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Monday, August 25, 2014

Knee High Socks F/W Fashion Trend

Knee High Socks
The Sock that Keeps Kickin' It...

Knee Socks are not only one of the longest running fashion trends, but one of the most stylish fashion trends for this upcoming Fall/Winter Season. They seem to be everywhere I look lately that I can't miss them. I see them in stores, online, and in all the fashion magazines. I can't help but smile when I see them featured, because I love wearing them so much. Knee Socks have been around forever and they have long been a favorite of mine to wear. This is mainly due to the fact that you can wear them all year round and in so many different ways. They are so versatile in the way that you can style them, that I have almost found a way to incorporate them into a look for every thing that I do. If I counted my collection including thigh high socks (another Great Fashion Staple),  it would probably be close to over 100 pairs collected over the years. This might seem like a lot to some, but remember that they come in so many different colors, patterns, and styles and can be worn all year long. So when I was asked by Chrissy's Knee Socks to do a write up on Knee Socks, I did not hesitate to say "Yes"! I had already bought from the brand in the past and I am a Huge Fan of the Knee Sock!

Chrissy Knee Sock's in an online store that offers hundreds of knee socks for you to choose from. The Knee Socks range from solids to the most funky socks you could ever imagine. You can even customize your own knee sock. That is next on my list! They are also proudly made in America! Chrissy Knee Socks is the best place to get your knee socks from because of the variety to choose from and the price. They are of excellent quality and comfort!

Now I am going to show you a few ways I like to  wear them. If I were to show you all the ways, well there would be hundreds of photos. So here are a few photos of the ways I like to wear them. Hopefully they will inspire you to pull some on and see what you've been missing!


Love Wearing Knee High Socks Paired with a Dress, Hat and a Mini BackPack! 

Knee High Socks are a Must for a Campus Girl! 

New Style Alert:

Scrunching Your Knee Socks Down! Love Wearing this Look with Flats! 

Kickin' It:

Love Wearing a Mini Dress Styled with Knee High Socks and a Faux Leather Jacket!

Love Wearing Knee High Socks with Fall's Hottest Boot! The Motto!

Peakin' Out of Rain or Snow Boots:

They Will Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry in Your Favorite Rain or Snow Boots!

They Look so Adorable Peaking out of your Boots Matching Your Accessories!

Horsin' Around:

Very Comfortable in any Boot!

We Both Love and Have Knee Socks!

Final Thoughts:

I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspired you to get out there and wear some Knee Socks. These were just some of the ways that you can wear them, but there are so many other ways and styles to chose from. I think that is why the Knee Sock has never really gone out of style, because they are so versatile and loved by so many. I really hope you enjoyed this post and please go to to check out Chrissy's Knee Sock's and her Vast Selection of Socks! They really are Incredible! Enjoy!


Sik Glam