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Sunday, March 24, 2013

MAC VIVA GLAM NICKI 2 Amplified Lipstick


Nicki 2 Amplified Lipstick

I just picked up the MAC VIVI Glam Nicki 2 Lipstick and I love it. I know once again, I am probably late to the party on this one, since the MAC store told me it has been out since January. But I don't care, because I love it!! I could not help but blog on it!

It is like the perfect spring pink. It is very pigmented and true to color. I can't stand when I buy a lipstick and you cannot swatch it (usually at the drug store) and you get home and its pretty much sheer or no where near the color that it looks like. This lipstick is spot on and ready for Spring!

The Color is Exactly as it appear on your lips..:)

Oh and Check out how tan my arm is in the picture (much tanner in real life)! I will be posting on my New Beautisol Self Tanner soon! I have self tanned for over 10 years so I know a good one, when I come across one. You can also check out this lipstick on me on my twitter page or my instagram under my "Glossy Box January Cover Look Recreated".

Final Thoughts:

I adore this Lipstick! I even got the matching LIPGLASS that I have not tried, but will be posting on soon! And to even make my purchase even better, the entire proceeds went to charity! I literally can't say anymore! It doesn't get any better!