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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Revlon Colorburst Matte and Lacquer Lip Balms


Revlon has launched a new Lip Product and it is the New Colorburst™ Lacquer and Matte Lip Balms. I came across these the other day and picked up one in each category (Matte and Lacquer) to try out. I have been learning lately, to not pick up the entire collection and just pick up shades that I think are best to test out. Than if I like them, I will go back for more and update my posts with the new shades/swatches. Just because it's new, does not mean that it's going to be amazing!

Here is the Skinny on the Colorburst™ Lacquer and Matte Lip Balms From Revlon:

The Crayon Collection
Collectable Craveable Color in Two Fabulous Finishes

Here are the Two Shades (One in Each Category) that I picked out.

Matte Lip Balm - 230 Complex
I decided to get a nude tone in the Matte, because what better shade to test out a Matte in than a Nude Beige Tone. I found it to be very Matte as described and the color to be "Spot On" which really makes me love a lip stick/gloss/balm line. When you get the color that you think you are buying, it's like the angels are singing. I would definitely recommend wearing this when you lips are hydrated as I would any lipstick/gloss/balm that is described as "Matte". It will not dry out your lips, but it will definitely accentuate any dryness that you have on your lips, as any matte lip product would. That is why I always stress, to take care of those Lips!!

Lacquer Lip Balm - 125 Flirtatious
I chose this pinkish red shade in the Lacquer finish because I thought it would look so beautiful on so many different skin tones. It would be the perfect shade to wear with barely any makeup on to make your lips pop, especially with the shine that it leaves. It would also be the perfect shade for when you do wear a heavy eye or cheek because it is not too bright or too deep, wear it would look as if you were wearing too much makeup. Those types of lip tones are hide to find and that is why I loved this shade so much. This lacquer also went on so well and left my lips feeling nice and smooth with absolutely no dryness. I did not notice any odd taste with either of them. They are the perfect size to throw in your handbag and they twist up, perfect for traveling!

Swatched : Complex, Flirtatious
You can really see her the difference in the Finish!

Final Thoughts:

I really like both of these lip balms. If I had to pick a favorite in finish it would be the lacquer and in color it would be the matte. I just can't stop loving Nude Shades! What I like to do best with these two shades, is to wear the nude matte as a base and wear the lacquer over it. It kinda gives the lacquer a base and makes it stay on longer. It also creates a bit more of a toned down look if you find the lacquer to be to shiny. I do not find it to be to shiny at all, I think it has just the right amount of shine for a day time look. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it helped if you are looking for a new lip balm to try that is priced right and has gorgeous colors and finishes to pick from!


Sik Glam