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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mally Ultimate Performance Dream Brow

Mally Ultimate Performance Dream Brow with Brush

I love how Easy she makes her Products!

This eyebrow product is unlike anything that I have ever used. I usually use either a twist up eyebrow pencil, a waxed eyebrow pencil, or an angled brush with eye shadow to enhance my brows. What I use really depends on how much time I have, what look I am going for and my mood. There are many unique qualities to all the eyebrow pencils and techniques that I use. I should really do a separate post on them and how they differ and the uniqueness to each. So let me tell you about my new favorite eyebrow defining tool that I am currently loving, Mally Ultimate Performance Dream Brow.

Mally makes it so easy for you!
It comes in an easy portable pot
with an amazing double sided brush!

Here is the Skinny on Mally Ultimate Performance Dream Brow Fix from Mally on QVC:

What is it: A long-wearing formula that illuminates, shapes, and creates a fuller-looking brow. Ultimate Brow Fix is formulated with special radiant pigments to help bring brows to life. The included double-ended brush is a professional-quality tool that helps create the perfect arches.
Who is it for: Any woman who wants beautiful, full-looking eyebrows that frame her face.
Why is it different: This magic Ultimate Brow Fix not only fills in your brows with beautiful, natural-looking color, but it also thickens each individual brow hair upon contact to hold brows in place all day long!
How do I use it: First, take the spoolie end of the brush and brush your brows upward so they are all in place. Then, take the angled brush end and dip it into the product--a little goes a long way. Using short upward strokes, brush the product through your brows.
Dream Brown Fix Comes in Taupe, a blondish-gray shade; Medium Brown; or Sable, a deep blackish-brown shade.

I think Mally Ultimate Performance Dream Brow Fix is truly a dream. I have never come across a brow enhancer so unique. It comes in a pot that has a nice tight lid, so it won't dry out. I have come across many brow products that have dried out that have either come in compacts or palettes. This Brow Fix is so easy to use! I use the double-ended brush that it comes with to very gently pat the product to pick some of it onto the brush and apply it to my brows. You only need the smallest amount, so start with just a tiny amount of product and add more if needed. I give my brows a good brush though first with the spoolie or any brow brush and than again after I have applied it. I like to let it set a few minutes before I brush though it again to perfect the shape. I apply it in small light upward strokes to my brows and just follow my natural brow. I do not try to make each brow identical, I just focus on the fact that one is not an inch longer than the other.

I also wanted to mention the pigmentation of this product. It is very pigmented and it lasts all day. You can draw in missing areas of your eyebrows if they are sparse or add on to you tail and it will stay all day! Nothing is going to mess up your brow look until you take it off. It is also very easy to remove with my face cleanser considering it's staying power.

Dream Brow Swatched in Sable. Perfect for when my hair is dark brown.
I will be buying Medium Brown for when it has not been colored!

Final Thoughts:

This Dream Brow Fix is truly a Dream! I would recommend it for anyone, especial for someone who is looking for a brow enhancer who has sparse brows or is looking for staying power! I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope that you try this out and let me know what you think.


Sik Glam