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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Leap into Fall with some Leopard Fashion

Leap into Fall with some Leopard...

Henri Bendel 

I wanted to do my first Fall Fashion post today and was pondering what to do it on. I had bought a few items recently that I could of used, but I decided to save them for an #OOTD post. I decided to pick something out from my wardrobe that is timeless, chic, and in a print that every woman should own at least one fashion item in. I picked my Henri Bendel Leopard Bag. I apologize that I don't remember the exact Clever Name that they had for it when I purchased it, but it was two winters ago. It is still in excellent condition, since I probably have used it maybe a handful of times.

I remember the year I bought it, Leopard was hotter than ever, I had always been a fan of the leopard print so it just made it more exciting to me. Knowing that a touch of leopard to an outfit never really goes out of style, I knew that this handbag was defiantly one to add to my collection. A handbag that I would cherish, take care of and hopefully hand down one day to my daughter that I hope to have.

Here are a few more Pictures of it:

Love The Gold Hardware!

Henri Bendel Bags always have the cutest little details!

Love the Purple Inside with the Pockets
and the Detachable Pocket Mirror!

Final Thoughts:

I am so glad that I pulled this purse out from my collection because I can't wait to use it this Fall. I am sorry that it is not a brand new bag that is still available, but I thought it was still a bag worth sharing. I have become so after excited reading the Fall and Winter Trend Reports and seeing that Leopard is making a come back (did it really ever go away). Although, I definitely think it is a print that should be used as a statement piece and I would not recommend wearing leopard Head to Toe. If you see me do this, ask me if I am ok??!! I have leopard jackets, scarves. gloves, tops. etc., but I would never wear more than one or two pieces at a time. I hope you enjoyed this post and that it got you excited for the Fall and maybe for some Leopard! I also wanted to add that I absolutely adore Henri Bendel as I have posted on their handbags and jewelry before. I think they make absolutely stunning and clever pieces! I believe the price is just right for the quality!  I am not going to say that they are inexpensive, but they are no where near the price of a LV bag and I would definitely say that they can hold their own!!


Sik Glam