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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

Amazing Cosmetics

Amazing Concealer

I thought today would be an appropriate day to do a blog on the this concealer due to the fact that the full size tube is half off TODAY only at Ulta. I got myself my color, Medium Beige. I was not out of my color (you really only need a small amount), I just could not pass up on such a good deal on such an Amazing product. No pun intended..;) 

Here's the skinny on the concealer:

The celebrity makeup artist favorite. A small amount is all that is needed to erase any imperfections. Simple. Stunning. Flawless. It is a Multipurpose Full coverage concealer. It states to use it sparingly.

As you can See,
I have plenty Left in my Tubes that I have had for a While!

I was previously using the shade Light Golden for years and and I now use Medium Beige. I still use both depending on the makeup look I am going for. But I find myself wearing Medium Beige more often. I thought at first it would be way to dark for me compared to Light Golden, but it isn't. I use it to conceal underneath my eyes and to hide any imperfections that I might have. Here is a swatch of the two colors.

Medium Beige on the Left and
Light Golden On the Right

Final Thoughts:

This by far is my favorite concealer that I own. It is my go to, will never let me down, concealer. It does everything that it promises to and more. I have about 5 favorite concealers that I use depending on what makeup look I am creating, what condition my eyes are in (dry, puffy, etc.), how much time I have to get ready, and this concealer by far is used most. I would definitely recommend it! I have had many people ask me, "what kind of concealer do you have on". I tell them the what kind and than a week later, they are thanking me! 


Sik Glam