Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Adore Me is The New Face of Lingerie

Adore Me

Adore Me is the New Face of Lingerie that Delivers to You! It delivers exactly what you want and if it isn't quite right, simply exchange it. I was so impressed on the selection of lingerie and the ease of the ordering process that it only left with me with one question. I asked myself, "Who is Adore Me?". What I mean by this is; who will order Adore Me, what does the face of an Adore Me customer look like, and who actually wears Adore Me. The answer is really quite simple, possibly more simple than the ordering process. The answer is You!

I set out to create in my mind and then put it into vision "Who is Adore Me?"  When I went to create my looks that I envisioned, I couldn't help hearing the voice of a High End Fashion Director in my head. He once told me "You should always pair your cheek color to your lips and down to your nails". Now let me add to that and tell you something even better, "Match it down to your Lingerie". Now of course there are No Rules in Makeup (we all know that), but it sure is fun to do! There are also No Rules in Fashion and there shouldn't be. It should always be fun and playful and a thrill to dress up! Personally I don't follow the trends and like to dress on how I am feeling that day. Sometimes I am feeling rebellious and go for a Rock n Roll look, sometimes I feel very Chic and wear something so jaw dropping it could have crawled out of Vogue. Then there are days that I am so chilled I just want to relax in some cute comfy sweats. I dress by how I feel, not on how they tell me to dress. There is One Rule, though, that I never break! That rule is no matter what I am wearing or how I feel, I am always in matching lingerie.. There is just something so posh about wearing matching lingerie under your clothes. A feeling so good, that no matter what you are wearing you will still feel so put together. The world might not know it but you do and that feeling empowers you. Even on my grungiest of days, I still feel so feminine and put together.

Not only is the Adore Me shopper you, but she is whoever you want her to be. I put together some looks, because isn't it so much better to see the vision than to read it. I hope they take you on a fabulous journey of who Adore Me is.

Look 1:

The Rebel:

When I think of a Rebel, I think Rock n Roll. I think of someone like Kate Moss, who doesn't play by fashion's rules yet somehow always looks so effortlessly cool. She is someone who doesn't need a nightclub to be spotted in a leather dress or thigh high boots, she wears them because she can. Her makeup can be smoked out during the day and she can still pull it off. In fact, she is so Rock n Roll that Rock Stars want to date her! She gives no apologies for looking so good and she shouldn't! You had better believe this girl has a killer set of lingerie on under that killer outfit. She is the "The Rebel".

Look 2:


When I think of an It-Girl, I think of someone who is fabulously Chic. I think of somebody so into Fashion that she IS Fashion! Not only does she nail it every time, but she has solidified her place as one of Fashion's "It-Girls". She is always on trend wearing the seasons hottest color and carrying this season's It-Bag. She is always photographed Front Row at the Top Fashion Shows and she likes it. I like to think of her as someone like Olivia Palermo. Someone that is always so perfectly chic from head to toe no matter what she is doing. Somebody with makeup so flawless, it is almost undetectable. Somebody whose hair even on a bad day, looks like it was meant to be that way. She not only dreams of having her own Nail Polish Collaboration with Ciate London, but she has it! Oh and of course, the fabulous packaging to match. She is the "It-Girl" with the fabulously chic bra and panties on under to prove it!

Look 3:

The Girl Next Door:

I pondered about this last look, I knew that I wanted her to be "The Girl Next Door". Someone who was relatable, yet still had a mad passion for Beauty and Fashion. She is the Girl who grew up humble, proud of her family, with the morals and values you could only wish upon your children. She grew up in a small town and went off to follow her dreams. She is instilled with the belief that with hard work, any dream can be achieved. A woman who knows her worth and is proud of who she is, where she came from and who she has become. She is the girl who is seen today running errands in sweats with not an ounce of makeup on but a swipe of her favorite gloss. Yet tomorrow, she may be decked out in heals with a knock-out dress to match. She may change her look daily, but what doesn't change is the fact that she always has on a set of matching lingerie. She is " The Girl Next Door", she is everyone of us!

Final Thoughts:

So when it comes down to it, the Adore Me girl is not just you or me. She is your sister, your best friend, your co-worker. In fact, she is anyone who loves intimates and don't we all. She is Adore Me and she is Fabulous! Please click here http://www.adoreme.com to see more visions of a new Lingerie Company taking it to the next level.

Thank You,

Sik Glam


Julie May said...

Ooh these pieces are AMAZING!!! And another great thing about this company, (for me) is that they carry plus sizes! Love Love Love your beautiful photography. You look absolutely stunning girl! Can't wait to try some pieces from this company!


Sik Glam said...

Thank You Julie!! Yes they carry all sizes!! Fabulous!! Thank You for your kind words...:)