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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Becca Lip Primer Perfector


Lip Priming Perfector

First of all, I would like to say, where has Becca been all my life. I had heard of the brand last year and had seen rave reviews of their products, so I checked out their website. I was impressed and thought, I have got to put them on my list to try out. Than, here I am at a Sephora VIB event, and right in front me is a whole section of Becca. It was like it was meant to be...The two of us to meet!

I am going to post on everything that I bought and believe me, I have been using what I bought for about two weeks now and I am loving it! I cannot wait to go back for more.

So here is the skinny on the Lip Priming Perfector:

What it is:
A lip-perfecting formula designed to smooth, define, and prime lips for long-wearing color that won’t fade or feather.

What it does:
Prep lips for perfect, lasting color. Formulated with Hyaluronic Filling Spheres to minimize the appearance of fine lines and Lipocire A to smooth and hydrate the lips, this silky crème creates an invisible canvas for long-wearing lip color that won’t fade, stray, or feather.

What else you need to know:
This Nude formula will not change lip color.

Now let me tell you what drove me to this product. I was obsessed with Benefit's Lip Plumper. Now it wasn't one of those clear lip plumpers that you put on and feel the tingling sensation. It was more like a flesh toned lip primer that they called a lip plumper. I would apply it over my lips, thus causing a more smoother, firmer surface to apply my lip products too. I believe that the extra layer of the product (it was a tiny bit on the thick side) was what caused the lips to appear to be fuller. Which is why they called it a Lip Plumper. Unfortunately they stopped making the product (I hate when that happens) and I was on a LONG hunt for a substitute. I could find many lip primers that were clear, but they would just dry out my lips and served no purpose. I could also find many lip plumpers, but to be honest, I really do not need my lips to be any bigger. I assure you though, they does not stop me from buying them and using them. I love to show them off and accentuate them, you got that right!!

Here is the Becca Lip Primer Color. It is a beautiful nude color.
You can layer it though to get that thicker effect,
to plump your lips.

I do want to state that for those who have tried the Benefit Lip Plumper. The Becca Lip Primer is not as thick and is defiantly no where near the color.

As you can see, the two compared are no where near
the same in thickness & color. Although, the Benefit color on top
is usually more beige flesh tone (like a concealer), I think it has changed
color with age.

I saved my Last Tube as a Tribute
to my "Hall of Famers" Drawer

So when I saw this lip primer on Becca's website I was drawn to it, because I could tell it was not completely clear. My theory was that it would act somewhat in the same way that the benefit one did, and not only would my lip products stay on longer but my lips would appear to be fuller. Just like with makeup on your face, you want to apply lip products to a more smoother, hydrated, prepped surface. It will not only go on better, but it will look better and last longer. This causing you lips to appear to be fuller. A well dressed lip, always appears fuller!

Final Thoughts:

I am OBSESSED with this Lip Primer! I plan on stocking up in case they ever stop making it. I never want to be in that situation again. I love using it under lipstick and gloss. If I am not wearing makeup, I will always have at least gloss on and this makes it stay on longer. I also like it better than the what I was using before, because I find it to work better and be more hydrating. The hydration is probably due to the hyaluronic filling spheres. Gosh do I love anything Hyaluronic!! Now if your looking for a lip primer, this is it! Why wouldn't you want your lips to look better and your lip products to go on and stay on better!!