Monday, August 26, 2013

Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup

Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 18

I came across this Foundation at the Drugstore and boy did I get lucky because I was really running in just for some snacks. To be honest though, I always do a quick scan down the makeup aisles to see if anything is new. There was something new and it caught my eye with the "New From LOREAL" Sign and I stopped dead in my tracks. It was a foundation and I thought to myself, "Do I really need a new foundation?". Really I should be blogging on the 10 that I have waiting at home in line like toy soldiers to be blogged on. I couldn't walk away though, something drew me to this foundation. I think it was that it claimed to be a Foundation that "Transforms from Liquid to Powder for the Perfect Bare Skin Finish".

Now I have tried in my days liquid foundations that claimed to leave more of a powder finish, but I was never impressed and it just left a cakey finish. Plus I love the radiance that I get from liquids, I don't have oily skin (except T-Zone) so I don't need a powder, and I feel that you have to prep you skin more for powder (HYDRATE). If you don't have a hydrated canvas to work on, it can leave a horrific look and age you. Now I love to use a good mineral foundation once in a while to change it up. Loreal does make a nice one called "True March Naturale". That is one of the foundations waiting in line for me to blog one. So I thought I will give this new Liquid Powder Foundation a try, since it had been a while, and see how it goes.

So On to the Foundation:

I absolutely love it. It has amazing coverage, so don't be put off by the "Bare Skin Finish". I think when they say that, they mean that it will appear and feel as if you don't have anything on. It leaves the most fresh face finish and it really does not feel like you have it on. Now one to where I think it differs from previous liquid to powder foundations that I have tried. I thought I was going to apply it and it would immediately start to turn from liquid into a powder finish. Than I would just feel all dry and wonder, why didn't I just use a powder. Nope it is different, I apply it with my foundation brush and you don't need much. The bottle says a couple drops and that it all you need. It states to apply it with you fingers directly to you skin. I tried it this way the first couple of times but I prefer a brush for precision, so I tried it with a brush and had not one problem. After you apply it, it leaves this perfect flawless coverage  with a hint of radiance to it with and a subtle powder finish. It is almost as if you applied your liquid foundation, than very lightly powdered you face to set it. I thought to myself Brilliant, because I usually lightly powder my face anyways to help set my foundation. I than ran a test where I did not apply powder over this foundation and wore it all day and it stayed put. I also ran some other tests where I wore it all types of conditions (heat, humidity, with and without makeup, etc.) and it never let me down. It did not even leave me oily in my T-zone, I absolutely think this was because of the slight powder finish. Brilliant!!!!

"320 Natural Beige" Swatched
I applied it all over to the Right of the Swatch so you can see it applied.
I left the edges unbuffed so you could see where.
Looks Much Better on the Face.
Here is the Skinny on it from Loreal:
Discover the Un-makeup Look
No Flaws
No Makeup Feel
Magic Nude is our 1st revolutionary liquid-powder formula that glides on and transforms to a fresh, powder-like finish. It's so light, like you're wearing no makeup at all!
Just shake and apply -- it's MAGIC!
Get the ultimate un-makeup look with Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup with SPF 18. Revolutionary liquid transforms on contact, leaving a soft powder like finish. This foundation is so amazingly lightweight it's like wearing no makeup at all! Just shake and apply – it’s magic!
Shake Well. For best makeup result, pour just a few drops onto fingers and apply directly onto skin. Not recommended for use with a sponge or brush.

Final Thoughts:

I am so happy that I finally found a liquid to powder foundation that actually works. I kinda wish that Loreal had launched this foundation in the Beginning of the Summer! I truly believe the soft powder like finish helps to ward off any oil, which usually occurs more for me in the summer when it's hot and humid out. It also has very nice packaging for a drugstore foundation. I was feeling the bottle and comparing it some of my High End bottles and I was impressed. I would recommend this foundation to anyone. Please let me know your thoughts on it if you try it. 

The Loreal True Match NATURALE Waiting.....


Sik Glam

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Loreal Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie Stickers in Ladies in Waiting

Loreal Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie 
"Ladies in Waiting"

If you follow my blog, you will know that I wrote up a Detailed Blog on the Loreal Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie Stickers a little over a week ago. I was so impressed with them that I went out and bought them in another color. I first had them on in the Gold Design (706 "Chateau as You Go") over a Pale Pink Polish. I decided this time to apply the same sticker design in Silver over a bolder nail polish color. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received, since I have discovered them. I can't tell you how many times I have heard "Ohhh, I love your nails"! I tell them that they are the Loreal Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie Stickers and they can't believe it! They honestly think I went to the nail salon and had some fancy nail art work done. I even had my hair dresser ask me where I got my nails done at, while she was shampooing me, and SHE DOES NAILS TOO!!!! I am going to keep this post short since my first post went into a lot of detail on the these fabulous stickers. Please read my previous post on these for further detail.

Loreal Colour Riche Nail Lingerie in
707 "Ladies in Waiting"
They are a Silver Design.

707 "Ladies in Waiting"
on my Nails

Final Thoughts:

I have had this set on for about 5 days now and they still look beautiful. I really think that the seal of the stickers is so strong that it not only helps the sticker stay on but also seals in the polish below. I also wanted to add that the stickers were a breeze getting off. I just dabbed them with a cotton ball that had  polish remover on it and peeled them right off, than removed the polish below like normal. I am so excited because they come in a pack of 18, so I now have 8 left in each color. So my next nail adventure is going to be picking out the right polish color and using both the silver and gold design together. Perfect..I don't have to waste them and I have a feeling it's going to turn out really fabulous.


Sik Glam

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Loreal Coulour Riche Nail Lingerie

Loreal Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie

I had painted my nails the other night and they were atrocious. I have admitted in previous posts that I just recently this past year, really got into doing my own finger nails. Sure I had done my own nails in the past, but usually I would just paint on a clear growth polish (I don't have the strongest nails) or I would have them professionally done. This past year I have really got into trying to do my own for so many reasons. Some of them being that it is so much fun, it keeps your mind busy, it saves you money and lastly I WANT to be good at it. So I try to do my own as much as I can and as everybody knows, "Practice Makes Perfect"!

So back to the other night... I pulled out a nail polish that I had bought around 2-3 months ago and never used. I had bought it because it promised to have a Gel like Finish and be Long Lasting. I had bought just a couple of shades because I wanted to compare it to my Favorite Long Lasting Polish that leaves a Gel like finish. So I did my nails on my new favorite manicure lapdesk (which I'm loving) and they turn out awful. Awful in so many ways, but I will just give you the highlights. The polish is not consistent on how it goes on so it leaves streaks (some swipes are darker), the polish goes on a tad bit lumpy, leaving just a mess. I would say maybe 2 out of the ten fingers went on nicely, but by now I have mastered painting 8 out of 10 nicely so I knew it probably was the polish. Now if I had not chosen a color that was such a pale pink nude, I would probably have taken it right off. Being me, I had to sit there and analyze what I had done wrong and how I could fix it. At first I thought to myself, can I pull this off for a day to make use of my effort. Than I had an idea, I have had these Loreal Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie Stickers that I had been waiting to use. I thought to myself, "What if I put these stickers over the bad polish job, would if cover it up and save the day?". Indeed it did and I was so happy for not only trying it and learning a new trick but I absolutely Love them! I cannot wait to go and buy the different designs.

LOREAL Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie in
706 "Chateau You Go"
Here is the Skinny on them From Loreal:
Your dream manicure is now at your fingertips with Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie. Now customize your manicure and create endless nail looks with one nail sticker. These 3D nail jewels come in different colors and patterns to be layered with any nail color for a sophisticated sparkle effect. Designed for the nail novice, they require no dry time and offer mistake-proof application.
Easy application
Indestructible color
No dry time
10-day wear
How to Use:
Peel – Fold – File
Durable film-forming polymers create glass-like clarity with 10-day resiliency.
Sophisticated patterns and colors exclusively curated by our international Color Designer.

There are Easy To Follow Instructions on the Back

I have on 706 "Chateau You Go" or
To the Rescue as I am calling it this week?!

Now I am not going to bash the polish, because this is not what this post is about. There could have been so many reasons that it went on wrong, it sat in my drawer untouched for months in the hot summer, my inexperience, or the face that you get what you pay for (it was under 5 dollars). You gotta expect with those factors that things are going to go wrong. Now I have to say, if I had painted my nail a vibrant color, and it had turned out a hot mess, I am not sure how well these would have saved the day. Although with the ability of the sticker to lay down over the polish, thus pushing down any errors, could have done it too. I have to research and play with this more and get back to you.

Final Thoughts:
I have had my Loreal Colour Riche® Nail Lingerie Stickers on now for about four days and they are stick kicking. I have not had one problem with them. They come with 18 stickers in the pack, I am assuming in case you do mess one up while applying or for more sizing options. I had not one problem my first time applying them and have not had to touch a nail up. How cool is it... that I painted my nails, it turned out a complete mess, prompted me to use these, they saved the day, I learned a cool trick, and now I am obsessed with them and want more. I also wanted to add that I have not noticed the polish that I had used under the stickers has not chipped yet, so I am wondering are the Stickers somehow helping to seal in the color. I will know in time. Hope you enjoyed the Post and please feel free to leave me any nail tips or tricks you know..:)

*Update - I ventured out and I had two ladies say to me "Ohhh I like your nails, how did you do that?" I told them, easy they are stickers......:)
*Update- It had now been almost a week (tomorrow) since I did them and they still look Great! I have had several more compliment including my hair stylist who also does nails. She complemented them and asked me "where I got them done?". I laughed and told her "There Stickers!!". They could last longer, they promise to last around 10 days, but I am so excited about them that I am going to get some different designs and re do them this weekend!

Sik Glam

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

I wanted to let You know about an Outstanding Drug Store Foundation that has come into my life! It is the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. I had come across this foundation well over a month ago and have been loving it. I have been wearing it a lot and it has not let me down! It is described as Nearly Naked, but don't let the name fool you, it still has a good amount of coverage. If you are in to foundations that leave a radiant finish, than this is one for you to try.
Here is the Skinny on the Foundation from Revlon:
Makeup so refreshingly light, it melts right in, creating a fresh even look. So the only one that knows you are wearing makeup is you. Blends seamlessly, buildable coverage.
Revlon’s breakthrough nearly naked makeup balances skin and makeup so they work in perfect harmony. With buildable coverage and seamless blending, you are sure to cover flaws and perfect your skin’s tone and texture. No heavy cakey or greasy mess.
Available in 16 true to tone shades.
I can honestly say that it can compete with some of my high end foundations. Now I am going to be perfectly honest with you and tell you that probably 80% of my foundation collection is on the high end side, but that fact is changing. Now there are a couple of reasons for the change, so let me explain:

1.)  The Quality of Drugstore Foundations. They are kind of hit and miss. This is also true in the high end world, but not nearly as often. I have noticed a huge change in the quality of drug store foundations in the last couple of years. The reasons for this are obvious; technology is getting better, the consumer is demanding better products, more competition, etc. If I had to pick the best reason for this rise in quality, I would have to say it is due to technological advances in the cosmetic industry. You can take a high end advanced foundation, strip out some of the ingredients that make it more expensive to produce, dummy down the packaging to reduce cost and Boom, you have a Fabulous Foundation. I love it!

 2.) The inability to swatch and color match foundations in the drugstore. My ability to pick out the best of the best in drug store foundations has improved due to research and I have gotten better at color matching myself through experience. I'm pretty good at color matching myself by just looking at a bottle of foundation and knowing if it is going to work or not. My drug store collection is growing and I like it. Brands have also made it so much easier for the consumer who may not have the ability to color match themselves by looking at the bottle by using the displays for the product. They have begun to sort and display the foundations by cool, warm and neutral tones and even show the color on the display. I love that they are beginning to make it easier for the consumer. If they make it easier for the consumer, they are going to buy it!

*Tip - Bring a bottle of foundation with you (that matches you best) to the store to try to match it to a bottle.

These are the two shades that I got. Since I was very tan at the time of purchase, I bought two. So I could wear one right away and than have one for the fall. Although, I can still wear both depending on what look I am going for, etc.

200 Warm Beige

170 Natural Beige

Colors Swatched.
200 Warm Bige, 170 Natural Beige
You can see the Radiance!
I buffed out the right one a bit more so you could see that it still
covered my tiny freckles, so it has buildable coverage.

Final Thoughts:

I know I have said this many times, but I get so happy when I find a product that works great, can compete with the big leagues, and is affordable. Mostly, I love that I can share it with you. With so many advances in technology in the cosmetics industry, drug store makeup is only getting more Fabulous. I also wanted to leave you with a bit of technology that ties in with the foundation, you can click on this Revlon link to help you find your shade for this foundation


Sik Glam

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Disney Ariel Collection by Sephora

©Disney Ariel Collection - Makeup For Your Inner Princess  

I have always been a Big Fan of Disney Movies since I was a little girl, especially the ones involving Princesses Or Beauties. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard Sephora was doing an Ariel Collection. I love the movie so much because it has such a cute story with such a happy ending. You can't help but feel happy when you watch it, no matter what your age is.

Here is the Skinny on the Collection from Sephora:

In the third chapter of Disney’s Reigning Beauties by Sephora, Ariel invites you to be a part of her world in a daring journey of curiosity and discovery. Her tale is proof that true love is beyond words and you should always chase the life you desire. So dive in with your favorite Little Mermaid as she makes her Sephora debut with a stunning collection of treasures. Find your voice. Be true to yourself. And dare to dream.

The ©Disney Ariel Collection on my table.
 So Pretty!

I live to dare to dream...So I headed straight to my Sephora, checked out the collection, picked out a few of the Ariel little treasures and was on my way. Here is what I got.

Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette

The packaging alone is so cute for the Eye Quad!

Colors in Order From Top Left to Bottom Right
who's-it, what's-it, dinglehopper, snarfblat

Swatched how I like to wear the eyeshadows.
Dinglehopper across the lid with Who's-it in the inner corner and across the brown bone.
Whats's-it across the lid with Snarfblat smoked over it and out.

Mermaid's Song 4 Piece Lip Gloss Set

This Lip Gloss Set Comes with Four Colors;
Dream Girl, Sea Witch, Read Head, Mermaid

The Glosses come in a easy to use tube that applies
right to the lips.

Compact Mirror

The Cutest Compact Mirror I have to Date!
Again, I love the packaging.

The Compact Mirror Next to the Quad so you can see the Size.
Just Perfect for your Handbag, but maybe to cute to be hidden!

Final Thoughts

This Collection is so cute. I cannot wait for the next one. I really think that I chose the best items out of the collection. There was a beautiful perfume bottle that I was going to get for display (I get migraines), but I passed. There was also a larger eyeshadow palette with a ton of shades, but I have way too many eyeshadows and I liked the packaging better on the quad. There was also a set of six miniature bottles of nail polish but they did not have any of the Ariel Designs on them, they only said Sephora. To be honest, when I buy ©Disney themed collections like this, I usually save them for a while to use as display on one of my vanities, so I want them to be as pretty and decorated as can be. The nail polish colors were beautiful, but the bottles did nothing for me so I passed. Well I hoped you enjoyed my post and I hope you always "dare to dream".....


Sik Glam

Sunday, August 4, 2013

UPDATED: Revlon New Brilliant Strength Nail Polish and a Manicure Lapdesk

A Lazy Summer Sunday Post!
Revlon's New Brilliant Strength Polish and a Manicure Lapdesk!
A Match Made in Heaven!!

The Manicure Lapdesk with a Battery Operated Dryer!

This post is a twofer, I  am going to talk about my new super convenient Manicure Lapdesk and my New Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Polish! I tried out the new polish on my new Lapdesk, it only made sense...;)

The Manicure Lapdesk:

It was a Deal at the Price. 

I had previously been using something similar to paint my nails on while lounging on my chaise lounge, bed, or sitting on the couch for well over a year. It was actually a laptop lapdesk but I found it to be very handy when lounging to do my nails, have a snack, etc. The only problem that it had when doing my nails, was that it was a bit too big and not very sturdy. It was beginning to lose it's cushioning in the bottom that kept it sturdy from being used so much. So when I came across this lapdesk and it was specifically designed for doing manicures, I thought is was too good and too cute to pass up.

I love anything that makes my life
more convenient & it's Super Cute
at the Same Time.
I have to say that it is a bit of a struggle for me to do my own nails since I am just beginning this year to really get in to doing my own, and this lapdesk makes it so much more convenient for me to do my own. I can just grab it and paint my nails (practice makes perfect) while I am watching TV or talking on my speaker phone.

The Manicure Lapdesk on my Chaise Lounge!
Feels Good to Lounge and Paint..:)

It has a Secret Side Storage Compartment. Perfect
for storing your nail tools, polishes, etc. 
I have to mention a couple of the best features of this lapdesk. One being the side pocket for loading up colors and tools that I am going to be using, especially if I am moving into another room to paint. Another great feature is the battery operated dryer that sits firmly on the lapdesk. The fan has a nice bit of power to it. It's nice when you are finally done painting, to put your hands under the fan, lay back and enjoy.

Now on to the Polish...

Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel
When I came across this polish I was very excited for many reasons; The first being that Revlon is my favorite all around Nail Polish Brand. The second was that it was a polish designed to strengthen your nails. My nails tend to start to weaken at times and when this happens, I reach for my nail strengtheners. Even better, nail polish with built in strengthening power like this one.

So here is the Skinny on Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel From Revlon:

Pack a powerful punch of color with this strengthening formula that combats breaking and brittleness and features a built-in protective base and top coat.

• Wide angle brush wraps nails and coats tips for smooth, bubble-free application.
• Built-in base and top coat
• Strengthening formula
• Combats breaking and brittleness
• Comes in 24 brilliant shades

Since this polish is new to me, I only have it in one Shade
110 Hypnotize.
Once I get a better grasp on its strengthening power, I will get more shades.

110 Hypnotize is such a Beautiful Golden Color.
It is a very true to Gold Tone.
I have had in on for several days now and it
has NOT chipped!

I have now had Hypnotize on for more than a week and it has chipped, so I am going to remove it. I do believe it lasted a long time before it began to chip, around the 5 day mark. I wanted to let you know my thoughts so far on it's strengthening abilities. My nails are not the toughest nails out there, and that it why I look for polishes with built it strengtheners. I have been impressed since I have had the polish on, my nails have not broke or peeled at all. In fact, I found myself yesterday having to file them because they had grown and I wanted to square them off. I like my nails to be neat and straight across. I am definitely going to get more colors in this collection and will do another post once my collection grows to share the colors and any further thoughts. I hope this update has helped anyone looking for a polish that needs some extra built in Strengthening Power! Sik

Final Thoughts:
I hope you enjoyed my Lazy Summer Sunday Post. I hope that this post has not enticed you to be too lazy but to pamper yourself. I love sharing tips and tricks that I learn throughout my beauty adventures. One big thing that I have learned is that, the easier it is, the more likely I will do it. I want my nails to look pretty and glamorous, and this Manicure Lapdesk makes it easier for me to do my nails, thus I'm more likely to do my nails. I also hoped you liked my introduction to Revlon Brilliant Strength. I have only used it for about a week now, so I cannot comment on how strong it has made my nails, but I will keep you posted!

*I also wanted to add that I saw the Lapdesk at Ulta in the Clearance section this weekend, if you are interested!