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Sunday, March 10, 2013

GARNIER OLIA Oil Powered Permanent Hair Color


Oil Powdered Permanent Color

I recently dyed my hair using the GARNIER OLIA Oil Powered Permanent Hair Color. I had seen the ads on television and in magazines and I had been instantly intrigued. Maybe because the technology was different, maybe it was the vibrant colors, or maybe it was just the fact that it had no ammonia!

I was desperately in need of dying my roots. I was about two weeks past the point, when I should have been sitting in the chair in the salon. I was started to show those pesky little white roots! Well in my eyes anyway! I was having a family tea this past week and I (of course) did not have a hair appointment. I always wait to the last minute! Gotta work on that! I could not bear the thought of going one more day without touching up my roots. I called up my salon and my stylist had the day off. I thought to myself "What is a girl to do?".  Aha, OLIA, I will do it myself!  Yes of course I was scared of a huge disaster, but I had done it before years ago. So I ran up to the store and picked up two colors Medium Brown 5.0 and Medium Golden Brown 5.3. I got both so I would have options. Options are good! I decided on the Medium Brown since it is still winter (I like darker shades if the winter) and if I liked the product, I would have the other for the next time I found myself in a bind. The Box came with the product, easy to follow directions and gloves.

I hated when I had to start dying my hair. I actually love my natural brown hair color because it has beautiful dimension to it and its own natural highlights that I hate to color over. But, alas, on my 28th birthday, I awoke to not even grey hairs but a few white hairs popping out of my head. I thought to myself "thanks dad"! I lived with it for a couple of years because it was so suddle, but than more and more came like an army. Now I don't know if actually others can see them, but what matters is, I can!

So I started having to dye my hair whether I liked it or not! I was not thrilled because it not only covered up my natural highlights, but I had to color my hair every six to eight weeks. Now going to the salon I do not mind, because I love to get pampered, I have to get my ends trimmed anyway and I get a fantastic blowout!

So now here I am with roots, no salon appointment and a box of Olia. I opened up the box and got to work. It was easy and one, two, three! I mixed together the developer and the colorant in the provided mixing jar. Shook the Mixing jar like I was making myself a cocktail and started applying it to my roots first where I needed it most. Since I was not sure what the color was going to look like after it developed, I applied it to my whole head. Even though, I usually only do my roots at the salon. I than waited the 30 minutes it said to leave the product on before hopping in the shower to rinse it out and use the after color conditioner. There was no smell, and no burning eyes or scalp!

I would consider myself to have medium brown hair, but the color came out maybe two shades darker than my own hair. So I am glad that I did my whole head. I would not call this color dark brown. But it is definately developed on my head on the darker side of medium brown.

I would have to say the best part of the whole experience was that the product did NOT DRIP! I mean at all! I remember the few times I have dyed my own hair years ago and just having to stand there on a towel till the timer rang and I could hop in the shower to rinse it out. Fearing, if I moved just an inch that dye would go everywhere. Than having to clean up all the hair dye that had got all over the sink from the application and what had dripped onto the floor. Nope, not when this one! I was so confidant of it not dripping that I ran downstairs, grabbed my swiffer sweepers, and started swiffering. I even touched up a nail that had chipped while sitting at my vanity in my bathroom. The product also promises a pleasant fragrance. That was another horrific memory I had of dying my own hair, the awful overpowering fragrance. Nope, no fragrance at all with this one! If fact, I dont even remember one enough to describe one.

A tip I wanted to share, the little bit of color that I did get around the edges of my hair line, I just wiped away with wet wipes.

Final Thoughts:

This product so far is everything that it promises. A permanent hair color that has a pleasant fragrance, a non-drip velvet cream, and optimal comfort during application. I absolutely love the color that developed and hope that it lasts at least a month. I would have to wait a few weeks however to see how my hair is after washing it, how long the color lasts and how my hair feels to know if I would use it again. It has been about four days since I dyed my hair (I usually wait about three days to let the color really set in) and I am about to wash and style it. Last night my hair felt very dry at the ends where my hair is the most over processed from styling. So I applied my JO HANSFORD LONDON ILLUMINOIL™ to the ends and to my scalp, and left it as an over night intensive treatment. My hair instantly became less dry and my scalp felt soothed when I applied the oil. I will wash, dry and style my hair today as usual and wait to see the color after the first wash. I will let you know how I like it. I will sent out a tweet and I will update this post!


Sik Glam