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Friday, March 22, 2013

Chanel Le Volume Mascara

Friday Night Beauty Night

Chanel Le Volume Mascara

This week is something new that I have been using a lot. It is not only new to me but pretty new to the beauty world. I believe its launch date was around mid February. Tonight I am going to talk about Chanel Le Volume Mascara. I purchased this recently after going on a Chanel Beauty Bender and rediscovering my love for the brand. I had not bought any of their products in a while and I am loving them.

So here is the Skinny of the the Mascara:

The high-precision mascara achieves instant volume and intensely lush color in a single stroke. Its innovative formula expands, plumping lashes to their fullest. The exclusive new Snowflakes brush combines long and short bristles to deliver an extreme, eye-opening effect.

This mascara is intensively black and definitely thickens your eyelashes. It also comes in a blue and a purple color. It seems to coat each individual lash with a very intense amount of mascara, which it what I think delivers the promised effect. The best part is that it does not clump. Most mascara that I have used that leave a thick amount of product on the lash seem to clump, because than the lashes stick together before it has time to dry. But with this mascara, the amount does not seem to be too thick, it just seems perfect! Maybe that it why it states to use a single stroke.

However they formulated this mascara, we will never know because it is amazing! It is intense, but not in a bad way. It does leave your lashes feeling heaving or sticky and it is not a pain to take off. It was not any harder to remove than any other mascara that I have come across. The Chanel counter rep also told me that it does comes in a waterproof form. Although, I have not come across it?? I tend to stay away from waterproof mascara unless I am going to an event or out for the evening. I think it is better for the lashes not to wear waterproof mascara unless necessary. Plus look at what your lashes have to go through to get it off.

The Magic Applicator!!

Lastly, the best part about the Mascara is that it also curls the lashes. Every time I had used it I had curled my lashes prior, so I thought I had better try it without my lashes curled before I post this. I will be honest with you, I was not expecting to see a curling effect at all. So I put the mascara on (had been well over 24 hrs since I had used a lash curler) and I was amazed. The tips of the lashes seemed to curl up and leave a more open eyed effect. I even went back an hour later to check and see and they were still curled.

Final Thoughts:

Well I hope you enjoyed the post and I hope you come back for more.


Sik Glam