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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NuFace Trinity Review

NuFACE Trinity

Just 5 Minutes to a Better Face.....

Treating myself to Spa appointment is a given when I go on vacation. I was so happy when I arrived at my resort to learn that they Spa was owned by a very luxurious Skin Care Line. After having a massage and not being very impressed (I get a massage weekly, so it takes a lot to impress me), I decided since it was only fair to have a facial before I judged the Spa. That would only be fair since they were known for their Skin Care Line..;)

Now I barely get facials, maybe two a year. I honestly think they are a waste of money, IF & ONLY IF you are taking care of you skin on your own in the proper manner with good products. I think they are are only necessary if you have some sort of condition that you need treated like acne for example. I only get a facial if I have an event to go to coming up and I don't feel up to doing it myself. I have gone to spa's just for special treatments like peels and microdermabrasion, but I really did not see a difference after besides my skin feeling smoother and softer for about a day or two. Perhaps, I will feel differently as I age.

The facial that I had at this Spa was very very nice (I was Very Impressed) and it left me glowing for days. I would defiantly say that the products were nice, but they didn't entice me to buy any on my vacation. I was more interested in what I knew had made my face look so much more refreshed. Especially being so jet lagged and tired, I could really tell the difference after. It was the NuFace Microcurrent Toning, Lifting, Firming Device that they used on my face.  I have studied creams, lotions and potions enough to know what had done it. And I knew what I would be buying, The NuFACE Trinity

It Comes with the NuFace Trinity, Charging Stand, Charger,
& the Gel Primer that you MUST use with the Device!

The Gel is Very Silky Smooth and has no Smell at All

Here is the Skinny on the NuFACE Trinity:

NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device continues the tradition of bringing microcurrent technology into the palm of your hand. As the first and only hand-held microcurrent device FDA cleared for at-home use, NuFACE lifts, tones and contours the face while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using the same technology used by aesthetic professionals, you can regain firmer muscles, tighter skin, lifted brows, contoured cheekbones and a more defined jaw line in as little as 5 minutes a day. It’s like having your very own Pilates trainer for your face! I would highly recommend going to their website for more information and to BUY THIS

You Might be Wondering; What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent technology is one of the hottest innovations in the anti-aging industry and is used in top spas and medical offices for facial toning, tightening, and firming of aging skin. It’s a safe and effective technology for clients who wish to attain and maintain a healthier, younger looking appearance. The results can be so dramatic that microcurrent treatments are often referred to as “non-surgical face lifts.”

Features of the NuFACE Trinity Device:

Interchangeable attachments provide multiple therapies with one device
Easy to use push button controls
Smart Skin Sensor to guarantee correct amount of current with every skin type
Audible indicators let you know when to move to the next treatment area
20 minute automatic shut-off and recharging cradle
Hydrates and revitalizes resulting in smoother, softer, more youthful skin

How to Use the NuFace Trinity:

I could explain to you how to use the NuFace but I honestly think this video is the best way to explain it. Even I watched it with all the information that came with the NuFACE before I used it. It also best explains how you can do either the 5 minute Basic Treatment or the 15 Minute Advanced Treatment!

I found this video on YouTube and found it so helpful to explaining how to use it

Final Thoughts:

I have been using My NuFACE now for about a week now and I have used it twice. When I had asked the aesthetician at the Spa how often at home I should use it if I were to buy one, she said once a week. I think I had gotten a little "NuFACE Happy" when I got it home and did it twice in one week. It is hard not too, since you see the results immediately and it is so easy to do. You do one half of your face at a time, and you can honestly see the difference between the two before you do the other side. I cannot wait to try it on my mother!

What I like best about the NuFACE is that is is giving me LONG TERM benefits. I really don't need to use it that much at my age for immediate benefits but I will use it once a week for the Long Term Benefits. My favorite part about it, is that I get a bit of upper eye lid swelling from allergies when causes my eyelids to puff, thus they drop a bit on bad days. Nope, not anymore when my NuFace. You hold the device right under your eyelid and it INSTANTLY lifts it. My last and final words are; Why did I not know about this until now??!!