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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects

Olay Fresh Effects

It's so Fresh and so Clean....

The Three Wonder I Got!

I could not resist the ads for the Olay Fresh Effects Products when I saw them. I loved the notion of a product line that would leave you skin feeling deeply clean, hydrated and beautifully Fresh 24/7. I mean who doesn't want that??!!  I bought three items from the line which were the Shine Minimizing Cleanser, the Satin Finish Lotion and the Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer.

Here is the Skinny on All Three of Them from Olay and what I thought:

Shine Shine Go Away
Shine Minimizing Cleanser:

Nothing says refreshment like a deep down to the pores clean. This cleanser has the purifying power of a mask, but lathers like a daily cleanser to remover twice the dirt, oil and makeup than basic cleansing.

Add this cleanser to your morning regimen for a fresh and deep clean:

Removes 2x more dirt, oil and makeup vs. basic cleansing.
Kaolin clay lifts away impurities and helps minimize shine.
Deep cleansing action for a fresher feel.

Such a nice texture and smooth on the face!

It literally feels somewhat like a clay mask at first (not at all like those ones that are gritty and than stiffen on your face), but than it works into this wonderful soft lather! Your face really does feel clean and refreshed after. I really think it is the clay that is in this cleanser that leaves your skin feeling so clean and refreshed! The way that is formulated, is just outstanding.

Long Live Moisture
Satin Finish Lotion

It is a lotion? Is it a Gel? It is the best of both, so just smooth onto your face and neck every day for softer smoother skin.

Add this fresh and feather-light moisturizer to your daily regimen:

Provides the rich hydration of a lotion but with the lightweight feel of a gel.
Active moisturizers give your face a satiny finish, minus the shine.
Keeps your skin soft and smooth for up to 24 hours. 

It is just as described!
Not Quite a Lotion! Not Quite a Gel!

This lotion goes on just as described, lightweight and very satiny. I have tried it several times under the BB Cream and other foundations and it works well under both. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized.

Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen
BB Cream

This multi-tasking beauty balm works to moisturize, brighten, and help protect your skin from harmful UV rays. This silky tinted lotion blends effortlessly with your natural skin tone, helping hide imperfections and minimizing the need for for concealer and foundation. With just one use, your skin will be left glowing and naturally even.

Finish your daily beauty regimen with the all-in-one solution with 6 skin perfecting benefits:

• Refreshes skin instantly.
• Brightens for a radiant glow.
• Evens tone with a splash of sheer color.
• Hydrates for 24 hours.
• Smoothes for softer feeling skin.
• Protects against UV damage with SPF 15.

Shade Light to Medium

This BB Cream is very nice. I found it a tad too light for me, so I gave it my mom who is fairer than me. I liked it so much though that I kept some for when I want to do a makeup look that require a more fair complexion than I have. I know in the picture it looks like a good match, but I am usually darker because I fake tan. It has a wonderful creamy hydrating texture and feel to it.

Final Thoughts:

I love when I buy makeup or skincare and it lives up to what it promises! I truly feel that Olay Fresh Effects does. I have always been a huge fan of Olay and used to be obsessed with their Total Effects Line. Especially their daily moisturizer that I still use. I need to post on that one! I would have to say that I probably won't be using the Fresh Effects line on a day to day basis ONLY because I am over thirty now and need anti-aging products. I think it would be a fantastic line for someone in their teens and twenties. But I WILL be using this product a lot this summer, when the weather start to heat up and I get way more shiny. You can count on that! It will be perfect for days when I will be outside in the heat and want to keep away the shine and keep looking and feeling FRESH!!!