Monday, September 23, 2013

Bed Bath and Way Beyond

BED BATH and WAY BEYOND................

I had not been into Bed Bath and Beyond for about 2-3 months. I had previously been visiting the store about 1-2 times a month because I was decorating my entire condo until my home is built. I had come to the point where I was all caught up with my decorating (for now) and was focusing on buying makeup, skincare and hair products these past few months for my blog. Due to the increase in makeup, skincare, etc., I was running out of space to store it. So I headed in to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy more storage drawers, some vanity trays and items to organize my makeup.

When I pulled up to my local Bed Bath and Beyond and saw a sign outside that said "World Market" I was instantly intrigued. I went in and immediately saw that the "World Market" consisted of Wine and Speciality Foods. I instantly thought this was an amazing move by BBB to attract traffic to the store. The aisles were so neat and organized with all the wine and speciality foods. All the wine and food was very unique and something that you would not find at your typical boring Grocery Store. I was impressed and will be definitely coming back to shop the "World Market", but I was there for storage and wanted to stick to what I came in for. So I moved on to the "Organization Section" and bought myself way more than just new stackable storage drawers and vanity trays. The haul did not stop there. I bought new hangers, K-Cups for my Keurig Vue, cleanser for my Vue, another shoe rack (how many must one have), and a rolling vanity tray for my extra bathroom toiletries. There is probably more, but this is all that comes to mind.

So I had everything that I needed and was ready to check out, but I always like to walk the long way around to see all the neat stuff that they have out! I ran into a radio for my shower (I have always wanted one) that you can connect via blue tooth to your phone, iPad, etc. and play all your music or even answer your phone in the shower! I always bring my phone into the bathroom to listen to music while I shower or bathe and I can't hear it in the shower! I really wanted to get it that day, but I am going to wait for another coupon to get it! Here is a link to the shower radio, so you can feel my excitement. I don't think this is the one that I wanted, I did not see it online. The one that I wanted was a bit more pricey, unless I am remembering it wrong from all the excitement.

So after I stared at this shower radio for a good ten minutes, I was going to make my way out of the store when suddenly.... it was like the the skies parted and the angles started to sing. There it was right in front of me, a whole enormous section of Makeup, Skincare, Hair Products, Nail Products, and every toiletry you could think of. I stood there in aw for ten minutes just taking it all in, people might have thought I was nuts, because my jaw literally dropped and I couldn't move. All I could get out of my mouth was "when, when did this happen"!! So after I took in all in and slapped my self back into reality, I started walking up and down the aisles to make some purchases. They had everything that you would find at the drugstore plus upscale high end products that you can't even find at Target. The most important part here is, still at "Lower Prices"!! I started in the makeup section and bought some makeup! I could not believe the prices, plus the fact that I could use my BB&B coupons on these items. I than checked out and asked the clerk "how long have you had makeup and toiletries", she said around 3 months. So that made perfect sense as to why I had no idea this had happened! I also found out that this section is technically called "Harmon" (subsidiary of BB&B) and they also carry an in-store brand called Face Values. I bought and tried out the Face Values Foaming Hand Soap and it was the most creamy yet still foaming hand soap I had ever experienced in my life. I will never go back to another Foaming Hand Wash!

The story doesn't end here. After I got home and put away my new makeup storage and makeup, I realized I needed even more storage! So I decided to hit up another BB&B close to me, for fun and to see if it would be any different. This one did not have the "World Market", I was told after inquiring that only some stores at this point have them. The most importantly factor here, is that it did have the "Harmon" section and all the makeup, skincare, hair and nail products you could dream of. This time I noticed a few more things while I was there. I am not sure if it was become I was not as excited and could pay more attention or because this store's "Harmon" section was a tiny bit bigger. I noticed that they also have an entire row of hair brushes and tools. This section had hair dryers, straightens, and curlers galore. I honestly had to hold back tears when I saw that they had the brand Babyliss. I was going to get the Babyliss hair waving wand, but I did not see it there. They also had a whole aisle of natural organic products and even a section of products just from France. They also have tons of household items from paper towel to deodorant to toothbrushes and razors. They have it all!!

Here are a few photos at the last store that I visited, but they are from my phone so I apologize for the quality. 

Brush Section: Divided by Brush Type!
Hair Tools Aisle: Babyliss!!
Skincare with Featured Items!
High End Products at Amazing Prices!
Natural Face, Body and Hair Care!
Ode to France!!
Makeup Brushes, Tools and Supplies!
They even have Real Techniques Brushes!

Nail Polish Galore!!

Now on to what I bought, I am going to show you pictures but I will go into more detail on separate posts after I have a chance to do a fair review.

Eyes: New Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess,
Limited Edition Loreal Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner Denim Shades in "Navy"
Real techniques Lash-Brow Groomer

Lips "LOREAL LeMatte & LaLaque Lipcolours
MOODmatcher Twist Stick in "Shell Pink"

Made in France Section: Pre de Provence Luxe Butter Body Cream in "Lavender"
Pre de Provence Pure Vegetable Soap in "Sunflowers"
COVERGIRL: Get the District Looks
"The Hunger Games" Catching Fire Collection

I Love..."Coconut & Cream" Super Soft Hand Lotion
Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush
Final Thoughts:

I believe I have found my new Favorite Beauty Destination. I have loved Bed Bath & Beyond for many many years and now I love them even more. I love that they are not only diversifying their stores, but they are bringing in Quality Products at Great Prices. Any beauty blogger knows when a store has the goods and they have the goods! I can't wait to finish organizing my vanity with my new organization drawers and trays that I bought there and share it with you. I also got new vanity accessories from BBB that are going to make it look amazing. That post should be up soon. I hope you enjoyed this post, but what I really hope is that there is a Bed Bath and Beyond near you so you can experience what I have!


Sik Glam

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This or That Tag!

This or That Tag!

My girl The Makeup Squid  @ tagged me! She has a fantastic Blog and also a Fabulous YouTube Channel. I love watching her videos, she seems like such a Natural and So Real!

On to the Tag:


1. Blush or Bronzer- Bronzer (Not even a competition) You can always add life to you face, contour, and bronze with bronzer. Blush is just blush!!
2. Lip Gloss or Lip Stick- This is hard because I tend to wear more Lipstick in the F/W and Glosses in the S/S. If I had to pick, I would have to pick Gloss!
3. Eyeliner or Mascara- Mascara, I think Mascara is one of Makeup's Greatest Inventions! I even wear it on my light/no makeup days to look more awake.
4. Foundation or Concealer- Concealer because you can turn concealer into a foundation...;)
5. Natural or Colored Eye Shadow- Natural but I would miss my colors!
6. Pressed or Loose Eye Shadow- Pressed! Loose is fun, but I wouldn't miss it!
7. Brush or Sponge- Brushes! I only use a Sponge to set my concealer!


1. Opi or China Glaze- OPI! I don't even know if I have used the other!
2. Long or Short- Short!
3. Acrylic or Natural- Natural. I had acrylic back in the day and it tore my nails apart.
4. Bright or Dark- Dark. I do like a bright once in a while.
5. Flower or No Flower- No Flower! I love nail art but I am not down with the flower, unless it is done right!


1. Perfume or Body Splash- Neither, they both give me Migraines. I have to use a scented body lotion. I can get away with some Body Splashes, but not many!
2. Lotion or Body Butter- Lotion because it is faster, but I do love a rich body butter in the winter!
3. Body Wash or Soap- Soap and only White Antibacterial Dial! Its the most effective antibacterial one on the market!
4. Lush or other- Lush! The store too!


Love fashion, my favorite designer at the moment: Alexander McQueen is my Favorite Design House.
1. Jeans or Sweat Pants - Leggings, I may have over a hundred pairs in every design, color, and texture you could imagine! Once you go Leggings, You can Never go Back!
2. Long sleeves or short sleeve?  Long because I like F/W Fashion Better!
3. Dress or Skirt?  Dress because it is a Whole Outfit in one!
4. Scarves or Hat- Scarves! You can always rap one around your head in a Blizzard Suddenly Occurs!
5. Studs or dangling earrings- Studs!
6. Necklace or bracelet- Necklace. I wear a good luck necklace everyday of my life with a cross and a very special ring on it.
7. Heels or flats-  Flats unless it is a Chunky Heal or Comfortable Wedge.
8. Cowboy boots or riding boots - Uhhhhhh Riding...;)
9. Jackets or Hoodies - This one is Hard. I love me a hoodie but I also love dressing down (Tee and Leggings) and wearing a "To-Die-For Coat" over it and making it my outfit!
10. Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe - Forever 21by Far!!


1. Curly or Straight- Straight or Blown Straight with big Bouncy Curls!
2. Bun or Ponytail - Bun. My go to third day (Don't have time to wash my hair) look!
3. Bobby pin or butterfly clips - Bobby Pins and they must be Japanese!
4. Hairspray or gel - Hairspray!
5. Long or short- Looooooooooooong!
6. Dark or light- Dark!
7. Side swept bangs or fully bangs - Side Swept if I had them!!
8. Up or down- Down!


1. Rain or shine- Shine. I would rather it snow than rain. I hate rain!
2. Summer or winter- Summer!
3. Fall or spring- Fall!
4. Chocolate or Vanilla- Vanilla! Never really got into Chocolate. I know weird!

The Beauties I tag are: Drum Roll Please.....

Elizabeth @

I apologize if you have already been tagged!


Sik Glam

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bake In Body Moisture at Home

Bake in Body Moisture with a Relaxing at Home Spa Body Treatment!

I wanted to share with you a luxurious way to pamper yourself at home. I learned this little trick at a Spa once while I was in between treatments. I had just had a massage and had an hour till my next treatment, I felt all oily from the massage and wanted to shower off before my next treatment. The Masseuse stopped me, told me to put on my spa robe, lay back and let the oils seep into my body. I was so glad that I did because while I laid there, the oil quickly dried and my skin became so soft and moisturized. Not only is this something that you can do at home that is relaxing, but is very good for you skin, and easy to do. I will tell you how I like to do it.

  • I like to take a long relaxing bath or shower (your skin takes it moisture best right after). 
  • Apply the oil all over my body.
  • Put on a fluffy long cotton robe. 
  • Lay back and let the oil bake into my skin for about a half hour to an hour.

Victoria Secret Plush Robe from Winter 2012
Perfect for the Treatment

Here are my Three Favorite Products that I use at home for this treatment:

CVS Cocoa Butter Body Oil
This is my favorite oil to use for this treatment at home. It smells so good and leaves my skin so moisturized! This product is rich in essential oils that are known to lock in moisture and boost you skin's moisture barrier.

This Oil does not leave my skin as oily as the first. I use this one when I don't have as much time to let my skin bake in the oil and need it to dry faster. This Oil has many benefits besides just moisturizing which I love. It is also recommended for scars, stretch marks, uneven tone, aging and dehydrated skin. It is formulated for use on both the face and body. I have only tried in on my body.

Forrest Essentials - Luxurious Ayurveda
Bath and Shower Oil "Madurai Jasmine @ Mogra"

I got this Shower/Bath oil when I had a subscription with Glossybox and it is one of the only products during the time that I was a member that I would repurchase. This one is perfect for when you take a bath because you can just add two capfuls to the running bath and soak in it while the oils seal in moisture. You come out of the bath feeling so moisturized that there is no need for any additional moisturizing. You can just pat dry and immediately put you robe on and relax.

Final Thoughts:
I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you try it out. I would definitely do it in the evening so that you have the time to put on your robe and just lay back and relax. I also love to make it even more spa like and put on some relaxing music and even some soothing eye gel pads and just fall asleep. I really want you to try this, so if you do let me know.


Sik Glam

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Been Beauty Blog Tagged for the First Time

This Tag was created by The Beau Bow!

This is my First Beauty Blog Tag that I have done and I am so Excited

I was tagged by New Friend Liz
(Thank You Kindly!!!!).

Rules for the Beauty Blogger Tag:

* State that this tag was created by The Beau Bow
* Tag some more beauty bloggers
* Title this as I've done to show what the tag is about
This tag was created by The Beau Bow!

1. Name a beauty routine you rarely do.
  • This is a hard one because I honestly do a lot of beauty steps in my routine. I honestly take my skin care very seriously!  I guess one beauty routine that I rarely do is shave. Now don't get the wrong idea! I don't have much hair on my body, so I don't have to do it often. I guess I got lucky, because I see so many products on the market for hair removal; whether it be shaving, laser or waxing. Obviously I know it must be a big part of many women's beauty routines, because their are so many products for it. I tried to think of something better for this, but I honestly do a lot in my morning and night skincare routine. So I was trying to think of something for my body and this was all I could think of. I even do a lot of body pampering, because that needs it too!

2. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?
  • Yes!! I wash my brushes about once a week, every 2 weeks if I am unable too. I thought buying a lot of brushes would help me not have to wash them so often, but I tend to use the same ones so it didn't. So I still end up having to wash them.

3. How long will you last with chipped nail varnish?
  • I always say, "You can look at my nails and not have to ask me, How are you?" If they are perfectly manicured, than I am doing good, well rested and my life is in control. If they are all chipped, my life is chaotic and I am very busy. If they just have a clear growth coat on them, than I am just chilling and coasting.

4. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail polish product even if you need it (i.e. - top coat, foundation, etc.)?
  • It depends on what it is. If it's my favorite foundation, than I could go weeks using it's "Runner Ups", before I finally went and bought it. My face cream, I would buy once I saw I had about a week's worth left.

5. What is your worst beauty habit?

  • Remembering to take my hair vitamins and to use my eyelash serum at night. I am trying to get better at this by leaving my vitamins on my nightstand and putting my eyelash serum right next to my night eye cream.

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off all the time.
  • Organizing! I am the most Unorganized/Organized Person you will ever meet. You would have to see where I lived to understand. One room will be so organized, that I have broken out my Label Maker to Label My TP Than the next room will look like a tornado hit it. I guess it comes down to having the time and energy to do it all.

7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not?
  • It depends of where I am going. I usually know where I am going, so I will figure out how much time I will need to get ready and than I start an hour earlier because somehow I am always running late.

8. Can you commit to spending bans?

  • I could never commit, but I could probably make it a week. I am an economist so I try to spend my money wisely and make sure than my Credits are always Exceeding my Debits!

9. How organized is your makeup and nail polish collections?
  • It could be better. I basically have a drawer with long narrow vertical containers in it that I stick my polishes in. I keep my nail tools in there too. I have really gotten into doing my own nails this past year so my collection is growing, so I will soon have to upgrade how I organize my nail products.

10. What is the longest time you've gone without writing a blog post?
  • Hmmmm, I think I have gone over two weeks.

So I answered all the questions and I hope they were interesting..;) Thanks again Liz at for tagging me!! It was Great to be Tagged...:)

The Lucky Ladies I am tagging are:
20/30 Glam @
Cynthia @
Beauty4Free2U @

I apologize it you were already tagged. I am new to the "Tagging World".....:)


Sik Glam

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Leap into Fall with some Leopard Fashion

Leap into Fall with some Leopard...

Henri Bendel 

I wanted to do my first Fall Fashion post today and was pondering what to do it on. I had bought a few items recently that I could of used, but I decided to save them for an #OOTD post. I decided to pick something out from my wardrobe that is timeless, chic, and in a print that every woman should own at least one fashion item in. I picked my Henri Bendel Leopard Bag. I apologize that I don't remember the exact Clever Name that they had for it when I purchased it, but it was two winters ago. It is still in excellent condition, since I probably have used it maybe a handful of times.

I remember the year I bought it, Leopard was hotter than ever, I had always been a fan of the leopard print so it just made it more exciting to me. Knowing that a touch of leopard to an outfit never really goes out of style, I knew that this handbag was defiantly one to add to my collection. A handbag that I would cherish, take care of and hopefully hand down one day to my daughter that I hope to have.

Here are a few more Pictures of it:

Love The Gold Hardware!

Henri Bendel Bags always have the cutest little details!

Love the Purple Inside with the Pockets
and the Detachable Pocket Mirror!

Final Thoughts:

I am so glad that I pulled this purse out from my collection because I can't wait to use it this Fall. I am sorry that it is not a brand new bag that is still available, but I thought it was still a bag worth sharing. I have become so after excited reading the Fall and Winter Trend Reports and seeing that Leopard is making a come back (did it really ever go away). Although, I definitely think it is a print that should be used as a statement piece and I would not recommend wearing leopard Head to Toe. If you see me do this, ask me if I am ok??!! I have leopard jackets, scarves. gloves, tops. etc., but I would never wear more than one or two pieces at a time. I hope you enjoyed this post and that it got you excited for the Fall and maybe for some Leopard! I also wanted to add that I absolutely adore Henri Bendel as I have posted on their handbags and jewelry before. I think they make absolutely stunning and clever pieces! I believe the price is just right for the quality!  I am not going to say that they are inexpensive, but they are no where near the price of a LV bag and I would definitely say that they can hold their own!!


Sik Glam

Friday, September 13, 2013

Giorgio Armani Beauty the First CC Lipstick

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy - The First "CC" Lipstick

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy CC Lipstick

Welcome to the Second Installment of Luxury Friday this September. This Friday will be on a Very New and Unique lipstick. I had received an email from Armani Beauty about the lipstick's launch and was instantly intrigued. It is the first "CC" lipstick! I had never heard of a Color and Care lipstick and I thought the idea sounded genius. There's nothing I love more than having skincare benefits built in to my makeup. Not only will you be wearing the lipstick but you will be taking care of you lips at the same time.

The Packaging is very Luxurious!
The Top Snaps and Stays On with Magnetic Power!

Here is the Skinny of the "CC" Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick from Giorgio Armani Beauty:

With Rouge Ecstasy, the Giorgio Armani laboratories push the boundaries of the exceptional even further with the first “CC” lipstick. “Color & Care” – new innovative hybrid product that marks the start of a new era in lipstick.
Care: Rouge Ecstasy offers the comfort and softness of a lip balm, leaving lips repaired and beautifully enhanced day after day.
Color: This velvety soft, everyday lipstick coats the lips in saturated, ultra-luminous shades with impeccable hold. Application is simple, precise and effective.

I have been wearing my new Armani Beauty "CC" lipstick nonstop for three days now and I absolutely adore it! It is very moisturizing and rich with lip color. There is something special about knowing that the lipstick is helping to repair any damage to my lips, that makes me want to grab for it more. I chose to get the color "Skin 104", because it is a slightly pink nude shade and I knew I would be wearing it a lot because of it's benefits. I wanted the color to be versatile and to be able to wear it with a very made up make up look or simply with no makeup at all. The color I chose will be just perfect when I want to wear a dramatic eye and have a nude lip or for when I just want to enhance my lips with a beautiful nude shade. I will probably go back for another color that has more pop to it, once I use this one longer and see more results.

Swatched: "Skin 104" 

Final Thoughts:

I know that this lipstick is on the pricey side ($34) but I look at my lips how I look at my skin, as an asset and I want to protect them. Your lips like your skin age and I want to keep mine looking young and beautiful for as long as I can. I always use a special lip balm during my morning and night skin care routine, so why wouldn't I want a lipstick that it going to help repair my lips and give me color at the same time. Here is a link to the Giorgio Armani Beauty Site where you can see the full range of colors. I hoped you enjoyed this post and remember to always take care of your lips...:)


Sik Glam

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Red, White, and Blue Product!

A Product that is Red, White and Blue...

In honor of Today being 9/11...I thought I would do a short post on something Red, White, and Blue to honor those lost and those who so heroically helped that day. I really didn't feel right posting today for some reason, so I am going to keep my descriptions short. I also picked American Based Companies, that I am proud of and will leave a link too.

SmashBox Lip Brush No 6:

SmashBox Lip Brush #6
I bought this brush a couple of years ago and it still works great. I usually don't use a lip brush to be honest unless I am mixing two lip shades together, I want to blend my lipstick into my liner or I want a very precise look. I don't see this Brush on on SmashBox's website anymore, although I see is on Amazon. It has held up very well for many years. Here is the link to SmashBox's Website:

Jessie Steele Coupon Keeper:

Inside of the Coupon Keeper. The Pen did not come with it!
I bought this coupon keeper recently because I got so tired of being out shopping, getting to the register and realizing I had a coupon at home for the product that I was buying. Sure I use my smart phone now for a lot of coupons that are your standard "20% off your purchase at a certain store", but this one is more for those more specific coupons like "$1.00 off Colgate Toothpaste". It also has a note pad inside which I like for making shopping lists. I used to make them on my phone, but that led to me forgetting my phone on way too many store shelves. Luckily I never lost it! Here is a link to their website:

Le Metier De Beaute - True Color Eye Shadow in Midnight Sky:

Love This Brand!

Swatched: It is Truly a Midnight Blue.
I love LMB eyeshadows. I am not going to go into to much description on them, because there is something really cool that you can do with them that I am saving for an up and coming post! Here is a link to their website:

Final Thoughts:
I hoped that you enjoyed my little tribute post. I am so proud and blessed to be an American! I am going to leave it at that!


Sik Glam

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bumble and Bumble Styling and Hair Spray

Bumble and Bumble Hairsprays

I have been using Bumble and Bumble Hair Products for many years. I would have to say that their hairsprays are truly my favorite. When I find a hair product that works for me, I stick with it. Sure I like to try out new stuff now and than, but I have not found a hairspray that works as well for my hair as Bumble and Bumble. If you are wondering, I have fine to normal hair.

Here is the Skinny on the two that I use from Bb:

Bb Does it All - Styling Spray
The ultimate session working spray - it gives light hold and subtle degrees of control, plus it helps hair respond to heat tools and gives grip for easier styling.
Who: Anyone (everyone who's anyone - it's a backstage darling of the pros).
When: Anytime; after Prep or Tonic Lotion, during styling - layer it on - it's nearly impossible to use too much.
How: Hold about 10 inches away from hair and spray in fluid, even strokes; when using with heat tools, separate hair into sections and mist each just prior to contact; to finish, apply evenly to dry and styled hair and build as many layers as you need.

Bb "Does it All" Styling Spray in the 4 oz Travel Size!

I have used this one the longest and it is by far my most favorite. I love to use this before, during and after I have curled my hair for loose soft curls. I also love to use it after I blowout my hair, to help set the blow out without weighing it down. I really love to use it anytime! I love it so much that I only buy it in the smaller 4 oz size so that I can easily throw it in my hand bag or for traveling.

Bb Spray de Mode  - Hairspray

A multi-dimensional styling tool with flexible hold, workability, exceptional memory and can take heat and repeated brushing - on supermodels and non-supermodels alike.
Who: Anyone.
When: Excellent while styling dry hair with heat tools or as a flexible finishing spray.
How: Hold about 10 inches away from hair and spray in fluid, even strokes; when using heat tools, separate hair into sections and mist each just prior to contact; to finish apply evenly to dry and styled hair.

Bb "Spray de Mode" 10oz Hairspray!
I use this hairspray when I want just a bit more of an extra hold, because honestly I find the styling spray does a great job. I mostly use it when I am going out and want to make sure my hair will be set for the day/night. I love it because it works so well, but still has a very flexible hold. That is what I love most about it! I cannot stand hairsprays that do a great job holding your style, but leave you with that awful stiff hair feeling. This hairspray is just perfect! It holds the style that you have created, but still can even be brushed though to be restyled. I have done an hairstyle, changed my mind, brushed through it and it was good to go! I also want to mention that this hairspray does not leave flakes. I have noticed with a lot of hairsprays (even high end ones) that they leave like these flakes in my hair, and Bb never does. 

Final Thoughts:

Obviously, I love these hairsprays or I would not have been using them for so many years. I have tried many other hairspray in my time but I kept coming back to Bb, so now I just stick with it. I hope this post helped anyone curious about the line or searching for a new hairspray to try. I love it. I also wanted to say that I am sensitive to smells and neither bother me all! I also use a few other styling products from then, I am sure I will post on them one day soon. If you want to check out the full line of products, here is a link to the site.


Sik Glam

Monday, September 9, 2013

NYX has Landed at Target

NYX Lands at Target

I am sure if you follow my Blog, it is no big surprise that I am a huge fan of NYX. There are so many reasons why but I will give you the main ones. The make great quality makeup at a great price and they do really unique makeup. Most makeup brands that I find around that price, don't really ever have uniquely named eyeshadow palettes or lip glosses and have the clever cute packaging! So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that they were now available at Target. Sure, I can buy NYX at another beauty store near me, but there was something very special to me that it was going to be at Target. I guess what it came down to was this, I love Target and I go there for a variety of items because it is so convenient. So now I could go to Target and get a cute top, buy some fresh berries and hit up NYX in the beauty aisle on my way out! So I went to NYX's website to see which Target around me had it in stock and I planned on going that weekend. I was so excited, that I actually wore all NYX makeup when I went. Yes, I get way into makeup!!

So, I headed out that weekend and couldn't believe that I could drive five minutes to my destination and literally had to sit in the car and take it all in! I went it and went straight to the NYX display. I took some pictures, but they were from my phone so they are not of the best quality. The display was all lit up like a Christmas tree. I has made a list because I knew I was going to be so excited and forget what I wanted to get from all the excitement. I made a list prior to leaving because they were certain things I wanted from NYX (or had not tried from NYX) and did not want to get caught up in my excitement and forget. I will tell you one thing, I should get a Thank You from NYX because in the around 15-20 minutes that I stood there picking out my items, I talked to about 3 different people who knew nothing of the line and helped sell many items...;)

The NYX Display...:)

So here is what I got:

NYX Eye Shadows:

Love in Paris 12 "Mon Cherie" and
Love in Rio 10 "Escape with Rico" 
I love these two Palettes. There are many to pick from in each line. I picked the Love in Paris one because it seemed to have all my favorite fall colors. I picked the Love in Rio because it had all these beautiful brown tones that will be perfect for day and night!

NYX Butter Gloss:

BLG 02 "Eclair"
This gloss is so buttery soft and true to color. I had not tried NYX's Butter Gloss yet and it lived up to my expectations. It is very creamy and soft, like butter!!

NYX Doll Eye Mascara (Long Lash) in Extreme Jet Black
NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer in Beige 
NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown

All Three of the Eye Products

Swatched: Concealer in Beige, Butter Gloss in Eclair,
Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown

I absolutely adore the mascara and how black it is. It gives you a very separated doll eyed lash look. The brush head is very easy to use and has an hourglass shape to it that makes it very user friendly. It has not clumped on me.

I am very happy that I purchased the concealer, because I had not tried a concealer by NYX. I got this one because I thought it would be perfect for spot concealing. I thought the shape of the product would be perfect for touch ups and for on the go. I love how soft and creamy it is. So if you are touching up something, it won't dry it out and just draw more attention to it.

I can't say how well I like the eyebrow pencil because I had to remove it right away. It was way to light for me. I have medium brown hair so I bought medium brown thinking it would be the right color, but I would of needed the dark brown.

I also got a really cool NYX Eye Liner and and a Jumbo Eye Pencil that I forgot to include so I will do a separate post on both!

Final Thoughts:

I am so excited that NYX is now available at Target. I love the Brand and I love the Store, what more could a girl ask for.


Sik Glam

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser - Gentle for Face and Eyes

I fell in love with a face cleanser! I have to say that I have tried many face cleansers (too many to count), mostly because I test out a lot to blog on and I have really never found one that I was like "ok this is it"! The closest I ever came to finding "the one" was Philosophy's Purity Face Wash. Which don't get me wrong, I still love, but I love this one more! I had sampled it months back for a couple of weeks and had it on my "to buy" list when my Philosophy ran out. I knew it was going to cost me more, but I look at my skin care as an investment and I am willing to pay extra, if I truly think it is worth it.

So here is the Skinny on Fresh Soy Face Wash from Sephora:

What it is:
A multitasking gel that gently removes impurities and makeup.
What it is formulated to do:
The Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh instantly whisks away everyday impurities and makeup—even mascara—without stripping the skin of essential moisture. Rich in amino acids, soy proteins support moisture retention, giving skin the appearance of elasticity and firmness. Rosewater balances and tones the skin. Calming cucumber extract and nourishing borage seed oil enrich the formula, which is Fragrance-free and soap-free.
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Sulfates
- Phthalates
What else you need to know:
This product is extra gentle and ideal for all skin types. "In the early nineties, there was a buzz about the health benefits of soy, but no one was exploring its effects on the skin. We found that it is highly rich in amino acids, which help with cell turnover and introduced soy to the beauty market in 1999." —Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, Fresh Founders.

So I have become hooked on this face wash, I use it everyday! Before when I was using Purity, I would still find myself grabbing for my other face washes because I just wanted to use them up. I can't go a day without using my Fresh! It leaves my face not only completely clean but very soft and fresh feeling. Usually after I wash my face, I can't wait to put on my serums and moisturizers to get back that soft and supple feeling. With this cleanser, I noticed I didn't grab for for my products right away to get back that feeling. I think the reason has to be that it doesn't strip my skin of it's own moisture and just leaves it feeling Baby Soft. I love how well it cleans my face and that it is compatible with my Clarisonic. My most favorite fact about it has to be that it cleans both your face and your eyes.

This Cleanser works so well with a Clarisonic!

Once again, I will say that this cleanser is on the pricey side ($15.00 for 1.7oz) but I believe that it worth it. You also do not need much at all, so it will last a long time! I use about a large pea size, and it does my entire face and neck. It comes out it a clear gel like form but once you start to massage it in, it starts to turn white and a bit frothy. I just ordered more (because my tube is getting low) in a larger size, since it was more economical because you got more bang for your buck! It also came with a free small Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant, so I can't wait to try that out! I know that some people might read this and think I would never pay that for a face wash, but I look at my skincare products as investments! Your makeup is only going to look as good on, as your skin is looking. Sure there are tips and tricks to make your makeup look better, but I want it to be my skin that makes my face and makeup look so good! I take such good care of my face, that I can honestly say it is one of the reasons that I can wear so many different brands of makeup without any problems. It is like painting on a canvas, if you buy the cheap rough canvas to paint on, the painting is not going to turn out so good. It might look ok from a far, but if you pay a little more for the nicer smooth canvas, the painting is going to be so much prettier! As I always say, "Invest in Skincare, Color you can get Anywhere" SG.

This is about all you need for an Entire Face!

Final Thoughts:

I love this face cleanser and I really can't get enough of it. My most favorite part about it, is that you can use it both on your face and eyes. I can't tell you how many face washes that I have tried out that claimed to be for both, that just either left me still scrubbing my eyes after to get the eye makeup off or left my eyes so badly irritated that I never used it again. I have sensitive eyes for many reasons (allergies, sinus issues, sensitivity to certain ingredients, etc.) and I am so happy to have finally found a two in one (face and eyes) face wash that really does what it says and DOES NOT leave me irritated! So really Thank You Fresh! I am going to leave it at that!


Sik Glam

Friday, September 6, 2013

La Mer The Treatment Lotion

La Mer The Treatment Lotion
Luxury Friday

I have decided to try a new thing, every Friday (at least for September) I am going to post on something Luxurious. Now it could be makeup, skincare, or fashion. Now I know everything is relative so what may be Luxurious to me, may not be to you and vise versa, but I still hope you enjoy it.

My first luxury post is on the Brand New Product form La Mer called the Treatment Lotion! I am not sure if they even have it in the stores yet. I only got this two days ago! I normally would not Blog on something that quickly without giving it some time to really review it, especially when we are talking about something in this price range. It was $125.00, but you have to remember it is going to last me probably a year. I feel confidant posting this quickly on this product due to the results I have already experienced from using it and the fact that I have used this line for almost ten years. I feel very confidant on posting on it, after only using it for two days.

So here is the Skinny on it from La Mer:

The new Treatment Lotion is a miraculous source of vitality, the essential first step toward transformation. Like "liquid energy", this rich and silky hydrator visibly awakens the complexion and drives moisture deep into the skin to improve texture and even tone. Skin is perfectly prepared to receive the full benefit of the La Mer regimen that follows. After cleansing, sprinkle a small amount onto fingertips or saturate a cotton pad. Press into skin. Follow with your La Mer regimen.

I have been using La Mer for almost a decade and I would put my life on it that is why my skin look so good. Yes I know that it is expensive and believe me I have tried and tried and tried to find substitutes that cost less. In my quests to find brands that cost less, I probably could have bought my next 5 years of Lamer. I would say at around five years in to using it, I gave up on trying to find a substitute and just said "it is worth the money, stop wasting your money trying to find something less". So I put away a certain amount a week so I can afford it, it's like my little La Mer Fund.

Now I have only been using the Treatment Lotion for 2 days and I love it. I unscrew the bottle and sprinkle a few drops into my hands and press it into my skin. I can honestly say the second day I used it, I put it on and went and ate dinner. I than went to go bed and thought "I forgot to put on my night creme", so I got up and went to my vanity to put on my night creme. I looked into the mirror and thought "wow my skin looks good" and I had to sit there and think for a moment "what had I been doing differently". I remembered shortly and was impressed! My skin just looked so fresh, vibrant and young looking. It almost seemed as if I didn't even need to put on any night creme.

The top screws off and you just tap a few drops into your hands
and press into your skin!

After I use the Treatment Lotion, I than follow with my Creme de La Mer if it's the day. At night, I do use a different brand on certain nights because I like to use retinol. I do like the night creme that I use with the retinol in it, but I can only use it twice a week or I get too dry. La Mer does make many anti aging treatments and serums but not a night creme. Although, the Creme has many anti aging properties in it and could be considered a night creme. I honestly will say my skin looks this good because of La Mer! Whenever I go off it to test other anti aging skin care (that might be great and work well), my skin just still isn't the same. It just craves it! Not that sometimes what I am testing out isn't great, I just know nothing will ever beat Creme de La Mer. Now the serums and eye creams, that can be debating at a later date.

Final Thoughts:

I hope you enjoyed my first installment of Luxury Friday. I thought it was a good day to pick since it is pay day, not that I want to be an enabler...;) If you are new to La Mer, I would Highly suggest starting off with the Creme de La Mer Cream first. It is by far my most favorite of the brand and the favorite of many many women around the world. I have to say the only thing that bothers me about Creme de La Mer is that they keep upping the price of the Cream. I have been buying it for almost a decade so I would know. Now if they were redoing the formula (which I don't want them too, it's perfect) I would understand. They up the price and give no reason and I would like one! If the keep it up, I might be forced to find a new creme....:( I will keep you posted with my thoughts on this new Treatment Lotion, but I have a feeling they will be good. I will leave you with a little story of behind the brand.


Sik Glam

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Brush Guard

The Brush Guard

I think as we all know makeup brushes are expensive and I look at them as an investment. Yes, you can find some that are not and get lucky but I have found that hard to do. I have found a few inexpensive ones that I would repurchase, but none to write home about. I might have a foundation brush that I got from Target that was under 10 dollars or a crease brush from a line that they carry at Kohl's, but I have never found a decent brand in the "inexpensive range".  My makeup brush collection (one day I will do a post on because it is quite extensive) is made up of a lot of different brands for many different reasons. The main reason being that I can't find one certain brand that I like that I can find each and every brush that I need from in it. I would have to say that my favorite brush line so far would have to be by Hakuhodo but I only have 3 because they are expensive! Most of my the rest of my collection is mainly MAC, Japonesque and the rest is completely random. I hope one day to build a collection by one brand that I find and love, but that will be a slow process.

So I was at the store one day (WalMart) and I was just skimming the beauty section (as usual) and I saw these Brush Guards and I thought what a clever idea. This was nearly three months ago, and I really cannot believe it has taken me this long to actually try them out. I think the real reason is that by the time I am done cleaning my brushes, I just wanna be done and lay them down to dry. I knew when I first used the Guards that I would want to blog on them, so a lot more would be involved (taking pictures, testing, writing up the blog, etc.) so I put it off. So last night I had accumulate enough brushes where I was running out of clean ones and I thought, let's test them out!

So on to The Brush Guard:

They are like these plastic sleeves that are ventilated that you slip on your brushes (always from the handle up towards the bristles) to help the bristles keep and regain their shape while drying.

How they look unused.

The other Benefits of the Brush Guard are as follows:

  • Clean Brushes + Clean Makeup = Beautiful Skin!
  • Brushes Last Longer
  • Bristles Dry Soft and in Perfect Shape
  • Delicate Bristles Stay Safe
  • Make-up is Clean and Fresh
  • Brushes Pack Safely For Travel and Storage

So I decided to finally put these guards to the test and wash my brushes and see if they came out any different from usual. I washed 2 sets of two exact brushes (one with the guard on and one without) to see if their would be any real difference. The brushes I picked for this comparison were perfect because they were about the same age (around a year) and ones that I use all the time. Since the pack came with 6 guards the comparison test took up 2 of them. The two that I compared were the MAC 239 and the MAC 217. With the remaining four guards I used them on my MAC 129 that I use every day for face contouring, my Real Techniques Buffing Brush that I use to buff my foundation in, my MAC 286 Pro Brush which I use for more precise eye contouring and lastly I picked my Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush that I still use to set my foundation with powder. I picked the last one because I wanted a really old one to see how the well the Guard would work on a brush that was at least 2-3+ years old.

The Brushes I cleaned drying with the guards on
 with the 2 MAC Exact Comparisons!

How the Brush Guard Looks on!
Front View! You can see how it keeps the Bristles
together while drying!

Here are the Results:

The Real Techniques Buffing Brush, MAC 129,
Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush 

I could not believe how much newer they looked. The bristles were all together once I pulled off the guard (this time over the bristles) and it has been hours and they still look the same.

Comparison MAC 239 & MAC 217

I could not believe how much more together the bristles were on the brushes that dried with the guards on. They are the brushes in the picture to the Right of the brush that did not have a guard! My MAC 217 literally looks like the day I bought it. I was the most happy about this one because I can't stand when you are contouring in your crease with a brush thats bristles are going each and every way. You get such a more precise eye makeup look when the bristles are together!


I really picked this one to do because it is quite new (July) and I want to keep it in good condition because it is one of my most favorite MAC brushes that I own.

Final Thoughts:

These Brush Guards are Fabulous. Each and every single time I wash my brushes and than go to gather than up after they dry I think "why can't they keep their shape". I was seriously considering buying new MAC 217's because I could not stand how they were becoming. I am now going to try to preserve them as long as I can by using my brush guards. I might have to buy one more pack because it only came with 6 and I usually let about 10-15 stack up before I wash them. I hope this post helped anyone out there with the same issue. Also, keep in mind they can be used for storage, sanitation, and for travel. I just might keep them on my clean brushes to double the power of them keeping their shape. There are so many benefits to them, I am so happy I finally pulled them out and used them.


Sik Glam