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Monday, September 2, 2013

My U.S. ILLAMASQUA Sephora Experience

My U.S. ILLAMASQUA Sephora Experience!!

Considering this is a National Holiday in the States, I decided I would blog on what I was doing on our last Big National Holiday, "Independence Day". I went on a trip to Chicago, one of my most favorite city's to travel too. Not only because the city is just Fabulous and there is so much to do, but for the shopping!! I will stick to what beauty products I bought in this blog. I was not really there to buy beauty products, because I can get pretty much anything there at home, so I was more focused on what can't I get at home. So I researched to try to discover some brands or even beauty boutiques that might carry smaller brands that I could go to, I wanted to try to discover some hidden beauty gems.

I unfortunately ended up not having enough time to go to any boutiques because they were too far from where I was staying, but I did end up experiencing a beauty brand that I would not be able to buy where I live at home. I ended up going to Sephora, (I have about 5 within 45 mins of me at home) but none of them carry what the Sephora in Chicago had, Illamasqua. The Sephora's in my State do not carry the brand. I think once I saw some of their nail polishes at one, but that was about it. Sure I have tried the line and own a few products by them that I pick up on trips to London, but their was just something exciting and special about knowing I was in my Country buying it! I looked up which Sephora in Chicago carried the Brand and there was only one and I really hoped it was not far from where I was staying so I would have time to go. So I called up the store to ask exactly where they were and they told me the mall they were located in and I almost passed out. I was staying at the Hotel above the mall! It was as if it was meant to be!

So once I got to my hotel, unpacked, rested, etc. I walked out of my hotel room (I couldn't even wait till the next day) down the elevator right into the mall and there Sephora was. It was Glowing like come to meeeeee!! I didn't spend too much time in there because everything else I could get at home, so I spent the whole time talking with a Sephora Beauty Advisor about the Illamasqua line. I get way into makeup with my questions, but she was very kind and helped me find three products to bring home. I just love to soak up any knowledge that I can. So on to the three products that I got.

Here is the Skinny on the Products that I got from Illamasqua:


Create a radiant finish with Hydra Veil's instantly rehydrating, gel formula. Providing the optimal base for your make-up, apply before foundation with an Illamasqua Brush.

It has a clear gel like consistency when you scoop it out but it
applies and spreads like a cream. You only Need
about this much for your whole face!

I love this Primer. It is my go to primer for when i am feeling extra dry or really, it works great any time! Don't let the gel like formula fool you, it spreads like butter and leaves a radiant hydrated feeling. If it was more readily available to me, I would use it more.  It states to apply with a brush which most of the time I do, but I have used my hands to apply it and found no problem.

Hydra Veil Swatched!
Blends and Hydrates like heaven!

ILLAMASQUA Gleam in Aurora

Back by popular demand, and with a new and improved formula, Gleam's lightweight, iridescent finish sensuously highlights the natural beauty of your face and body.

A solid, cream compact, containing lustrous pearlescent pigments. Smooth Aurora (champagne iridescent) over skin with fingers or a brush for an alluring glow that lifts and highlights wherever it's applied. This is light-reflecting beauty.

This highlighter is beautiful. I love highlighters so much that I had to get one by them. I also loved that it came in a solid cream compact formula. Great for traveling and throwing in your purse for touch ups. It leaves the most radiant champagne toned highlighting effect. I love using this one on my cheek bones when I am doing a bronzed makeup look.

ILLAMASQUA Powder Blusher in Katie

Illuminate, radiate, make your face come alive with the colour and drama of Illamasqua Powder Blusher. Colour-intense and highly pigmented, use it to shade, brighten, enhance and define the shape of your face. Be bold, be daring, be the centre of attention.

This blush is so beautiful. I was looking for a baby soft pink that still had some punch to it (pigment) and this one was just perfect! It stays on well and and it very pigmented. You can really layer it to play the color up or down. I love it for days when I am wearing light makeup and I apply this to my cheekbones for that soft baby pink look with a baby pink or nude glossy lip.

Gleam Aurora Swatched on Left.
Powder Blusher Katie Swatched on Right.
Final Thoughts:

I really hoped you enjoyed my post. I know that many of you might be from the U.K where you can get ILLAMASQUA everywhere, so I appreciate it greatly if you read this. I lived in the States so the closest retailer to me that sold Illamasqua was 5 hours away and there was NO WAY that I was traveling that far and not going to that Sephora. How lucky was I that it was in my same building. I would have bought more but I was primarily in Chicago for a Fall Clothing Haul and needed to disperse my funds. However, I was not missing out on this. I go to Chicago every couple of months and stay at the same hotel, now that I know they carry the Brand, I will definitely will be back for more Illamasqua to share with you!


Sik Glam