use. I would have posted on this already but I was waiting for the the eye glaze to come in stock and than when I went to order it, they had added a mascara to the collection. So I waited because, I was so excited!

When my Final Order of the Collection Arrived!
Love the Pretty Pink Packaging, it just makes me Smile...:)

Here is the Skinny on the Pretty Rebel Collection from Too Faced:

Pretty Rebel Eye Palette:

The Pretty Rebel Eye Palette.
I feel Rebellious just looking at it!

Another View
The Most Epic Eye Shadow Palette of My Life!
What It Is:

Even pretty girls break the rules. Be as rebel as you want to be with 10 powerful after-hours approved (and all new) shadows in the deepest jewel tones, the most bad ass metallics and one scene-stealing pink.

More To Love:

The Pretty Rebel Eye Shadow Palette comes in an extraordinary range of 10 new shades in stunning, high pigment formulations for rich color payoff. Pretty Rebel comes with our signature how-to Glamour Guide with three beauty looks to get you started.

New Shades:
Totally Fetch
Miss Sparkles

This has to be my "All Time Most Favorite Eyeshadow Palette" by Too Faced Ever!  I love it so much that I am actually going to be buying another one in case this is a limited edition. The shadows fit the name of the collection to a T... They are so pretty yet so rebellious but in a good way. They are very pigmented and true to color and stay put. My favorite shadow in the palette was a very pleasant surprise. The Shadow "Girly" is almost like two colors in one, it is almost iridescent like. When you apply "Girly", you get the most amazing brown and green tones in one depending on how the light hits your eyes. It is truly the most amazing thing I have EVER seen in a shadow. It has become my go to shadow and I get so many compliments. The black shade "Miss Sparkles" is also the most badazz shadow to use as a black liner. My most favorite way to wear this palette is either "Girly" across the lid with "Charming" on the outer corner or "Jailbird" across the lid with "Badass" on the outer corner. This palette is so fun to play with, I have been using this palette more than any palette than I have ever bought. You can create so many looks with this from day to night time, it even comes with a how-to booklet so you can do the looks in the booklet or play and create your own. I usually wear more of the day time looks unless I am feeling well Rebellious, but this palette makes me want to use it and be Rebellious! 

Palette Swatched in Order
Top Row Across to Bottom Row Across!
Dainty, Charming, Girly, Totally Fetch, Miss Sparkles
Ringleader, Gangsta, Instigator, Badass, Jailbird

Lip Injection Color Bomb! Moisture Plumping Lip Tint

What It Is:

Lip Injection Color Bomb! combines the power of our best-selling Lip Injection plumping technology with an explosion of satin color stain to create fuller, luscious lip instantly. Lip Injection Color Bomb! comes in six new shades, including a special fiery red inspired by actress Francesca Eastwood – who also created its signature name Eastwood Red.

More To Love:

Our ultra-conditioning balm combines our best-selling Lip Injection plumping and blood vessel dilating technology with a satin color stain and a hint of sexy shine.

Vitamins A, C and E and mango butter to drench lips in moisture for a softer, smoother, plumper pout.
Lip Injection Color Bomb! includes six must-have shades.

My Inspiration Board, Wrote on with the Bombs...:)
These Color Bombs are "The Bomb"!

These Color Bombs are to die for. I got "Never Enough Nude", "Eastwood Red" and "Candy Burst". I got the Nude shade because it is such a versatile color that you can wear all year long. It is true, that you never really can have enough nude shades. I got the Red shade because Francesca Eastwood is the Face of the Collection and known for her Bold Red Lip so it only made sense, and I had been wanting to find an amazing red lip shade to add to my collection. This Red shade is the the most spot on perfect red that would work for so many skin tones. I got the Candy Pink shade because who doesn't love a Candy Pink Lip! They are all very Pigmented and true to color. They glide on smoothly, feel moisturizing, and look amazing. What more can you ask for! I feel a tiny bit of a tingly plumping sensation when I apply them, but it does not feel overwhelming or uncomfortable at all. They come in a portable cute stick that is ready to go and twists up. I want to order the remaining three shades and have the entire collection. I am already due for a new "Never Enough Nude". When that happens, that's a sign that I like something a lot!! I'm not gonna lie, I have a lot of makeup but I never buy an entire collection, I usually just pick and choose what I think is the best out of it, and I think that I could use all of these Lip Bombs!

I love how the outside of the Balm matches the Balm's Color
so you can easily grab your color and go! 
Color Bombs Swatched!
Never Enough Nude, Eastwood Red, Candy Burst

Better Then Sex Mascara

My New Favorite Mascara and it doesn't Clump!

The Brush Head has a Hourglass Shape like nothing I
have seen before. 

What It Is:

The Better Than Sex Mascara Hourglass-Shaped Brush was designed after discovering the bust-waist-hip ratio of an iconic silver screen Blonde Bombshell held the secret to the perfect brush silhouette that separates, coats and curls each lash to voluptuous perfection. One coat of the carbon black, collagen-fueled mascara formula and lashes are full, defined and stretched to unbelievable lengths. Two coats and lashes are even more luscious, curled and dramatic. Three coats and achieve the most intense black, oversized, multidimensional lashes possible! A mascara so amazing…it’s Better Than Sex!

More To Love:

Better Than Sex mascara includes:
Film-forming Polymer for smudge-proof, all day wear
Acacia Senegal Tree Extract to nourish, thicken and lock curl in place
Unique Peptides for the deepest, intense black possible

1,944% more volume*
100% saw longer lashes**
100% saw dramatic volume**
93% saw base-to-tip curl**
8 out of 10 say it’s the best mascara they’ve ever used**

*results observed in a clinical study.
**results observed in a consumer study.

I have used this mascara now at least ten different times and it is already my new favorite mascara. They are directions on the box on how to use it and how you can layer it up to three times depending on how much volume you want. I decided the first time I used it to "Go Big", and to apply all three layers of the mascara. I was floored at the amount of Volume that I got without any clumping at all. It gave me the most voluptuous full lashes and it DOES NOT CLUMP. I than tried it using only a layer or two and still found it to be amazing. 

Glitter Glaze:

This Glaze is so much fun to play with.

The Silver Glitter Glaze Swatched.
It is such a beautiful Sparkling Silver!

What It Is:

Get noticed with Glitter Glaze, a sparkling top coat that can be worn two ways. The starry-eyed formula can be layered over your favorite shadow for a brilliant flash of metallic color or worn alone for an intense eye-catching shimmer.

More To Love:

Glitter Glaze comes in two versatile, amped-up, shimmering shades: Silver Spark and Goldie Rocks.
When applied to skin Glitter Glaze dries instantly and glitter formula adheres on contact.

I ordered mine in Silver Spark, but I will be going back for Goldie Rocks (the golden tone version). I like to wear the Glaze in multiple ways. I like to wear it alone over my entire lid because it has such a beautiful pigment on its own, I like to put a tiny bit of it on the inner or outer corner of my eye for a hint of sparkle or I dab a bit on the center of my eyelid to make it pop. I have to say it does (as described) dry fast and it stays put. Gifts with Purchase:

I have to mention that when you purchase from website you get 2 gifts with every purchase, no code required. Since I had bought the collection in two orders, I got four gifts to try (2 gift with each purchase). I got the BB Cream as one of the gifts, which I already own with my first purchase, so I have it in a smaller size for traveling. I love it that much! The three other gifts that I chose were LashGASM Mascara, Glamour Gloss Volumizing Lip Gloss in Flirt and Extreme Lip Injection Lip Plumping Serum.

You can see my Full Sized BB Cream in the Back!
I love ordering from you get to pick 2 gifts
from a variety of choices with every purchase. No Code Required!

Final Thoughts:

I am in Love with this Collection. Too Faced has not just done it again, they have blown the competition out of the water with this collection. I could go on and on about how much I love this collection, but really what I want you to do, is to buy it. So that you can experience what I have and I know that you will not be disappointed. Buy it, wear it, and feel like the Pretty Rebel that you are.

How Cute is the Pink Box with the Thank you Note on it.
Really, Thank You Too Faced for this Collection!
 I love when a Brand takes the extra step to do something
like this box to show their appreciation for the customer! I know it's just
a box, but to me it means they care and that makes me happy!

Please be on the look out in the next couple of weeks on my twitter page for Instagram Pictures of me wearing the Collection with the hashtag #ownyourpretty. I want you to own your pretty too and show me those pictures with the hashtag. I would love to see them.


Sik Glam

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sik's View on Positive AND Negative Beauty Blogs

Why I Only Post on What I Post

Always Leave Room for Error

I have seen a few twitter posts about why beauty bloggers don't do Negative Reviews and I have pondered the same question myself since I started blogging. I had wondered why there were so many positive posts out there and not so many negative. Now maybe I wasn't looking hard enough, but I kept seeing this question pop up. Now there are the obvious reasons, but I will go into why my posts are mainly positive. I wanted to do this post for a while, because I didn't want someone to come across my blog, read it and think "she can't possibly like everything she blogs on!!".

Here is why I only post on what I choose to on:

- I am not going to waste my time posting on something I wouldn't recommend. (I get into this more later)
- I am not going to waste your time reading about something that I don't like, that may deter you from buying something that may work for you. (I get into this later)
- Why give a brand a negative review just because my nail polish chipped. I could have chipped in accidentally myself. (I have better examples later)
- But mostly here is my main and ultimate reason why...

Throughout my experience with playing with makeup and skin care, finding out what works and doesn't work for ME was Trial and Error! What really taught me the most was not a blog about what stinks and what doesn't, but it was experimentation!! Let me give you a couple of examples;

Example #1: I have tried a very popular Skin Care brand many times in all of their skincare ranges, and each and every time I would get these tiny white bumps on my face. They were not pimples, just tiny little weird white bumps. I thought about it and was stumped, but knew it was the brand because 95% of the time this happened to me when I had been using this brand. So I headed straight to the source, "The Brand", and they advised me that it must be the retinol in it. Now it turned out after experimenting with other brands containing retinol and just straight Rx'd retinol that it was Not retinol. It ended up being another ingredient that was in most of their products, that for some reason my skin does not like. Now I could have used that product for the first time for several weeks (I always give something a fair try) blast it and say it's No Good, it made my entire face break out in little white bumps and don't Buy This. That would be very irresponsible and possibly deter someone from buying it who would not have the same rare reaction, thinking this brand was going to give their face tiny white bumps. I would instead rather do a post on me being allergic to that ingredient and if you ever come across these tiny little white bumps, that could possible be the reason. That would be a good post worthy of my time and providing valuable knowledge to my readers as well.

Example #2: Several weeks ago, I bought a very hyped up brand new drugstore foundation and it was amazing. I would honestly compare the finish to my Touche Eclat Foundation. Unfortunately it broke my face out after several repeated tries (I even had it in two shades) and I was so sad. So I shelved it and moved on, only to try it again weeks later (because I am not one to break out) and it did Not break me out this time. I thought to myself, "why did it not break me out this time?". I am doing nothing different at all to my skin. In fact this would have been even more of a perfect time for a break out. It was the Perfect Storm, as it was in the 90's outside, going through PMS, not taking care of my face well as I more intrigued with Potato Chips. All of which would have made it a prime time for such a breakout! I thought and I thought, and I had to figure it out... I thought back to when I used it the first time and broke out, I was on an antibiotic because I had an upper respiratory infection and that antibiotic is known to break out your skin. Some are known to clear up your skin, but not that one. That was why it broke me out the first time! So I could have tried it for those two weeks that I was on the antibiotic and wrote up a fair but negative review saying it leaves a great finish, lasts a long time, but I am not ever prone to breaking out and it gave me acne!! Now if anyone would read that who was prone to breakouts, that could possibly be missing out on an amazing drug store foundation. I know a good one when I use one!!

I could go on for hours with examples, but I guess the point that I am trying to get at is that I APPLAUD the people that review honestly and hope that everyone does that. The point of my blog is to blog on products that not only I would use, but products that I think a lot of people could benefit from. I most certainly call out flaws in what I post on, even if I like it. I most certainly would write a negative review if I tried out something that claimed to make me look ten years younger after application and it didn't! The reason you won't see those reviews on here is because I don't waste my time or money with those products, because if they worked they wouldn't be 5-50 dollars. They would be Hundreds if not THOUSANDS!!!!!! I will be the first person to declare that I can't stand false claims and believe that it is false advertisement! I would absolutely post on something that made complete false claims. Even if I had trust in the brand to begin with, had I had given them a fair and serious among of time for trial and error.

Final Thoughts:

I want to end so you know where I am coming from. I have studied economics for over ten years with the posh degrees to sit here and boast about, but I won't. I am just going to try to make this as simple as possible. In economics, nothing is ever true! You can take an equation and ether make it true or false depending on how you manipulate the numbers. You are taught through mathematics and theory that you must always leave room for error!!  Nothing is ever going to be perfect and until that one "Holy Grail" skin cream, lip stick, illuminator hits the market there is always going to be error. You can take a product and make it into what ever you want it to be as long as it works for you.

Very Truly Yours,

Sik Glam M.S.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Becca Ultimate Berry Twist Lip Gloss

Ultimate Colour Gloss
in Berry Twist

The Holy Grail of Glosses!

Merry Glamness! I can't believe this in only post #4 in July, my goal was to be on at least #10 by now. This post is only on one Lip Gloss, but this is a Very Highly Recommended Lip Gloss! This is one of my most favorite Lip Glosses that I own and my absolute favorite Lip Gloss in it's color family. What I love most about this Gloss is the truly amazing Deep Plum Color! If I don't have much time to do a full face, the color of this gloss can add such life to your face! I love how putting just a little bit of makeup on, can make someone feel so much better. That's why I love this gloss so much. It has such a indescribably rich plum color, like nothing I have even seen before. It just makes you feel so beautiful, even if you don't have much makeup on.

The Color is Amazing. The Most Beautiful Deep Plum.

Berry Twist Swatched 

This lip gloss have been one of my Favorites since I bought it months ago. It reminds me more of a Fall gloss color because of its rich plum color, but it still looks amazing in the Summer. Let me tell you how I like to wear it in the Summer, since it is such an amazing color to wear. I like to wear just some tinted moisturizer, illuminating bronzer, mascara, and this Gloss (over the Becca Lip Priming Perfector™ of course). I have an earlier Post on the Primer if you are interested. The lip gloss really pops because of how pigmented the color is, so I actually like not wearing a lot of makeup with it. I like letting the Gloss be the focal point of my makeup look. It shows off how beautiful the color of the gloss is and your lips. I have not seen a more beautiful gloss color in my life and I am gloss Fanatic!

Here is the Skinny on the Gloss from Becca:

A weightless yet highly pigmented gloss that imparts ultimate bold colour and intense shine.

Dramatic formula delivers a long-wearing layer of bold colour and brilliant shine
Weightless texture goes on smooth, comfortable and never sticky
Formulated with antioxidant Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate while emollient oils provide glide, slip and comfort on the lips
Dermatologically tested
Free of: Parabens

Final Thoughts:

This Lip Gloss is so great not only because of it's rich color but because of how amazing it will look year round. It feels amazing on and not drying at all. I love wearing it now with not much makeup on, my hair in a bun and this gloss still makes me feel so pulled together and glam. I can't wait to wear it in the fall when I start to wear sweaters (jumpers) and really rock this gloss in a Fall Look! This gloss gets me excited for the Fall!

Merry Glamness,


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Favorite Lush Products

It's a Lush Life!

I have recently this year become a huge fan of not only Lush Products (Fresh Handmade Beauty Products) but the Brand and what it stands for! Their beliefs, ethics and the work that they do to make the World a better place is just astounding! From trying to help the environment, to fighting against animal testing, to marching in peace rallies; they are in it to win it! They are a Brand I am proud to spend my money at!

I have now tried many of Lush's products but I am going to tell you about my Top 3 at the moment to celebrate my third Post in Merry Glamness in July....:)

Here is the Skinny on the Three Products from Lush:

RD's Argan Body Conditioner:

As you can see, I use it a lot! I can't get enough of it!


LUSH product inventor Rowena made this decadent, rose-scented shower ‘lotion'. She noticed how much she liked the sultry soft feeling hair conditioner gives her hair, so she thought how nice it would be if she could have the same feeling for the body too. With scoops of cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, almond oil and Argan oils, and the fragrant scent of fresh rose petals, this is the most luxurious body softener that ever was (if we don't say so ourselves!). After washing up, slather yourself all over with this new invention. Rinse, pat dry and revel in supremely soft, rose-scented skin.

I use this in the shower now everyday, I have become addicted to it. It makes your body feel so soft and  moisturized after using it. If I am using it at night, I wont even apply any moisturizer on after. I also love the fact that if I am in a hurry and use it during the day, I don't feel the dire need to apply a moisturizer after. It leaves you skin so incredibly soft that I could not believe it. I really think the Argan oil in it helps the skin remain incredibly soft, but not oily at all. I like to apply it at the end of my shower with the water not running on me and than lightly rinse it off. You don't need a lot, a little goes a long way. I cannot even begin to describe to you the smell of the product. It smells so GOOD! I have people stop me and say, you smell so good!

Bubbly Bum Lip Scrub:

Smells & Tastes Just Like Yummy Bubble Gum
but there are other flavors too!

Our sweetest confection exfoliates lips smooth, prepping them for your favorite lip color or balm. A blend of exfoliating Fair Trade sugar and moisturizing jojoba oil, this lip scrub is sure to leave your lips enticingly soft and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time! Scrub Bubblegum over your lips (be sure to lick off the excess) and then apply your favorite lip color for a flawless finish.

I use this in the morning when my lips are the most dry! I buff it into my lips with my finger and it leaves my lips not only looking and feeling soft and supple but tasting good too! 

Honey Trap Lip Balm

This Lip Balm Smells as Good as it Tastes! As you can see
I use it every morning!

Here's the low down on Lush's Lip Balms from Lush:

We've been making Lip Service for more than a decade, and it is still hugely popular because it not only softens lips, but heels, toes, cuticles and elbows too! Lip Service has a magical mixture of moisturizing olive oil, cocoa and shea butters, plus tangerine oil to tone. This balm makes light work of softening up dry lips, especially in the winter. One of our first ever formulas, Lip Service has stood the test of time and remains one of our most popular balms.

I have the Honey Trap Lip Balm, which have the yummiest Vanilla Honey Flavor.

Here's the low down on the Honey Trap Flavor from Lush:

Our product inventors worked hard in the labs, experimenting with all sorts of different flavors before they landed on this seductive honey lip balm. Honey Trap is filled with toning sweet orange and cooling peppermint to soothe dry, chapped lips. Rich honey moisturizes and melted white chocolate is part of that delectable flavor. After all that chocolate tasting and kissing we did in the name of innovation, we think Honey Trap can certainly be considered our most delicious lip balm to date. It's a hard life we have here at LUSH.

I use this Lip Balm every morning right after I use the Lip Scrub. I scoop a tiny bit out and massage it into my lips. I do not feel the need to use it again during the day it works so well. 

Final Thoughts:
I am so Happy that Lush came into my life. I had seen the store in Malls but for some reason (nothing specific) had never tried it out. Than earlier this year I popped into one and I was in heaven. Not only was it a lively fun place to be, but they let you try all the products and really pamper you. They have THE BEST customer service. So we have Amazing Products, A Company that does good for the World, and Superior Customer Service. I will leave it at that.

Merry Glamness,


Monday, July 1, 2013

NYX Illuminator


Welcome to the 2nd Post of "Glamness in July" where Sik's keeping you Glam. Today I am going to Post on NYX Illuminators. I probably have have too many illuminators to admit without being embarrassed! The truth is, if you know how to properly use a illuminator, than there can never be too many.

The NYX Illuminators

I have had some horror stories with illuminators along my journey with makeup. I will give you one short story with out saying the brand name. I was at the shops, browsing, carousing (just kidding) and popped up to a high end makeup counter where the nice saleslady asked me if I would like to try on their new illuminator. Well of course I did, illuminators are a must to me in my makeup regimen. Even if I am not wearing makeup, popping some on my cheekbones makes me feel and look better! Well I look in the mirror and I look like a disco ball! The problem was, that the illuminator had a sparkly glitter to it. I do not like illuminators with too much sparkly glitter in them. Illuminators are suppose to enhance your features and make you look radiant. Not like it's Halloween and your going as a Disco Ball. The worst part was, I had to walk around like that after, and I got some shocking looks!

Now I have tried and have most of the best illumintors out there. From powder forms to liquids to creams and I absolutely adore so many of them. So when I was browsing the NYX section and saw they had an illuminator, I got it because I am a big fan of NYX and I expected it to be good! Little did I know that it would soon replace my Chanel. So of course, I went back and got the other two shades.

So here is the Skinny on them from NYX:

Brighten up your skin with any of these Illuminators. The radiant shimmer diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding a subtle glow. Gleam through the day wearing any of the three Illuminators for a natural touch of radiance! Complements the structure of the face with a touch of luminosity.

Using a brush, swipe against areas of the face you'd like to highlight.

Here are the three Shades:

"Narcissistic" This of the three I think is the most Subtle.
I use this one as an everyday highlighter over any makeup look!

"Chaotic" This one has a Beautiful Blush Tone to it.
It's like a blush and an illuminator in one.
I love this for when I am in a hurry and it can do both jobs!

This is what the "Chaotic" Blush Tone Looks Like. I wish I had saved
my other boxes because it really shows the color well!

"Magnetic" This one is a Bronzing Illuminator. Which also makes
it fantastic for when you are in a hurry. It's also fabulous for using on
your decollete for warming up that area to match your face in the Summer!

I can't say enough of how much I love these. Not only do they leave the most beautiful radiant finish, but they last throughout the day. I love applying them right on my cheekbones. If I am using "Chaotic", I might apply it a tad more like a blush since it has a blush tone to it. If I am using "Magnetic", I will apply it more like a bronzer and add a little to the areas where the sun would hit!

Final Thoughts:
These illuminators are amazing for the price. They are the best that I have seen in their price range. I know that I will be buying them again. I actually picked up another one of them the other day since it was on sale. I absolutely love it when I find a product that works well and has a great price. I love it even more when it can compete with the high end ones. I hope you enjoyed the Second Post.

Merry Glamness,