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Sunday, August 4, 2013

UPDATED: Revlon New Brilliant Strength Nail Polish and a Manicure Lapdesk

A Lazy Summer Sunday Post!
Revlon's New Brilliant Strength Polish and a Manicure Lapdesk!
A Match Made in Heaven!!

The Manicure Lapdesk with a Battery Operated Dryer!

This post is a twofer, I  am going to talk about my new super convenient Manicure Lapdesk and my New Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Polish! I tried out the new polish on my new Lapdesk, it only made sense...;)

The Manicure Lapdesk:

It was a Deal at the Price. 

I had previously been using something similar to paint my nails on while lounging on my chaise lounge, bed, or sitting on the couch for well over a year. It was actually a laptop lapdesk but I found it to be very handy when lounging to do my nails, have a snack, etc. The only problem that it had when doing my nails, was that it was a bit too big and not very sturdy. It was beginning to lose it's cushioning in the bottom that kept it sturdy from being used so much. So when I came across this lapdesk and it was specifically designed for doing manicures, I thought is was too good and too cute to pass up.

I love anything that makes my life
more convenient & it's Super Cute
at the Same Time.
I have to say that it is a bit of a struggle for me to do my own nails since I am just beginning this year to really get in to doing my own, and this lapdesk makes it so much more convenient for me to do my own. I can just grab it and paint my nails (practice makes perfect) while I am watching TV or talking on my speaker phone.

The Manicure Lapdesk on my Chaise Lounge!
Feels Good to Lounge and Paint..:)

It has a Secret Side Storage Compartment. Perfect
for storing your nail tools, polishes, etc. 
I have to mention a couple of the best features of this lapdesk. One being the side pocket for loading up colors and tools that I am going to be using, especially if I am moving into another room to paint. Another great feature is the battery operated dryer that sits firmly on the lapdesk. The fan has a nice bit of power to it. It's nice when you are finally done painting, to put your hands under the fan, lay back and enjoy.

Now on to the Polish...

Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel
When I came across this polish I was very excited for many reasons; The first being that Revlon is my favorite all around Nail Polish Brand. The second was that it was a polish designed to strengthen your nails. My nails tend to start to weaken at times and when this happens, I reach for my nail strengtheners. Even better, nail polish with built in strengthening power like this one.

So here is the Skinny on Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel From Revlon:

Pack a powerful punch of color with this strengthening formula that combats breaking and brittleness and features a built-in protective base and top coat.

• Wide angle brush wraps nails and coats tips for smooth, bubble-free application.
• Built-in base and top coat
• Strengthening formula
• Combats breaking and brittleness
• Comes in 24 brilliant shades

Since this polish is new to me, I only have it in one Shade
110 Hypnotize.
Once I get a better grasp on its strengthening power, I will get more shades.

110 Hypnotize is such a Beautiful Golden Color.
It is a very true to Gold Tone.
I have had in on for several days now and it
has NOT chipped!

I have now had Hypnotize on for more than a week and it has chipped, so I am going to remove it. I do believe it lasted a long time before it began to chip, around the 5 day mark. I wanted to let you know my thoughts so far on it's strengthening abilities. My nails are not the toughest nails out there, and that it why I look for polishes with built it strengtheners. I have been impressed since I have had the polish on, my nails have not broke or peeled at all. In fact, I found myself yesterday having to file them because they had grown and I wanted to square them off. I like my nails to be neat and straight across. I am definitely going to get more colors in this collection and will do another post once my collection grows to share the colors and any further thoughts. I hope this update has helped anyone looking for a polish that needs some extra built in Strengthening Power! Sik

Final Thoughts:
I hope you enjoyed my Lazy Summer Sunday Post. I hope that this post has not enticed you to be too lazy but to pamper yourself. I love sharing tips and tricks that I learn throughout my beauty adventures. One big thing that I have learned is that, the easier it is, the more likely I will do it. I want my nails to look pretty and glamorous, and this Manicure Lapdesk makes it easier for me to do my nails, thus I'm more likely to do my nails. I also hoped you liked my introduction to Revlon Brilliant Strength. I have only used it for about a week now, so I cannot comment on how strong it has made my nails, but I will keep you posted!

*I also wanted to add that I saw the Lapdesk at Ulta in the Clearance section this weekend, if you are interested!



Sunday, June 30, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish

Revlon ColorStay™
Longwear Nail Enamel

Welcome to Sik's Glamness in July! These posts in July will be an assortment of Makeup, Skincare, and Fashion. I guess that really isn't different than the usual posts, I guess the difference will be the frequency and the Glam Factor. The first post is on Revlon's ColorStay™ Longwear Nail Enamel!

Here's the Skinny on it from Revlon:

ColorStay™ Longwear technology seals nails for up to 11 days of lasting color and gel-like shine

- Unique double barrel brush allows for smooth, even, precise application.

(You can see this unique brush really good in the clear Top Coat.)

- Available in 30 gorgeous shades plus a top and base coat.

- No light required

I have always been the biggest fan of Revlon Nail Polishes out of all the Drug Store brands. I actually even prefer it to most of the high end brands, and Sik knows a good polish when she uses one. I don't claim to be the best at painting my nails, but I am getting better as I practice.  I have started to paint my own finger nails and I am actually having a lot of fun with it. I always found that Revlon nail polishes were the most user friendly and had the most fabulous finish. I always thought there brushes were different than the other brands, but I didn't think too much in to it. After all, it is just Nail Polish!

When I saw that Revlon had come out with ColorStay™ Longwear Polish, I bought it instantly.  I saw them in the store Gleaming and I was instantly intrigued that it claimed to be long lasting and leave a gel like finish. I will say this, It defiantly last a good solid week on my nails and that for me is Loooong. I usually chip in a day with any other polish that I use. It also leaves a nice shine that gives it that Gel like Finish.

Besides the base and the top coat, I only have four out of the 30 colors. I would have more, but I had got so many polishes in the beginning of Spring when I had that "Spring Fever" going. I want to at least try some of those out before I buy more of these. And I WILL be buying more of these. The colors are Amazing.

Here are the Colors that I have:

"090 Sorbet" Honestly the Best Orange Nail Polish
I have Even Seen! I love Wearing it with my Orange Lip Gloss!

"100 Buttercup" It is the perfect Summer Yellow!

"Naturally Tan" This one had No Number. I think it was a Limited Edition!
I got this one for a Neutral Color. It is the Most Beautiful Tropical Sandy Beige!

"140 Fall Mood" It's funny because I got this one for the fall and than I
saw the name. I knew it was Meant to be!  It is the most beautiful Shimmery Fall Brown,
even though I have already rocked it this past week.

Here are the Colors Swatched!
I have "Fall Mood" on in the Picture!

I love these polishes and I love how long they stay on. I also have the base and the top coat. I don't use the base coat. I never use base coats, but I think the Top Coat has a big impact on sealing the polish to that gel like finish. I also use my LED light (from my at home gel polish kit) to speed up the drying process. I know those are typically only used for Gel Polishes but a very experienced Nail Artist told me that I could use it to speed up the drying time on some normal polishes and it worked.

Final Thoughts:
 I am so excited that I have started to do my own Nails. Please be dubious of Nail Salons that you do not physically see the Nail Technician pull the instruments that they will be using on you out of the autoclave in the appropriate sealed bag. I only go to Nail Salons for Pedicures. I could never do my own feet, and frankly I don't even want to learn. Plus honestly, I kinda go sometimes just for the foot massage. Hope you enjoyed and Welcome to Glamness in July. Think of it as my Christmas in July to you! Sik is keeping you Glam this July!