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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Loreal Coulour Riche Nail Lingerie

Loreal Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie

I had painted my nails the other night and they were atrocious. I have admitted in previous posts that I just recently this past year, really got into doing my own finger nails. Sure I had done my own nails in the past, but usually I would just paint on a clear growth polish (I don't have the strongest nails) or I would have them professionally done. This past year I have really got into trying to do my own for so many reasons. Some of them being that it is so much fun, it keeps your mind busy, it saves you money and lastly I WANT to be good at it. So I try to do my own as much as I can and as everybody knows, "Practice Makes Perfect"!

So back to the other night... I pulled out a nail polish that I had bought around 2-3 months ago and never used. I had bought it because it promised to have a Gel like Finish and be Long Lasting. I had bought just a couple of shades because I wanted to compare it to my Favorite Long Lasting Polish that leaves a Gel like finish. So I did my nails on my new favorite manicure lapdesk (which I'm loving) and they turn out awful. Awful in so many ways, but I will just give you the highlights. The polish is not consistent on how it goes on so it leaves streaks (some swipes are darker), the polish goes on a tad bit lumpy, leaving just a mess. I would say maybe 2 out of the ten fingers went on nicely, but by now I have mastered painting 8 out of 10 nicely so I knew it probably was the polish. Now if I had not chosen a color that was such a pale pink nude, I would probably have taken it right off. Being me, I had to sit there and analyze what I had done wrong and how I could fix it. At first I thought to myself, can I pull this off for a day to make use of my effort. Than I had an idea, I have had these Loreal Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie Stickers that I had been waiting to use. I thought to myself, "What if I put these stickers over the bad polish job, would if cover it up and save the day?". Indeed it did and I was so happy for not only trying it and learning a new trick but I absolutely Love them! I cannot wait to go and buy the different designs.

LOREAL Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie in
706 "Chateau You Go"
Here is the Skinny on them From Loreal:
Your dream manicure is now at your fingertips with Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie. Now customize your manicure and create endless nail looks with one nail sticker. These 3D nail jewels come in different colors and patterns to be layered with any nail color for a sophisticated sparkle effect. Designed for the nail novice, they require no dry time and offer mistake-proof application.
Easy application
Indestructible color
No dry time
10-day wear
How to Use:
Peel – Fold – File
Durable film-forming polymers create glass-like clarity with 10-day resiliency.
Sophisticated patterns and colors exclusively curated by our international Color Designer.

There are Easy To Follow Instructions on the Back

I have on 706 "Chateau You Go" or
To the Rescue as I am calling it this week?!

Now I am not going to bash the polish, because this is not what this post is about. There could have been so many reasons that it went on wrong, it sat in my drawer untouched for months in the hot summer, my inexperience, or the face that you get what you pay for (it was under 5 dollars). You gotta expect with those factors that things are going to go wrong. Now I have to say, if I had painted my nail a vibrant color, and it had turned out a hot mess, I am not sure how well these would have saved the day. Although with the ability of the sticker to lay down over the polish, thus pushing down any errors, could have done it too. I have to research and play with this more and get back to you.

Final Thoughts:
I have had my Loreal Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie Stickers on now for about four days and they are stick kicking. I have not had one problem with them. They come with 18 stickers in the pack, I am assuming in case you do mess one up while applying or for more sizing options. I had not one problem my first time applying them and have not had to touch a nail up. How cool is it... that I painted my nails, it turned out a complete mess, prompted me to use these, they saved the day, I learned a cool trick, and now I am obsessed with them and want more. I also wanted to add that I have not noticed the polish that I had used under the stickers has not chipped yet, so I am wondering are the Stickers somehow helping to seal in the color. I will know in time. Hope you enjoyed the Post and please feel free to leave me any nail tips or tricks you know..:)

*Update - I ventured out and I had two ladies say to me "Ohhh I like your nails, how did you do that?" I told them, easy they are stickers......:)
*Update- It had now been almost a week (tomorrow) since I did them and they still look Great! I have had several more compliment including my hair stylist who also does nails. She complemented them and asked me "where I got them done?". I laughed and told her "There Stickers!!". They could last longer, they promise to last around 10 days, but I am so excited about them that I am going to get some different designs and re do them this weekend!

Sik Glam